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Publication Order of Church Books

The Preacher's Son (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
So You Call Yourself A Man (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The First Lady (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Up to No Good (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Carl Webber is a renowned African American romance novel author and the owner of the Urban Books bookstore chains. One of his best-known works is the novels series Church. It was published in 2005, and he has so far released five other books. This is the kind of books that will really get your attention, irrespective of whether you’re a fan of romance writing or not. The church series are a combination of the challenges that people have to face; the characters have to make a decision whether they are going to uphold their moral standards or follow their desires. It is religion vs. lust vs. love so many questions will be answered when you read the novels.

The first book in the novel series is The Preachers Son, which was published back in 2005. The book revolves around the life of Bishop T.K. Wilson, principal figure and a pastor of the largest African-American church in Queens, NY. The values of his family are treading on very slippery grounds as the preachers kids are also giving in to the temptations of being young adults. Things even get worse when he decides that he would want to run for the borough president. One of his sons Dante Wilson is portrayed as being personable and smart and is one day expected to inherit his father’s position. However, Dante has other plans for his future and prefers to be a lawyer. However, he keeps that a secret. Dona is Dante’s Baby sister is not who her beloved father thinks she is and thanks to her very obstinate mother who’s able to uncover more and more. Just when you think things will get better, it turns out that even the Bishop has some dirty secrets. It’s time for the Wilsons to face their demons. Will they be able to salvage the long lost family values or the family will just fall apart?

The second book in the series goes by the name; ‘So You Call Yourself a Man’, which was also released in 2005. It’s about three friends who’ve been friends for a long time. The first character is James Robinson is a married man who has overcome all the tough times and seven years on, things in his marriage are better than they’ve ever been, and James is jubilant. However, things take an unexpected twist when his past comes back to haunt him; now he has a baby from an extramarital affair. His best friend Brent Williams has always had women bowing at his feet. It’s taken him quite a while to find a life partner, though. He has a plus-sized fiancée whom he’s had to put up with even though she’s not his type and they seem to be a good match until a sexy woman comes his way. Sonny Harris is the third character, and when his wife leaves him, he makes up with his sweetheart from high school. Things get more dangerous and, even more, complicated. Finally, Tiffany wants out. However, the more she tries to get a way out, the more complicated things get. Brent and James may have to intervene, and if they do, they might lose their friend forever.

In 2007 came the ‘First Lady’. Bishop T.K. Wilson is reinvented as the main character. The Bishops wife, Charlene Wilson has lived her life, and it seems as though it may be time for her to be promoted to glory. Before the Lord calls her home, she decides to look for someone to take care of her beloved husband. She prepares a succession of mail that will be addressed to the candidates. Only her accomplice and also close friend Alison know about the letters. The first potential candidate is Marlene, who is the mother of T.K.’s illegitimate daughter. The next one is Monique Johnson, the pioneer of plastic surgery and queen of implants. Then we have Savannah Dickens, who’s the church new soloist, and she happens to be very attractive. Then there’s the Widow of the late Pastor Lee Jones, Lisa Mae Johnson. Even when she’s gone, the letters will shake the church. It’s like her ghost actually never departs because her presence is felt long after she left.

In 2009, Webbers fourth novel in the Church series was released. It was titled ‘Up To No Good’. Cailey Holm has created a sexy were-lion character as the hero of her newest exciting story. All that in an effort to help her overcome her fear of Cats. Felines ultimately lead this large cat that immensely scares her right into the middle of her living room. The cat then with her on his back decides to take her back with him to his world while demanding to discover her most intimate fantasies. After being set free from the story, Lander Cornelius, who’s the King of the Werekin is set free and now has an open mind and a body that would have any woman’s legs. At first the King is hell bent on protecting people from the Cailey’s charms, now he wants nothing more than to blow her mind and teach her the ultimate pleasure of being entirely submissive. Will the pure passion and animalistic imaginations be what they ultimately need?
The Final book in the church series so far is ‘Torn between Two Lovers’ which was released back in 2010. Loraine Fallow is one of the most attractive and successful women in Richmond, Virginia. She decides that it’s time to settle down with her husband, Leon. Her focus on marriage is no going to be an easy one as her ex-lover Michael is not the type that will just let go. Conversely, Leon also has his demons that he needs to face. Some painful childhood issues are unearthing in the bedroom. When he starts seeing a therapist and discovers that the things that he’s unearthing could ultimately destroy his marriage. As Loraine is busy trying to face her relationship issues, her best friend Jerome has to face Peter, a stalker who’s out for blood and wants to destroy him. There you have four strong people who will not be easily conquered. However, each person must be well prepared to face the consequences of the decisions that they make.

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