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A notable avid and bestselling man of letters, Christopher Newman is a sexagenarian American author with a considerable list of acclaimed series and standalone books to his credit. His writing skills have improved tremendously since he penned his first book which was nothing to write home about and might be referred to as a false start. His first notable work was initially meant to be merely a standalone novel. However, it destined him for greatness and earned him literary hossanah, albeit figurative. He is progressively earning accolades with his worthwhile and previously nominated literary work. What’s more, he has been commissioned to co-author a famous literary work of a notable author.

Anyway, who is he? Meet Christopher Newman. He was born in the early fifties in San Francisco, the State of California, the US. For his basic education, he attended the regional parochial schools, located in the Bay Area which, in turn, is situated in San Francisco County. In the context of his undergraduate studies, he attended two universities. One of them is University of California, the Santa Cruz campus. The other one is the University of Birmingham which is situated in the Edgbaston region of Birmingham, in the UK.

Christopher Newman: Formative Years
Seemingly, Christopher Newman was often out and about and exploring new places in his early adulthood. Perhaps that opinion is an understatement. Better yet, Newman was an adventurer and possible still is. If the following mind-blowing fact is anything to go by, then everyone might as well say that Christopher Newman was nothing short of wanderlust.

At the tail-end of his teenage, Christopher Newman embarked on a cross-subcontinental journey which began in Europe. He then crisscrossed the Indian Subcontinental and, ultimately, ended up in Singapore. A striking fact about this is sojourn is that Newman traveled solo, all the while.. During his early twenties, Newman had a short stint working in a tanker which the ports within and bordering the Arabian Gulf and the extensive Pacific Ocean. During his mid twenties, he had another brief stint doing carpentry work, specifically specializing in trimming.

Christopher Newman: The Start of his Publishing Career
There is notable helical trail which implies that Christopher Newman started writing while he was still schooling. Newman’s book which is titled Manana Man, which is the third in chronological order, would later on be published in 1988. However, during the time that he drafted that book, he was not only attending college, where he was in his forth year, but also a writer in residence in a Colombian city called Cali. While aged twenty seven and a few years preceding the publication of his celebrated book, Midtown South, Newman started living in New York City. It was here where, while based in the borough of Manhattan, he did carpentry gigs for several years.

Apparently, Newman was looking forward to producing a standalone book when he produced the first book in his acclaimed series. However, by a stroke of good luck, the publisher which he was working with, possibly impressed by the sales realized from the instant hit, advised Newman to consider expounding the characters to a series. And so the series was sparked.

Midtown South: A Summary
The first ever book, albeit a standalone, penned by Christopher was published in 1973, titled For Better for Worse. Nevertheless, Lt. Joe Dante is the first series of books published by author Christopher Newman. The first book in this series and, arguably, the most famous one was initial was published in 1986 titled Midtown South, and the series of books is shelved under the mystery genre.

Newman’s book Midtown South revolves around two law enforcers who work in New York. These policemen are fighting the well-off and underprivileged left, right and center. The featured protagonist is Joe Dante who is a detective lieutenant. The plot starts on a fast note in the wake of Warren Mott, a sleuthing police captain, who has been found dead in an area renowned for drugs and prostitution.

At face value, Captain Mott was a victim of random attack. However, there are many telltale signs and loose ends. First, the slain officer’s firearm was stolen. Secondly, the firearm was found with a criminal who was wounded. Suspiciously, the mayor is angling for declaring the incident a closed case; however, curiosity gets the better of Lt. Dante who boldly challenges his betters and asks for time extension. The fact that Mott was sleuthing and his targets were other cops implies that they might be persons of interest. But there is more than meets the eye. The death possibly resulted from intra-judicial killing. In his quest for unraveling the murder, the lieutenant chances upon shady deals with the police force and illicit romantic friendships among the officers.

Sixth Precinct: A Summary
Sixth Precinct, which was published in 1987, is the second book in the Lt. Joe Dante authored by Christopher Newman. This book notably boils down to a wealthy collector, who has been killed using a knife and his collection destroyed; and a neurosurgeon facing medical malpractice which may rebound on his family, profession, and an association with a drug addict.

Lt. Joe Dante, ever the clever investigator and now attached to a precinct (a policing jurisdiction), is hellbent of unraveling the collector’s murderer. By and by, another killing leaves a desperate Dante scrapping together information.

Christopher Newman: His Awards
Christopher Newman has been recognized for his literary work. Incidentally, William J. Caunitz, a police officer and prolific writer, left an incomplete book when he died of pulmonary fibrosis. Caunitz’s commissioned Christopher Newman to complete it. The book, published posthumously in 1999 and titled Chain of Command, featured in the New York Times listing of Notable Book of the Year. The Mystery Writers of America nominated the book Midtown North, by Christopher Newman, in 1992, for the Edgar Awards under the Best Paperback Original category.

Christopher Newman: Wrap up
The independent-minded and outgoing writer has achieved much in a short time. Hopefully, he has not yet hanged his literary boots. In 2002, Christopher Newman relocated yet again from New York. Newman is presently domiciled in the Lexington region of Turkey.

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