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Publication Order of Christopher Redmayne Books

The King's Evil (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Amorous Nightingale (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Repentant Rake (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Frost Fair (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Parliament House (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Painted Lady (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christopher Redmayne is the main character in a series of books written by English author of biography, children’s mystery and thriller novels, Edward Marston. Redmayne is an architect and works for hand in hand with Jonathan Bale a cop in 1600s London, England. Christopher Redmayne series is also known as The Restoration Series.

Marston began the publication of Christopher Redmayne series in 1999 when The Kings Evil, the series debut novel was published. The series comprises of six books with The Painted Lady concluding the series in 2007.

The King’s Evil

The King’s Evil the first book in Christopher Redmayne series by Edward Marston is a reprint of the first of the Christopher Redmayne books, a historical mystery series set in Restoration England. Christopher Redmayne series is one of Marston historical series, and each round boasts a devoted readership.

The King’s Evil, published in 1999. The book sets Christopher Redmayne series with a cracking plot and two intriguing lead characters that are charmingly mismatched. The story kicks off with the London fire steadily taking hold while Jonathon Bale, a strong-minded constable trying to defend his area from the consuming fire. On the other hand, Redmayne, the son of Dean of Oxford, a newly graduated architect and a supporter of the reinstated monarchy, arrives after the London fire is put out with the hopes of rebuilding a better and scenic London.

The two meet when tracking down thieves stealing construction materials from the house of Redmayne and when an employee working for the Redmayne is killed, both Redmayne and Jonathon work together to catch the killer.

The Amorous Nightingale

Harriet Gow is the lustful nightingale as she sings divinely. She is one of King Charles II favorites as well as other patrons of the theatre. However, Harriet suddenly vanishes into thin air after she has been watched by Redmayne, who is equally smitten with her.

It is later discovered that she has been abducted and this triggers a trail of events for the architect and his able alliance Jonathan to investigate the whereabouts of the charming lady.

Additionally, Henry, Redmayne’s brother gets involved; too much involved such that he suffers a beating up, and so do others who get too much close to the action and when Harriet’s lady companion is killed the search intensifies and becomes desperate.

The Parliament House

The year is 1670, and the completion of Redmayne new project could not run more smoothly. Commissioned to design a new house for Francis Polegate, Redmayne is happy that everything has gone on pretty well without a problem.

To celebrate the success of this venture, Francis throws a bash and invites his architect, as a guest of honor. Other guests invited include Susan Cheever, Redmayne fiancée and her father, Julius Cheever and Polegate’s brother in law.

However, the party comes to an abrupt stop when one of the guests is killed upon leaving the house. Redmayne finds himself caught in the task of finding the killer. However, it appears that Everett was a man of radical views and thus did not get along with many town’s folk making the list of those who wanted him dead quite long.

To complicate everything, Everett’s best friend, the father of Redmayne fiancé is attacked- there are several attempts on his life as well as attempt to ruin his reputation. What could be the connection between the dead man and Sir Julius Cheever? A well-woven plot leads into unexpected twists to the very last page.

The author maintains tension throughout the narrative- pressure in the midst of a confusing political situation where very distinct political opinions are beginning to learn to live with each other.

The Parliament House is a great book to relax with that guarantees to keep you hooked from the first page to the last. The characterization is well done; it believable- the plot is well crafted as it offers glimpses into Stuart London and the court of King Charles life. Set in London 1600’s, The Parliament House is an exciting, funny historical narrative, a whodunit with bits of political intrigue and some dashes of romance.

The Painted Lady

Araminta Jewel is the role model of a group of restoration rakes with their on solely on her virginity. She sinks their plans by marrying, and when her husband is killed, it is up to Redmayne and Jonathan to find the killer before someone is executed for a crime he did not commit.

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