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Chuck Barrett is an American author that is responsible for the Jake Pendleton series. Chuck was late to the writing game but it didn’t take him long to make his mark in the international thriller genre.


There isn’t much to Chuck Barrett, or so he would tell you. The author graduated from Auburn University. He also worked as an air traffic controller. Chuck has certificates for both commercial piloting and flight instruction, not to mention a Dive Master rating.

His hobbies compel him to spend a lot of time outdoors. When Chuck isn’t fishing, then you will find him hiking. Though most people care more about Chuck Barrett’s writing activities than they do his hobbies.

The author was 41-years-old when he started writing. That was in 1998. Chuck doesn’t know what compelled him to sit down and write. From what he can tell, writing felt like something he needed to do, or else he would never feel contented.

The author draws his ideas from life. Sometimes a newspaper headline will pique his interest. Other times, a television news report will spark an idea, or a discussion with friends, family, and acquaintances.

The author’s first novel was ‘The Savannah Project’. It was published in 2010 and Chuck was surprised by how easily and effortlessly the idea for the book came to him. At the time, Chuck remembers taking the time to meticulously outline the book.

And he did his best to stick to that outline, making certain that the final product mirrored the idea that had taken shape in his mind months earlier. With the success of book one, Chuck Barrett knew he had to produce a sequel.

But for a long while, he had no idea what to put in Book 2. On one occasion, the author and his wife went to Utah on a trip. Chuck remembers them stopping by Moab in the afternoon and meeting an older couple with whom they engaged in conversation.

Things evolved relatively quickly and it wasn’t long before both couples were fast friends. They decided to move their conversation to a Mexican Restaurant nearby. Over the course of the evening, the older gentleman revealed that he was in the radio frequency and microwave emission technology business.

Essentially, the man made the gadgets that spies used on missions. And as he heard him talk, the concept for his second novel took shape in Chuck’s brain. The author wrote that second book by the seat of his pants.

He remembers immensely enjoying the process, though the manuscript that took shape was quite disorganized and he was forced to engage in lengthy editing sessions. The experience taught him that he was better off combining the pantser and outlining approaches to writing.

Besides that, Chuck Barrett realized just how rich and inspirational life could be. He also realized that there was no shortage of novels for him to write, so long as he kept a close eye out on the goings-on around him and paid a keener interest in the newspaper headlines.

Chuck doesn’t do daily writing routines, though. He writes when the mood strikes him. The author sees no point in forcing himself to produce stilted prose and dialogue when his creative juices have clearly dried up.

That being said, Chuck never lets himself go for too long without writing. If it seems like the breaks between his writing sessions have grown too long and the creative juices have still refused to flow, he will read. That always gets him back on track and it isn’t long before he’s at his table churning out new pages.

Chuck loves encouraging aspiring writers. However, he always compels them to think carefully before engaging the publishing industry because it isn’t for the faint-hearted. As fun as the writing aspect can get, the real work starts afterward, where one reaches out, makes connections and markets their book until they achieve the sales figures necessary to justify their effort.

Chuck Barrett spends a lot of time on social media. Despite his age, the author has a great following on Twitter. And once he publishes a new book, the platform helps him reach new readers.

Interestingly enough, as effective as social media has been for Chuck, he prefers pursuing marketing tools that allow him to directly communicate with his readers. As such, one shouldn’t be too surprised to find him at conferences and conventions and even book signings.

+The Savannah Project

An aircraft accident in Savannah, Georgia on St. Patrick’s Day does not set off alarm bells in the beginning, primarily because everyone would rather believe that they’re dealing with a run-of-the-mill occurrence.

Jake Pendleton, an NTBS Investigator knows better and he isn’t one to tread lightly. Aided in his work by an air traffic controller called Gregg Kaplan, Jake’s investigation initiates a series of violent events.

The Savannah Project is the first novel in the Jake Pendleton Series. The thriller tells the story of an NTSB investigator that goes to Savannah to look into an air crash. The preliminary inquiry initially suggests to Jake that he might be dealing with an ordinary mishap.

But then he takes a closer look and realizes that a number of people are starting to die and their murders could be connected to the air crash. When Jake realizes that he might be a killer’s next target, he brings the issue to his boss, suggesting that the air crash was no accident.

The boss in question dismisses Jake’s suggestions, forcing him to forge his own path to the truth.

+The Toymaker

Jake Pendleton is back. And this time he must work with Gregg Kaplan to locate a fellow agent in Yemen and rescue him from his captors. The mission goes sideways and Jake is forced to make the hardest decision of his life.

The Toymaker is Chuck Barrett’s second novel and the sequel to ‘The Savannah project’. The book picks up with Jake Pendleton as he undergoes an unexpected alteration in his career.

After years spent protecting the United States, Jake has started to lose his head. He keeps letting his temper get the best of him. As such, his superiors decide to assign him a new mentor in the form of a man that makes gadgets for spies.

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