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Publication Order of Chuck Brandt Books

The name ‘Chuck Brandt’ refers to a series of novels written by Roger Weston. Chuck Brandt is also the name of the primary protagonist.

+The Story

The Chuck Brandt series is a blend of international thriller and mystery. Because of his work on these books, Roger Weston has been compared to the likes of Ludlum and Cussler, not to mention Flemming.

Of course, if you rarely stray from the bitten publishing path, the idea that an author like Roger Weston is being compared to James Bond’s Ian Flemming might shock and even irritate you. And that reaction would be understandable because you have probably never heard of Roger Weston.

Roger is an indie author. And like most indie authors, Roger isn’t exactly prolific. So the fact that fans of authors like Ludlum and Flemming have never heard of him isn’t that surprising. That being said, Roger is making such quick gains in the international thriller and mystery genres that comparisons to much larger names in the field could soon be justified by his pending mainstream success.

Knowing that Roger has been compared to Ludlum and Flemming, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his Chuck Brandt novels are action-packed thrill rides that follow the exploits of a one-man army of the protagonist who’s always fighting over-the-top bad guys to save his girl, his country and the world at large.

Chuck Brandt was once the best in the business, an assassin of legendary renown. And even after he put his killing days behind him, Chuck found a way of putting his skills to good use by becoming a spy recruiter, a job he did with great proficiency.

By the time the Chuck Brandt series begins, Chuck is living an ordinary life. Like every protagonist in the international thriller genre, Chuck has a dark past. He has experienced pain and horror and chaos, and many times he was the source of that chaos.

Chuck has also been betrayed. So he leaves his violent past behind and tries to forge a new ordinary life. And he more or less seems to succeed, taking up a position with a company that sees him find homes for immigrants.

Helping those in need; men and women and children that are escaping the horrors of their nations gives Chuck a semblance of purpose. And because no international thriller hero is complete without a loving woman by his side, Chuck has Maria, a girl he loves more than anything in the world.

But for someone with Chuck’s colored past, trouble is never too far behind. There is a ploy in play to manipulate a vote in the Senate, and those persons backing the ploy are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want.

When Chuck Brandt’s old boss comes calling, asking Chuck to return to the fold, the ex-assassin isn’t ready to abandon the life he has carved out for himself in the normal world. It doesn’t take Chuck long to realize that he doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

When his life and the people close to him are threatened, those that sought to drag Chuck Brandt the legendary assassin back to the surface get far more than they bargained. Chuck has always been an effective spy recruiter, boasting an uncanny ability to spot talent and to nurture it.

When push comes to shove, Chuck becomes his own recruiter, finding that killer hidden beneath the surface, bringing him back to the fro and unleashing him against the bad guys. The result is a brutal journey that sees Chuck disarm and destroy every man and women his enemies see fit to send his way.

Chuck shows little compassion in his efforts to tear down the entity that thought it necessary to disrupt his perfectly happy existence.

The Chuck Brandt series boasts the same attractions as any Ludlum or Flemming novel you might come across. Chuck is as big a badass as they come. He is always armed with the perfect skillset to diffuse any situation he encounters. Along with unparalleled combat abilities, Chuck is highly patriotic.

Sure, a lot of the times, it is the danger facing his girlfriend that drives him to take action. But once that particular fog of rage passes, Chuck usually finds that spark within him that makes it impossible for him to look away while nefarious forces threaten his country.

And while Chuck is initially an innocent bystander caught up in events he had nothing to do with, the Chuck Brandt series essentially sees him accept his role as a guardian of sorts, a gifted soldier that stands ready to fight the good fight whenever the need arises, regardless of whether or not he has a personal stake in the situation.

The reason so many critics have compared Roger Weston to both Ludlum and Flemming is because the Chuck Brandt series has the hard and violent edge of a Jason Bourne story even while playing with such outlandish villains that they could be mistaken for James Bond Antagonists.

+The Recruiter

Chuck Brandt is living a pretty average life in Birmingham, Alabama. People know that he helps immigrants rent apartments. They do not know of Chuck’s past as a legendary assassin and spy recruiter, nor of the events that drove him to abandon his violent life for a quieter existence.

One person that knows who and what Chuck is capable of is his former employer. A member of a secret intelligence agency within the United States government, this employer makes a mistake when he targets Chuck, driving him to return to the fold of international espionage.

However, once Chuck Brandt returns to his roots, it is with the intention of destroying all those people that wronged him, this including his employer.

+The Handler

When Chuck heads to Spain, it is with the intention of finding a missing asset. On his way to meet an ambassador, Chuck becomes embroiled in a plan to destroy the United States. Chuck doesn’t court trouble. But he is also never one to run from a fight and he doesn’t hesitate to become a wrench in an evil plan.

Chuck has no idea just how personal the stakes are about to get.

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