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Cilla & Rolf Borjlind are a pair of popular Swedish authors known for writing thriller, mystery, and crime fiction novels. They are particularly famous for writing the Ronning & Stilton book series, featuring the chief protagonists Tom Stilton and Olivia Ronning. With their excellent scripts of thriller and crime stories, the two authors have obtained the status of bestselling authors. After they launched their first book, Spring Tide, in Sweden, it went on to be translated and sold in as many 20 countries. Today, the series has successfully reached out to thirty different countries. The books of Cilla and Rolf are characterized by the depiction of social conflicts and charismatic characters. The routine of script writing of these authors is easily reflected in their ability of creating twisted plots and tension in the stories. It is mostly seen in their stories that everything is elegantly tied together and comes with different surprises. When the readers are involved in reading their books, they tend to plow through the plots and get intrigued.

In the world created by the husband and wife pair in the stories, people are usually seen driven by a sense of passion towards social justice. Another important characteristic of their thriller stories is their typical surrealistic humor. With the publishing of Spring Tide, the duo took many prominent critics by surprise both nationally and internationally. And all those critics are still overwhelmed to see that the two have outperformed themselves in each of the titles that followed later in the series. As Rolf & Cilla are among the most famous authors and script writers of Sweden, several of their books have been adapted into television series. Spring Tide was adapted and broadcast of the Swedish television in 2016. Likewise, another book from their popular novel series, Third Voice, has been adapted and is ready for airing all over Sweden. Cilla and Rold share between themselves the experience of writing 26 films featuring Martin Beck, both for TV and movie theater.

The years 2004 & 2009 saw the broadcast of the long running crime series known as The Murders and The Grave, both of which were written by the Borjlinds for SVT. And just like their novel series, this TV series also gained wide appreciation from the audience as well as the critics. The reason this pair is so popular for their books is that they do not compromise when it comes to describing strong heroes and justice. Rolf Borjlind was born as Rolf Sigvard Borjlind on October 07, 1943. He hails from Vastra Skravlinge, Skane, Sweden and is a well known novelist, actor, poet, scriptwriter, and director. He is best known for his work in writing the scripts of the movies about Jonsson League and Martin Beck between 1997 and 2007. Nowadays, Rolf is involved in writing the Tom Stilton and Olivia Ronning series with his beloved wife Cilla Borjlind.

Rolf took the first step in having a respectable career by enrolling himself in a journalism school in 1965 in Stockholm. But, he couldn’t continue with it and left it midway. Later, he teamed up with artist Carsten Regild and started a stencil magazine called The Kulturmagasinet Vargen. Rolf used to contribute text, while Regild used to do the imaging. The two also started the Varg Publishing House for publishing art books, magazines, artist books, etc. Regild & Rolf’s collaboration continued in many ways throughout the lifetime of Carsten Regild. In the later years, Rolf tried his hand in different forms of art works and finally settled with writing novels with Cilla. Today, he holds the post of the Sweden Drama Federation’s chairman. He and his live in Storangen, Nacka. Cilla Borjlind was born as Maria Cecilia on March 08, 1961 in Gemvall. She is a noteworthy novelist and film writer, just like her husband Rolf Borjlind. Previously, she has penned many scripts of films with Rolf and now enjoys writing thriller novels with him. She and Rolf are credited to have created the mind blowing protagonists Olivia Ronning and Tom Stilton. Other than that, Cilla Borjlind is also famous for being the producer of the movie Fatima’s Third Secret.

The Ronning & Stilton series written by authors Cilla & Rolf Borjlind contains a total of five books published between 2012 and 2018. Each book in this series features Tom Stilton and Olivia Ronning in the lead roles. The debut book is entitled ‘Spring Tide’. It was released by the Hesperus Press publication in 2012. At the story’s beginning, it is seen that Nordester prepares to face the highest tides in the spring. A boy secretly watches 3 men digging a hole in the ground near the beach. The boy’s intrigue turns into horror when he sees the woman whom the men intend to bury in the hole. The men bury her neck deep in the sand and leave her to die in the high tide. As the tide rises, the woman gets covered in water and loses her life after giving birth to her baby, who lives miraculously and turns into Olivia Ronning. Twenty years pass to this incident and the gruesome crime is still not solved. The rate of crime and violence is still high in Nordkoster. As soon as Olivia Ronning joins the police force, she learns about a gang of killers that kills the homeless people, films the entire act, and broadcasts them on the social platform for everyone to see and fear them. Stepping into the shoes of her father, Olivia is determined to catch this brutal gang members and put a permanent halt to their deadly activities.

Another thrilling novel of the series is called ‘Third Voice’. It was published by Nova publication in 2013 and features Samira, Olivia Ronning, Sansra Sahlmann, Mette Olsater, Tom Stilton, etc., as the central characters. At the book’s start, Samira is murdered and turns into a ghost. She is helpless and remembers how the killer strangled her, bashed her skull, cut her head and body in different parts, and buried her in different places. Samira just hopes that someone finds her someday and provide her justice. On the other hand, Olivia Ronning is finding it difficult to adjust to the violent world. The increasing number of criminal cases that she is handed over to solve begins to take a toll on her. She learns about the death of her friend Sandra’s father and begins investigating it. Tom Stilton gets the charge of investigating about Samira’s disappearance at the request of Abbas. Tom and Olivia cross paths as two cases seem to be linked. They put their differences aside and start working as a team to solve both the case and prevent other innocent people from losing their lives.

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