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Publication Order of Chronicles Of Nick Graphic Novels

The Dark-Hunters: Infinity, Vol. 1 (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dark-Hunters: Infinity, Vol. 2 (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

With her ever populist appeal and unique visual style, American author Sherrilyn Kenyon has been creating her highly charged brand of fantasy for some time now. Building a number of different franchises around her stand-alone ‘Dark Hunter’ brand, she’s managed to produced an entire universe, bringing it to life over the course of all her books. This is especially the case with her ‘Chronicles of Nick’ series that works as a spin-off to her ‘Dark Hunter’ line of novels. Focusing on the journey of one Nick Gautier, it features his exploits within the world of the Dark Hunters as he gives his own take on it all. With over five books having been published in the series so far, with another ten expected to follow soon over the forthcoming years, it’s an ongoing franchise with a lot of life left in it yet. Legions of fans have gathered around this particular character as he has managed to create an appeal that’s both relatable and accessible.

Talk of a film on the horizon is already underway, as a Hollywood production is listed as in-development, which should be released shortly. Only titled ‘Infinity’ after the first book, not much is known on it yet, but it’s expected to bring more fans to the work of Kenyon in the years to come. As there’s plenty of room for the series to expand, it appears she’s not stopping anytime soon.


First published on the 25th of May, 2010, this was to be the book that allowed Kenyon the further explore her Dark Hunter universe through her ‘Chronicles of Nick’ series of books. Setting up the new character of Nick Gautier, it establishes him as the protagonist of his own story, as he makes his mark. Not only that, but this is the book that is set to soon be a film, thus bringing the world to the big-screen and ultimately bringing in a whole new legion of fans. With a firm grounding in the Dark Hunter universe though, it’s already familiar material, thus leaving it to get down to what Kenyon does best which is creating fun and exciting adventures for her characters.

Starting out as a young streetwise kid of only fourteen, Nick is a smart, but cocksure young teenager who is sure he knows everything there is to know about the world. Sarcastic and quick witted, he’s tough as he is smart with an intelligent and savvy disposition, yet it’s his over-confidence that can lead him into trouble. Never willing to back down, his sarcastic demeanor is legendary, as he’s well known and seemingly well liked by all those around him, or so he thought. Whilst he may have appeared popular on the surface it appears the truth is somewhat different in reality, something which he soon gets a harsh lesson in. After being severely beaten by what he thought to be were his best friends as they ultimately attempt to kill him one night, leaving it up to a warrior of mysterious origin to come save him from his demise. This highly skilled fighter who has extensive skills then drags him into the world of the Dark Hunters and its shadowy underworld that exists within the secrecy of darkness. With vampire slayers and death lurking round every corner, Nick finds a new set of challenges facing him all of a sudden now after his heroic rescue. Finding out nothing is as it seems, he realizes the world holds a number of mythical monsters and ghouls that are all lurking out there waiting in the shadows. Now there’s a potential zombie horde on the horizon threatening to take over, all whilst he is all set to attend high school whilst he must hide his shadowy existence from his parents and the teachers.

Will he be able to prevent the zombies from destroying humanity and can he save himself in the process? Can he keep his real actions and identity a secret from the authority figures around him? What will become of Nick Gautier as he steps from his normal life and his previous existence as he thought he knew it into infinity?


Continuing the adventures of Nick Gautier, this book carries on from the first as it takes his journey forwards, along with allowing his universe to further develop. Published on the 22nd of March, 2011, this novel expands upon his character as Kenyon really comes into her own element here. Showing his progress, it allows its readers to invest themselves more, as they become familiar with him and his personality.

After the events of the previous novel Nick Gautier is happy to have saved the world from an onslaught of zombies, thus protecting allowing it to see another day. The only problem is is that he is now locked into a world where demons exist and along with shape-shifters, as he fears his very soul could be under threat from evil forces. Not only that, but the pressures of school are still underway as a new principal sees him as a troublemaker and his coach keeps wanting to recruit him. He’s also seeing a girl that has secrets of her own, that terrify him to the very core.

Will Nick be able to balance it all keeping his sanity in the process protecting his world from evil? Can he learn to raise the dead in only one week, or will he end up becoming one of them instead? What will become of Nick Gautier as he comes up against forces that are seemingly invincible?

The Chronicles of Nick Series

With a film on the horizon, this particular series is expected to go from strength-to-strength as it continues to garner an ever increasing following. Using a clear visual style, Kenyon is an author who knows her material well and can adeptly guide her audience effectively through the narrative. The clear characterization of Nick himself, amongst the other supporting cast, has provided a sense of warm familiarity that the readers have come to appreciate too. This is something that’s set to continue over the forthcoming novels as she carries on releasing her books at the regular rate she has so far.

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