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Publication Order of Churchill & Pemberley Books

Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in Cold Mud (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Puzzle in Poppleford Wood (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas Calamity at the Vicarage (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trouble in the Churchyard (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wheels of Peril (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Poisoned Peer (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fiasco at the Jam Factory (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Disaster at the Christmas Dinner (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Churchill & Pemberley Series

Churchill & Pemberley series’ author Emily Organ is a Yorkshire-born mystery novelist who attended University College London. An Irish resident; Emily was merely an eight-year-old girl when she published her bestselling debut, a short story titled The Pony Thieves. An enthusiastic creative writer since her high schooling days, wherein she studied English Literature; Emily especially acknowledges her newsletter and report writing duties during her sttint in a business-related corporate setting.

Also specializing in the historical fiction niche, the name Emily Organ’s earliest book is dated 2014—her author penname debuted in March 2012; and her many literary influences include Roald Dahl, Agatha Christie, Thomas Wolfe, Arthur Conan Doyle, and PD James. Emily has also authored books under the penname Hazel Gaynor—whose co-author is Heather Webb—and is a signee of a New York-based literary agency called Aevitas Creative Management.

Books in the Churchill & Pemberley series

Emily’s notable series is Penny Green, and her other series is Runaway Girl. Contextually, her serialized Churchill & Pemberley’s earliest book is Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel, which was originally released on June 13, 2019.

Set in the 1930s rural Dorset County, England, and at the fictitious Compton Poppleford neighborhood; the novel’s protagonists are aged private investigators—an overweight sixty-something-year-old widow named Annabel Churchill and the unmarried, lean forty-something-year-old Doris Pemberley—who operate their own newly-bought investigative agency whose former owner Mr. Atkins has since died after poisoning. The investigators are non-professionals; a hitherto London resident, the silver-haired Annabel’s sole qualification is her marriage to her late ex-detective inspector husband of the Scotland Yard; while the bespectacled gray-haired Doris has had a 15-year-long stint as Mr. Atkins’s secretary. Annabel has since renamed her agency (formerly named Atkins’s Detective Agency), which is now called Church HiIls Detective Agency.

Prompted by Annabel’s godson; their first task is the homicide investigation—wherein the incompetent amateurs overlook lots of clues—of a nosy gossiper, an old woman named Mrs. Furzgate, whose alleged tripping-related death-turned-murder occurred at the so-called Piddleton Hotel.

Churchill & Pemberley’s second book is titled Murder in Cold Mud, which was initially published on July 12, 2019. The unqualified women have started succeeding in their investigations. They are now bold enough to offer unsolicited help to the unwelcoming Inspector Mappin who is investigating the serial murders of prospective exhibitors in the run-up to a local yearly agricultural show. The exhibitors include award-winning farmer Mr. Rumbold who blames his rival Tubby Williams for the spearing of his gigantic onions.

The victims are members of a farming club, and the alleged causes of their deaths range from the cultivation of poisonous vegetables—marrows—to years-long grudges. After Inspector Mappin turns down the amateurs’ help and undeterred by his warning for their interference, Annabel and Doris conduct a parallel investigation. There are conflicts of interest, including Annabel’s clouded judgment after she loves one of the suspects.

First dated November 14, 2019, and third in his Churchill & Pemberley series; Puzzle in Poppleford Wood is about Annabel and Doris revisiting a decades-old cold case involving the mysterious, nightly disappearance of Darcy Sprockett (or White Lady), then aged 20—while fetching eggs from her aunt during bad weather—in Poppleford’s woodland. Six people are implicated after the discovery of a corpse wherein Darcy presumably died, at a place—Doris confesses she relatively recently glimpsed at the ghostly white-dressed woman—called Toldey Field where goblins allegedly took her, according to a regional newspaper report.

Churchill & Pemberley’s book 3.5, called Christmas Calamity at the Vicarage, was first published on November 28, 2019. The external conflict in its festivity setting is a murdered choirmaster-and-drama teacher, named Bob Donkin, whom a chorister stumbled upon at the vicar’s house during a book reading session and baking competition; and the ensuing implication (because of their lack of alibis during a Christmas Party they attended, and among those who argued with Bob shortly before his death) of Annabel and Doris, according to both the local priest and their archrival investigator Mappin, prompting the women to find out—alongside Doris’s naughty dog Oswald—the real Bob’s stabber who killed using a paper knife.

First dated June 19, 2020; Churchill & Pemberley’s fourth book, Trouble in the Churchyard, is about the desecration of a graveyard, at the so-called St. Swithun’s Church, that Annabel and Doris are investigating after being prompted by the church’s caretaker Mr. Grieves. A charming art collector called Mr. Pickwick often distracts Annabel who—along her investigative partner Doris—switches her attention to a spooky homicide investigation. The victim is a local humanitarian named Mr. Butterfolk who has succumbed to a violent robbery, where the fleeing culprit passes the graveyard, leaving incriminating evidence.
Churchill & Pemberley’s fifth book Wheels of Peril was initially released on August 27, 2020. The plot has two interrelated major external conflicts. One: the death of a quarrelsome female cyclist named Mrs. Mildred Cobnut whose homicide investigation is conducted by Inspector Mappin alongside a visiting international investigator Monsieur Pascal Legrand. Two: the disappearance of livestock keeper Glossop’s goat named Ramsay, leaving behind a spooked horse, apparently resulting from the irksome antisocial antics—including speeding that once hit Annabel—of Mildred alongside her fellow female-only bikers’ club.
Churchill & Pemberley series’ sixth book The Poisoned Peer is originally dated April 19, 2021. Annabel and Doris’s newest investigations concern: anonymous media-fueled character assassinations of a notion seller; and the deadly poisoning of a wealthy Wessex earl, aged 99, at his stately Gripedown Hall residence. The investigators’ aristocratic insider is Tryphena Ridley-Balls who is the daughter of the slain earl.

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