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Chrystalla Thoma is a Greek Cypriot author of fiction. She primarily writes novels in the fantasy and young adult science fiction genre and has a tendency to write dark myths. She really enjoys writing her exciting adventures, focusing on mythical beasts, and illustrating family bonds. She first became a published author in 2011, when she put out a few eBook titles. Besides spending time with her husband and reading, she enjoys eating good food.

She has lived in Cyprus but also has lived and studied in other countries that include Germany, England, France, and Costa Rica. Chrystalla Thoma says that she could settle down anywhere but in fact her home country of origin, however, she moved back to Cyprus and lives there with her husband and many books. She is known for writing her novels and ebooks but has also had work published in anthologies and magazines that include the Shine Journal, Bards and Sages ezine, Encounters magazine, Lorelai Signal, and Alienskin magazine. She is an author with MuseItUp Publishing.

She is the author of Elei’s Chronicles, a series of fantasy and fiction-based novels. There are six novels in this series that started with Rex Rising in 2011 and continued with the release of the prequel Hera. it was followed by Rex Cresting, Mantis, Rex Equilibrium, and Rex Aftermath, which was released in 2013.

She is also the author of the Drowning In You series, which features the debut book Azure. Her series Boreal and John Grey started off in The Encounter in 2013. It was quickly followed by The Gate and The Dragon, as well as a host of other novels in the series that involves over a dozen novels! Readers will always have something to devour when they take on this exciting series that expertly blends science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal.

Chrystalla Thoma is also the author of some short works. Some of her short stories have been published on their own that include Dioscuri, The Unfinished Boy, and Dreamdancer. Thoma also had a short story anthology published, a novel titled Dreamwater that was released in 2011. She is also the writer of a nonfiction novel titled Combining Functional Linguistics and Skopos Theory.

Elei’s Chronicles is a fantasy series from Greek author Chrystalla Thoma. This series deals with a world where new human races are created by parasites. The main character of this series is the same as its namesake, Elei. He is a regular person that has a normal life until his boss his attacked. In a world full of parasites and humanity, While nothing may ever be normal again, it’s the world that he and countless others must live in.

Rex Rising is the first novel in the Elei’s Chronicles series. Elei leads a peaceful life in a world that is quite unusual in that it is attempting to be dominated by parasites. These parasites create new human races and are determined to go beyond just survival. Elei’s day to day life is uninterrupted until the day that his boss is attacked. With a bullet lodged inside him, Elei must flee to stay alive.

Even though he does not know what happened, Elei knows that he is being pursued by people who think that he knows something. What that is, he has no idea, but they are after him anyway. Now Elei’s only goal is survival, and everything he does goes toward him staying alive. He would love to sit down and talk with his parents, but they’re not exactly inclined to do that.

Elei is in even more trouble than he realizes when he finds out that there are two parasites that are inside of him. The two parasites are powerful and while they have been dormant or until this moment, they are acting now to bring him down for good. Faced with a choice, Elei must risk everything and take a leap of faith with people that he doesn’t know at all just to try and avoid danger.

But how long will it be before he starts thinking about the secret? Whatever it is, people are willing to kill for it. It’s a secret that could change everything– even the world. Elei must rely on his wits and a bit of luck to make it. But will he be successful? Pick up this thrilling debut novel in the series from Chrystalla Thoma to find out for yourself!

Rex Cresting is the second novel in the Elei’s Chronicles series. Elei is back once more in this creative fantasy series from Chrystalla Thoma. Elei is someone that is convinced that his journey is done. He is recovering from his injuries on the north coast of Dakru at a hotel, and by now he thinks that his part has finished and he has helped to bring down the Gultur enough.

We meet the new character of Rex. Rex has infected a race and as a result, their system of governance (dictatorship) is starting to implode. While the infection has spread, not every member of the Gultur has been affected by it. Not only that, but Rex is starting to mature inside of Elei, which could cause unknown issues that probably won’t be good.

Elei is concerned about Rex, who is growing and ultimately starts to go through another transformation– one that might seriously affect Elei. One thing is for certain, however, and that is that Rex is growing stronger by the day. Elei is starting to become very worried that his friend’s new strength is going to compromise him too.

But it turns out that a parasite is the least of our hero’s worries as Elei finds that the Gultur have come to find him again. Can Rex help him out, or will he just help him to the grave? Elei must figure out what to do and how to stay alive again in this dynamic sequel from Chrystalla Thoma in the Elei’s Chronicles series. Discover what happens and stay on top of all of the action for yourself by picking up Rex Cresting and seeing what Elei and Rex do!

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