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Chronicles of the Nephilm Books In Order

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Publication Order of Chronicles of the Nephilim Books

Noah Primeval (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enoch Primordial (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gilgamesh Immortal (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Abraham Allegiant (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Joshua Valiant (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Caleb Vigilant (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Giants Were Upon the Earth (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
David Ascendant (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jesus Triumphant (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Watchers Ruled the Nations (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Chronicles of the Nephilm

The Chronicles of the Nephilm is a series of Christian fiction books by American author Brian Godawa. The stories feature biblical characters and events blended with the author’s creative imaginations to add more fun and humor to the stories.

Godawa began the series in 2011 when Noah Primeval the first in the series was published. The series lasted eight books concluding in 2015 with Jesus Triumphant.

Noah Primeval

In the beginning, God looked down on earth and saw that human beings were headed on the verge of destruction. He then saw Noah, the righteous warrior and the leader of the last holy tribe of humans remaining on Earth, and so he tasked him to build the ark. Instead, Noah refuses with the claim that he wants to unleash his vengeance on the wicked fallen angels here on earth who rules like gods and responsible for his family’s deaths.

Noah, the grandson of Methuselah and the son of Lamech, has done everything in his power to keep his people safe and away from the rapidly expanding rules of the gods. He knows that the false gods are the fallen angels who rebelled against God and were cast to roam the surface of the earth. Noah traces his roots from the proud tribe of warriors who engaged in a war with the fallen angels when these angels first appeared on earth and began forcing women to mate with them- creating a half-demon- half-human offspring’s called Nephilim. Noah’s grandfather became a legend after killing one of the giant Nephilim.

With this pride in his heart, Noah leads his people and keeps them away from the cities were the fake gods rule. It’s during this time that Elohim sends Noah a vision to build the ark, and because he doesn’t trust Elohim, he ignores the vision.

When on a hunt, one of the fallen angels spies comes across Noah and his people and successfully flee. From this, Noah understands that time is of essence and limited. When the spy returns to the cities, the gods send a peace team to negotiate with one of the few tribes on earth that have refused to kneel to their demands. However, the peace delegation proves to be a trap as Noah and his people are attacked. Noah’s family is killed, and then he’s imprisoned. The humans and gods subjects parade Noah naked across their city as a trophy of war. After having lost everything, Noah is broken in spirit.

A prophecy is revealed, one spoken by one of the most known and respected ancestors of Noah- inspired by God- claiming that Noah is the chosen one to put an end to the rule of the gods. For this -+ason, the gods fear that if they kill Noah, Elohim will appoint another, but if they keep Noah as a prisoner, God’s plans will be ruined forever for he will not be able to choose another Chosen One. But Elohim sends an archangel to free Noah. With the help of the angel, Noah recruits some of the prisoners to become assassins. In pursuit of revenge, Noah intends to kill all the gods and bind them using the archangel’s powers. However the angel begs Noah to fulfill his calling and build the ark- but Noah doesn’t listen and instead chooses to kill the gods, and so marks the epic journey for Noah to destroy the fallen angels and Elohim to save humanity.

Noah Primeval the first book in Chronicles of the Nephilm is a fantastic start to a series. It’s the story of the Biblical Noah’s life and the flood. However, this isn’t a retelling of the Sunday school story everyone knows about. In this case, Noah is a famous warrior, and he’s not pleased with the fact that God wants to build a big boat. He cant relate how a big ship will lead to the destruction of a formidable enemy. He would instead revenge the killing of his people than build the boat. There are three different storylines to the book, Noah Primeval.; Noah waging war with his friends and family and also fleeing from the Nephilim, his wife and sons held captive to the fallen angels and lastly the archangel fighting alongside him, leading him to his destiny.

Brian Godawa is an American author and a Hollywood screenwriter and director. His talent in book writing and scriptwriting are evident in the story as he creates memorable scenes, the humor is fun, and the emotions are quite moving. The story transports the reader to the Flood, as Noah and his people aboard the Ark and the door closes. The Flood itself here is a character that every reader can relate with.

Enoch Primordial

Brian Godawa is a successful author and screenwriter. In addition to books on worldview and film, and the role of mythology, he has written some novels in the fantasy genre. One such series is Enoch Primordial, the second in The Chronicles of the Nephilim. Like the rest of the books in this series, Enoch Primordial is a book that combines the stories of Genesis with pseudepigraphic and apocryphal literature along with the author’s fertile imagination to create an intriguing account that fills the gaps in the biblical stories in a creative way.

Brian Godawa makes no claim or provides proof that these events in the story occurred, but the story is a vehicle of telling to the world his worldview.
The second in the series tells the story of the fall of the Watchers from heaven and the subsequent rise of the Nephilim before the flood. We can follow the adventurous journey of Enoch, popularly known as the giant killer with his small army of warriors who seek giants for bounty. Through their hunt, they come across conspiracy so evil that it will change the universe forever if God doesn’t stop them. Some characters in the first book in the series are also featured in this book when they were much younger, and they include Uriel and Methuselah. You will also get to know the origin stories of the lead Semjaza, Watchers, Azazel who became the gods Inanna and Anu.

The Chronicles of the Nephilim is crafted in the mythic genre of the Lord of the Rings and Narnia blending mythopoeia and fantasy with history to retell biblical stories with a fresh perspective.

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