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Publication Order of Chronicles of The One Books

Year One (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Of Blood and Bone (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rise of Magicks (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Chronicles of the One book series is a highly reputed series of paranormal, fiction, romance, dystopia, urban fantasy, science fiction, and fantasy novels. It is comprised of just two books so far, one of which has already been released in 2017 and the second one is expected to be released at the end of this year. The series is penned by a top rated NY Times bestselling novelist named Nora Roberts. This series follows the stories of different set of primary characters, who land themselves in paranormal situations in some way or the other, and then develop feelings of love towards each other. And then they manage to come out of the dangerous situations with the help and support of one another. Author Nora is expected to add some more titles to this series is coming years. Her first novel in this exciting new series has managed to reach out to a vast number of readers from across the globe. Her hardcore fans have welcomed the new paranormal romance series whole-heartedly. They have appreciated the unique settings and the intriguing characters developed by author Nora. Such a great response has given Nora high hopes about the series. She hopes to come up with many more exciting stories to add in this paranormal series and make it an overall success.

Nora Roberts is listed on top of the bestselling authors’ list of the New York Times. She is well known in the world of writing and has to her name numerous romance, paranormal, science fiction, and many other genres of novels. Author Nora is credited to have penned over two hundred novels in her literary career. This makes her stand out in today’s generation of authors. Nora is believed to have worked tirelessly with all her efforts to come up with exciting novels for her fans every year. She has managed to find a special place in the hearts of fans of romance books. Among her best novels, there is the The Obsession, Come Sundown, The Liar, and many more. From 2017 onwards, Nora Roberts started a new series of paranormal romance stories. In addition to using her original name for writing her book, author Nora Roberts makes use of the pseudonym J.D. Robb for writing some of her books and standalone novels. The most famous book series that Nora has written as J.D. Robb is the In Death novel series. This is a futuristic suspense series of stories and has been sold successfully to far and wide places. As of today, as many as 500 million printed copies of author Nora’s books are available in the market, and the number is increasing with each passing day. Author Nora considers herself blessed and lucky to have found the career path of writing novels. She says that she always presents her gratitude to the Almighty for helping her out in times of struggles and giving her the courage to keep moving forward in spite of all the difficulties. Nora is of the opinion that an author can become successful in the true sense only if his or her fans keep their faith in their work and support them with the release of each of their books. With that being said, Nora is hopeful that her dear fans and readers will continue to shower their love and support to all of her already published books and the upcoming novels. Very soon, she is expected to have a publishing of her new book and seems to have very high hopes with it. Many fellow authors have a great respect for Nora Roberts because of her excellent abilities of creating masterpieces through her writings. Many of them even take inspiration from her stories for their own creations. Nora has successfully achieved a respectable position in the minds of the prominent critics. Her work is always reviewed and rated positively with great motivational comments for her.

The debut book of the Chronicles of the One series written by author Nora Roberts is entitled ‘Year One’. It was released by the St Martin’s publishers in the year 2017. This stunning new book from the bestselling writer is an epic description of horror, hope, magic, chaos, and an adventurous journey that helps bring together desperate people, who indulge in battles to remain alive. The main cast of this novel includes Lana Bingham, Max, Chuck, Fred, Rachel, Arlys, Jonah, etc. Nora has done the setting of this book’s plot in New York City. At the start of the story of the book, it is shown that the occasion is of the New Year’s Eve. Suddenly, a wave of sickness spreads across the whole nation. People become afraid of the fast-spreading sickness. And within a period of few weeks, all the resources that people had faith in started to fail them. Governments collapse, law goes out of order, and the electrical grid becomes sputtered. The sickness causes the decimation of half the population of the world. Chaos spreads everywhere. And with the receding science & technology, magic began to take root. But, not all of them magic is bad. Lana Bingham practices a type of good magic in the apartment shared by her with her boyfriend named Max. The evil part of the magic is so horrible that it is capable of lurking anywhere and everywhere. Word spreads among everyone that neither the gifted nor the immune can expect to be safe from the authorities patrolling the streets. As Max and Lana see that there is nothing that they can trust, they decide to move out of the wrecked NY city. Meanwhile, many other travelers also head in the western direction. Some of the unusual travelers include Chuck, Arlys, Fred, Jonah, and Rachel. Chuck is shown as a technological genius, who tries to hack an offline world. Arlys is a dedicated journalist, who continues to work towards spreading the truth with the help of her pen & paper. Fred is Arlys’ colleague and possesses burgeoning abilities as well as an optimism that doesn’t very useful especially in the bleak landscape. Rachel is depicted as a doctor, while Jonah is a paramedic. Both of them are determined to serve humanity through their profession. They take care of a mother and her 3 infants, trying everything in their capacity to keep them alive. The survivors don’t seem to have any idea about where they are headed to or the reason behind it. But, they have the faith that a purpose is waiting for them that will help change the course of their lives. Nora has finished writing the second book too. It is called ‘Of Blood and Bone’, and is going to be published by St Martin’s is December 2018.

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