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Publication Order of Christopher Paget Books

The Lasko Tangent (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon
Degree of Guilt (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eyes of a Child (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Conviction (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

Richard North Patterson is the author of more than 14 bestselling novels. Before Richard North Patterson became a full time author, he worked as a trial lawyer. Apart from working as an attorney, Richard North Patterson has served on the boards of various Washington advocacy groups, which dealt with various fundamental issues such as political reforms, women’s rights, and gun violence. Currently, Richard North Patterson resides in San Francisco. As a critically acclaimed author, Richard North Patterson is the recipient of an Edgar Award and an International Award.

Christopher Paget Book Series
Degree of Guilt
Degree of Guilt is a spellbinding, exquisitely written novel that is full of wisdom, emotion and packed with drama. Furthermore, it is full of unexpected twists and turns, which eventually brings the narrative to a heart-stopping climax. All the characters including Christopher and Mary will unquestionably find their way into the reader’s hearts. Author Richard North Patterson has done a brilliant job of bringing all these characters to life. Mary, one of the main character in Degree of Guilt, who despite her many flaws, will ultimately win the reader’s sympathy. Irrespective of her debaucheries, Mary was realistic, and the readers cannot help but feel for her. Many reviewers have claimed that Degree of Guilt is filled with so many ingredients and elements of a traditional blockbuster. Apart from Mary, author Richard North Patterson also introduces the readers to Christopher Paget, a practicing lawyer.

Christopher and Mary are in a relationship and have been blessed with a child. After, Mark Ransom, a well-established writer is found dead; Mary Carelli is arrested and detained as the main suspect in the investigation. Everyone including the local police is certain that Mary Carelli did not shoot Mark Ransom. However, one can only wonder why Mary Carelli was framed for a killing that she did not have anything to do with. With that said, Degree of Guilt is concocted with so many twists and turns, many of which the readers will not see coming. Overall, Degree of Guilt is an intelligently written legal thriller that will have the readers at the edge of their seats.

The Lasko Tangent
The Lasko Tangent is the first installment in the Christopher Paget book series. Apart from being captivating, the Lasko Tangent is also thought-provoking. A legal masterpiece, Lasko Tangent entails the death of a key witness in an ongoing investigation, corruption within a federal agency and the investigation of an influential industrialist. All these three are some of the major elements that a cynical young lawyer, Christopher Paget must deal with, as he embarks on a mission, which will place him at the center of a vicious world. As Lasko Tangent progresses, Christopher Paget eventually finds himself in a world that is full of brutal killings, abductions, and fraud. From Lasko Tangent’s intriguing beginnings to its spectacular conclusion, Patterson’s bestselling novel is a taut and gripping thriller about individuals, who have no other alternative but to deal with their inner, demons.

With that said, despite the fact that Lasko Tangent had some rough edges, it is still an eccentric first novel. This installment is well-plotted novel, with a surprise ending that is not going to please everyone. All the characters including Christopher Paget are realistic and three-dimensional. If you are a fan of political or legal thrillers, then you will relish Lasko Tangent.

Eyes of a Child
In Eyes of a Child, the body of one Ricardo Arias is found lying still, with a gun still wedged in the victim’s mouth. Despite the fact that Ricardo’s death looks like suicide, the evidence strongly suggests Ricardo Arias death was murder. As the local police begin to dig deeper into the case, they soon uncover an estranged wife, one Terri Peralta and an extremely obnoxious custody battle over Elena, their six-year-old daughter. Furthermore, the local police also uncover claims of child abuse and the main suspect in a murder investigation, one Christopher Paget. In due course, the local police can prove that Christopher Paget had motive. His teenage son was the one who was accused of abusing the dead girl, Elena. All these shocking revelations in turn place Paget’s political ambitions on the line.

Author Richard North Patterson explores a disturbing custody battle between a woman and her sociopath/narcissist husband. The husband’s charming personality convinces everyone including court liaisons and mental health professionals, which the man is nothing other than a loving, devoting and concerned father. As all this happens, the man is tormenting his wife with different accusations. After the man commits suicide, Christopher Paget, the boyfriend to the wife is charged with killing the ex-husband and from this point onwards, a legal battle ensues. In Eyes of a Child, author Richard North Patterson has gone an extra mile and given the readers a background of all these characters, something that very few authors manage to do.

Conviction is the fourth and final installment in the Christopher Paget book series. The narrative begins as the body of Thuy Sen, a nine-year-old girl is found within the San Francisco Bay. The local police move quickly and convict Payton and Renell Price with the young girl’s grisly murder. A 12-person jury is selected and nearly finds the two brothers guilty of the grisly murder of a nine-year-old girl. The two brothers each received a death sentence. 15 years down the line, an overworked lawyer, one Theresa Peralta Paget, together with Christopher Paget, her husband and Carlo, her stepson, are convinced that Renell did not receive a fair trial and he may be innocent as well. Racing against time, and bumping into huge legal battles along the way, Carlo, Teresa, and Chris desperately try to stall Renell’s execution. In the process, the trio ends up taking the case all the way to the Supreme Court and ultimately bringing the case to a moving, and powerful, conclusion.

Author Richard North Patterson’s books are well researched and quite insightful. In the process, author Richard North Patterson ensures that the readers end up learning something insightful about the main themes in the novel. There is normally great depth to the characters that Richard North Patterson creates, mainly because Patterson creates different characters in completely different books, but all these characters still inhabit the same fictitious universe. Thus, a minor character in the first book of a series will end playing a major role in the future installments. Overall, Conviction is a legal masterpiece, filled with exceptional characters.

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