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Christopher Whitcomb is a renowned American writer of thriller, mystery, fiction, and nonfiction novels. He is particularly famous for writing the books featuring the main protagonist Jeremy Waller and one nonfiction book called Cold Zero. Whitcomb is a former member of the most elite anti-terrorist unit of the FBI. Following his retirement, he shifted his focus towards writing thriller stories and also laid down the foundation of a worldwide secured infrastructure development firm called the Watch House International. Currently, he serves as the CEO of this company. In his nonfiction book, Whitcomb has shared his experience of working with the Hostage Rescue Team of the FBI. All his three books have been published by major publishing companies and have been received very well by readers across the globe. Whitcomb has spent fifteen years of his life in the service of the FBI.

In his role as a member of the SOI Unit of the CIRG, he oversaw information management and intelligence gathering operations during terrorist threats, exotic criminal cases, and attacks with mass destruction weapons. Whitcomb has also served as the spokesman and coordinator of media operations for the FBI at the time of high-profile investigations. Author Whitcomb joined the FBI in 1987. He started in the role of a Special Agent in Springfield and distinguished himself as a sniper and assaulter. He has even won the Medal of Bravery from the FBI for showcasing exceptional courage while on duty. During the last 10 years of his service, Whitcomb participated in almost every high-profile case of federal investigation, including the Ruby Ridge shootings, LA riots, the WTC and Olympic bombings, witness protection tasks, investigation of Yemen’s Cole bombing and Kosovo war crimes, fugitive apprehensions overseas, Branch Davidian Standoff, Montana Militia standoff, high-risk dignitary protection, etc.

In 1997, Whitcomb received a promotion to become a supervisor and took charge of interrogation/interview instructor at the Quantico-based FBI academy. He is credited to have developed and scripted the 16-week curriculum called NACBOMB: ISC that is used to provide basic training to all the new joiners. Whitcomb has instructed numerous state, local, foreign, and federal law enforcement officers/agents. Before joining the FBI, he worked for a couple of years as a press secretary and speechwriter to US Representative Silvio Conte. He is also a former feature writer and reporter. The other interests of author Whitcomb include music.

As an accomplished musician, he has performed with several local bands at open mics. He has also featured on the NBC TV show called Identity as an expert. As of today, Whitcomb resides in Virginia along with his loving wife named Rose and their 4 kids. The rave reviews and expert comments from various critics have motivated him throughout his career. Although he has not come up with a new book in a long time, Whitcomb is hopeful that readers will keep supporting him and love his work. He is grateful for their love and support that have helped him to write successful novels one after the other.

The Jeremy Waller series written by author Christopher Whitcomb is comprised of two books in total, released between 2004 and 2005. It features the chief protagonist in the form of Jeremy Waller, an FBI special agent. Whitcomb has mentioned another important character in the books named G.I. Jane, who is depicted as Jeremy Waller’s sidekick. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘Black’. It was released by the Grand Central Publishing in 2005, after its first release in 2004. This book opens by showing that Jeremy Waller is tasked to fight terrorist activities at their origin by entering the violent world of shifting alliances and trapdoor truths. He is joined by a beautiful executive G.I. Jane, who likes murder more than marketing. G.I. Jane’s intuitive actions turn Jeremy Waller’s mission into a cipher. Waller and Jane spring into action when they learn that a ruthless business tycoon has decided to sell a revolutionary technology to wanted terrorists.

The mission takes a shocking turn when a female senator, who was hopeful of winning the presidential race, gets charged with a heinous crime. Jane and Waller know very well that once they step into such missions, there is no way out of the darkness except diving deeper. Whitcomb has set this story on the lives of 4 main characters, who are brought together during the climax. Many readers found this book to be an excellent summer read. Numerous others loved the writing style and character development of author Whitcomb that made them remain hooked to the book from start to finish. Overall, this book is a good thriller that has a great appeal in it for both males and females. There is excitement with the turning of each page because of the blend of technology, politics, international espionage, and big business described by Whitcomb.

The second installment of this series is known as ‘White’. It was published by Warner Books in 2006, following its initial release in 2005. Once again, G.I. Jane and Jeremy Waller are depicted as the central characters. This novel revolves around the plot that involves the fiercest enemies of the United States infiltrating the highest offices of the nation and causing nationwide havoc. Initially, Jeremy Waller is again described as a dedicated special agent and family man. He returns from his most recent mission in Indonesia and immediately gets involved in fighting terrorists in his own country. The plot depicts a mass conspiracy carried out by white supremacists but made to look like it was done by Muslim terrorists. Jeremy Waller’s timely action and dedicated efforts help save the country from a huge loss of life and property. Jane assists him with equal dedication and determination in this mission. This novel was equally well appreciated by the readers in different parts of the globe. They praised the unique story, excellent characters, mind-blowing settings, and the intriguing twists & turns depicted in the novel. Once again, critics gave rave reviews to this novel that made author Whitcomb much more satisfied with his work. The characters of Jeremy Waller and GI Jane were appreciated a lot in all the places of the book’s publication. This helped the book to become even more successful.

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    I’m hoping to reach Chris Whitcomb. My dad, George W. Carter Jr. was an FBI agent and I believe he was at Waco among other possible common ties with Chris. My dad passed away shorty after retiring from the FBI and I’d like to learn more about his service.


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