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CIA’s Spies/John Medina Books In Order

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Publication Order of CIA's Spies/John Medina Books

Kill and Tell (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Queen's Men (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss Me While I Sleep (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Linda Howard is a published author. An American writer, she came into this world on August 3, 1950 in Alabama. She goes by the full name of Linda S. Howington in real life. She writes books under the pen name of the very similar Linda Howard.

She has had her work adapted for television. Loving Evangeline premiered in 1999 on television, part of the American Heroes series of novels.

A very big fan of the Margaret Mitchell classic book about the South in a period of turmoil, Linda has always been enamored by the sweeping romantic mood of Gone with the Wind and its beautiful yet haughty heroine, the glamorous Scarlett O’Hara. The world would also see that novel turned into a movie.

That type of romantic inspiration has always captured this author’s imagination. After a few decades of writing but not with a professional angle in mind, she decided that she would write for readers other than herself. She composed and submitted a novel that ended up being published by Silhouette in 1982 and did very well.

Linda Howard belongs to the R.W.A., the Romance Writers of America. She also was the proud recipient of a Career Achievement Award from them too. She currently lives with her two dogs in Gadsden in Alabama with her husband, whose name is Gary. They have three children and grandchildren and their lives keep them very busy!

Kill and Tell is the debut novel in the CIA Spies series by Linda Howard. Karen Whitlaw was really shocked by the passing of her mother, but when a package shows up that has a notebook inside it, she is really confused. She’s even more stunned when the notebook appears to be from a father that she hasn’t even seen in years. Not since he got back the war over two decades ago has she really even laid eyes on him.

Karen doesn’t know how to feel about this mail delivery, so she puts the notebook away and tries to put it and the memories of her father out of her head. Then she gets a phone call that is shocking in nature– she will never make it to that reunion with her father because he has been killed on the New Orleans street.

Now Marc Chastain is on the case. A homicide detective, he starts out thinking that the murder must be just another case of violence on the streets that affects another homeless dude. Even Karen does not question the observation at first, but then her home is broken into. Things start happening that are out of the ordinary. She’s starting to realize that whoever killed her father had a motive– and it was not a random killing.

Now Karen has to worry about whoever was coming after her father, because it sure seems like they are after her now. She wants to find out answers about what happened and the only thing she can find that will link her to answers and her father is the notebook. The worn pages of it hold an answer she did not expect.

Karen is able to find the one thing that she never thought possible– that her father was a sniper all those years ago back in Vietnam. Now the notebook has an account of one of every kill that he made and the details are in depth. She is on the run to survive and her only hope of getting out of this is to hand the book over to the detective.

Karen and Marc must figure out a case that is over twenty years in the making. Along the way, politics, murder, power, and more are all going to be involved in this action-packed novel from Linda Howard.

Someone will do anything that it takes to get their hands on this book, and Karen and Marc are under fire. Can they survive being the targets of ruthless killers? You will have to pick up Kill and Tell in order to find out for yourself!

All The Queen’s Men is the exciting sequel in Howard’s CIA’s Spies and John Medina series! If you loved the political thrill ride of the debut novel, then you will surely enjoy this fast-paced second installment as well as the return of CIA specialist John Medina.

The past has been nothing but deadly, so here’s to the future– let’s hope that it’s better. John Medina was with the CIA Black Ops unit, and there is no personal life when you work in a field like that. But there manage to be romantic liaisons that happen, and it can be tricky getting close to someone who is a specialist in a field like that.

Niema Burdock knows that well. The communications expert worked five years ago with him on a mission that ended badly. Tragedy is never a good way to go out, and the loss stunned her for years. Even though she has come back from it in ways, Niema thought that she was never going to see Medina ever again in life, but now here he is.

It seems that the past may be in danger of going on a repeating loop this time. The loss was horrible, but they have bigger problems on their hands. Niema is the only one who can plant bugs that are necessary to taking a huge ring down. A French arms dealer is coming up with the supply for many international terrorists, and Niema is the one they need to do it.

Her gut is telling her no, but she goes into the glam world of the dealer regardless. Of course, the plan goes left. She and Medina are left with no choice to them but to flee into a strange land. Together they must navigate and survive, all while ignoring their feelings for the other.

This world is deceptive. and John Medina is usually up with his back against the wall. But he and Niema are about to fall face-first into a world where the odds are stacked against them. Can they make it? Read this book by Linda Howard to find out.

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