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Hard Twisted (As: C. Joseph Greaves) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tom & Lucky (As: C. Joseph Greaves) (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Church of the Graveyard Saints (As:C. Joseph Greaves) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chuck Joseph Greaves is an American published author.

Greaves was born in Levittown, New York, where he grew up. He attended the University of Southern California, where he graduated with honors. He also attended Boston College Law School where he also graduated with honors. He would then go on to work in Los Angeles, finding a career as a trial lawyer for twenty-five years. He has also worked as a construction worker, librarian, and bartender.

His time in Los Angeles ended in 2006 when the author decided that he would like to move to Santa Fe so that he could start writing. While he was in practice before, he would contribute articles to the magazine Los Angeles Lawyer, so he did have some writing experience previous to his career as a fiction author. He sat on the editorial board for the magazine as well. He also was the chair of the litigation department at his firm and was the Pasadena Public Library Foundation’s president.

Chuck Joseph Greaves also uses a pen name for writing novels in the mystery fiction genre. Although it’s not all that different, he uses an abbreviated version of his own name– Chuck Greaves. The author has had the honor of being a finalist for a variety of national honors. These include Lefty, the Audie Awards, the Shamus, Reviewers Choice, and the Book Awards in Oklahoma, Colorado, and New Mexico and Arizona.

The author belongs to the National Book Critics Circle as a member. He also works for the newspaper Four Corners Free Press as a book critic. The paper is based out of the state of Colorado, where he resides.

Chuck Greaves is also the creator and the author of the fictional novel series Jack MacTaggart. The series debuted in 2012, with the release of the first novel. It is titled Hush Money. One year later the sequel would be published and made available to readers. It is titled Green-Eyed Lady. The Last Heir would be published the year after that and makes this mystery series a trilogy. If you have been searching for an interesting mystery series to enjoy, look no further!

Hush Money is the first novel in the Jack MacTaggart series by Greaves. The book was nominated for an Audie Award in the mystery category in 2013.

In this mystery novel debut, readers get to meet the main character of Jack MacTaggart for the first time. He’s just scored a big leg up when it comes to his career as Jack has been newly made a member of a law firm. He is now a member of one of Pasadena’s longest running and also one of its most pretentious law firms, Henley & Hargrove.

Jack MacTaggart is thrown right into the mix of things from day one. He gets the assignment to manage an insurance claim that was filed by Sydney Everett, a well known socialite. Sydney shows horses, and one of her champion horses passed away without any real notice. So it’s up to Jack to look into Hush Puppy’s death and figure out whether it’s a legitimate claim or not.

In this process, he speaks to George Wells, who was the vet that examined Hush Puppy. Wells is honest with Jack and tells him that in his opinion, the way that the show horse died was not of natural causes. Jack continues to investigate as that’s what the job requires. But along the way, his investigation takes him into a completely different world. Professional show jumping is not only its own niche but is more high stakes than one would think.

As the investigation goes along, he’s about to find that he’s on a carnival ride that includes intrigue, romance, and surprises. When a blackmail scheme pops up that implicates the client even further, things start to get a little hairy. He is obligated to report what he has found, but the last thing that he expects is for a body to appear.

When the body is found, there’s no denying that it’s human. Jack is starting to wonder what he got himself into. Can he get down to the bottom of the mystery of the dead horse? Does Sydney Everett know more than she is letting on? On a search for the truth, he’s doing everything that he can to discover whether the claim is legitimate– or if a certain socialite is hiding more than she’s letting on. What will happen? Read Hush Money to find out!

Green-Eyed Lady is the exciting second novel in the Jack MacTaggart series by author Chuck Greaves. If you read Hush Money and couldn’t put it down, continue the adventure with this sequel that brings MacTaggart back into the action.

The game has already begun long before Jack comes onto the scene. Warren Burkett is a potential candidate for the United States Senate. Usually you want your record to be clean, but Warren has an existing pattern when it comes to marital infidelity. Election day is coming up quickly, but with three weeks to go, the candidate runs into trouble.

He helps a gorgeous woman with striking green eyes, but in the process of coming to her aid, he somehow finds himself in a home he doesn’t recognize. No one is with him, he has no clothes on, and a valuable painting has gone missing. This is the type of thing that ruins elections. Luckily, the painting does appear eventually. Unluckily, a corpse appears with it.

MacTaggart ends up being hired for the case. His job is to defend Warren and figure out what’s going on with this mystery if he can. Jack takes on the case willingly, but he’s about to find out that he’s dealing with a lot. Everyone from paparazzi to shady art dealers to hardened politicians are involved, as well as his opponent’s wife and her thug brother, as well as a district attorney that is looking to settle a situation from the past.

Things are moving quickly, and Jack’s now being followed by the press. As he works his way through it, he’ll find out how ruthless people are willing to be– and just how low they’re willing to go. Can he crack the case, or is this beyond even him? Pick up this thrilling sequel to find out!

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