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Publication Order of Ivy Meadows Mystery Books

MacDeath (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sound of Murder (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Oliver Twisted (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ivy Get Your Gun (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Phantom of Oz (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killalot (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cindy Brown is a cozy mystery author and has been in the theater as a director, producer, musician, actor, and playwright. She’s a full-time writer and has received several awards, including Agatha Award as the Best First Book nominee. She was third in the 2013 international words with Jam first page competition.

Macbeth is the debut in the Ivy Meadows Mystery series. Ivy hopes that having a position as a witch in a local Macbeth production will help to kick start her career as an actress. However, most people, including the actors, believe that Macbeth is cursed since bad things happen to those involved.

Even though everything is in the open, from a dictator director to a too-tight leotard, Ivy will not allow anything to stop her enthusiasm.

Ivy also works at her Uncle’s investigation agency. She’s still green in her acting roles, being a young and plucky lady. Unfortunately, before she can relax and enjoy her role, she is in a lot of danger when one of the co-stars playing Duncan dies on the opening night.

The police quickly ruled that it was accidental drink poisoning but were sure that Simon had quitted drinking. Can Ivy find out what really happened to him?
Ivy was lucky to count on Simon as a friend since he had chosen her as his sobriety witness after quitting alcohol. He was so determined to stay sober and win the role of King Duncan. She feels like she failed him and can’t let anyone think he drank to death.

She asks her Uncle for help since she suspects that it was murder and her suspicions get intense when her private investigator uncle runs into trouble due to the case. As Ivy is determined to find out the justice for her friend, it appears there is someone who doesn’t want anyone digging too much into the death.
Things get complicated when she doesn’t know who may or may not be involved. Ivy has to risk her life and hard-won-career in pursuit of the truth. Might the cause be real, or is the cause supernatural?

The characters are well-developed and well-rounded, making the story more interesting. The book’s writing style flows smoothly, making the story easy to read.
The humor blended with suspense will keep the reader turning pages until the final reveal. Fans of community theatre or Shakespeare will enjoy the novel more. The story is filled with comic scenes, wonderful characters, and dramatic actors, and it’s packed with surprises to the last page.

The author uses her knowledge of theater life to create an entertaining mystery with suspense that keeps the reader at the edge of their seats.

The Sound of Murder
The Sound of Murder is the second installment in the Ivy Meadows Mystery series. All-Ivy Meadows ever dreamt of is becoming an actress and a private investigator. She also wishes to get a place to stay after her apartment burns and overcome her fear of singing in public.

As she’s still trying to prove she can be a great PI, she isn’t able to get work done in time. Ivy has been cast in a musical mashup of the Sound of Music and Cabaret, yet she fears singing in public. Her car has gone the last mile and accidentally set her apartment on fire.

As if that isn’t enough for her, her first case as PI is leading her on a dangerous path. If she wants to get out alive, she’ll have to overcome her fear. Since the acting gigs do not pay enough, Ivy gets lodging and makes extra cash by house sitting at a retirement community known as Sunnydale while renovation on her house goes on.

She has to stay at the retirement home as her apartment is undergoing renovations. For readers looking for a great mystery story with humor, then The Sound of Murder is a great choice.

When Sunnydale is struck by what is ruled as suicides, Ivy tries to determine the cause of the sudden elderly deaths but later puts herself in more danger than she bargained for. She wants to find out whether the suicides are a serial killer’s work.

Can Ivy solve the case before another person is on the dead list? Can she thrill the New York producer by coming to the Premier of the production featuring a singing nun?

The characters are believable, enhancing the storyline and plot while relieving tension. They are not perfect as they have their flaws and viewpoints and are all believable within the world they are created. The mystery is nicely developed with twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.

Even though sometimes it can be challenging to mix humor and murder, Cindy Brown has done it effortlessly and perfectly. The setting is irresistible, serving a twisty mystery with the complexity of painful human relationships.

Be sure to come across some laugh-out moments as you flip pages.

Oliver Twisted
Oliver twisted is the third in the Ivy Meadows series. After Ivy gets a gig with a book-themed cruise, she thinks she has died and gone to Broadway, and she didn’t only get a starring role in a musical production of Oliver Twist. Still, she’s also making some money while helping in her uncles’ investigation agency with a series of theft cases.

Ivy doesn’t know that she’s sailing for a disaster in Hawaii as her acting contract didn’t include the aerial dancing of forty feet above the stage part. They’ve accepted a job on the cruise ship S.S David Copperfield to catch the thieves. Apart from trying to catch the bad guys, Ivy will have to live by just surviving.

As the mystery unravels, it takes different paths. A passenger smites uncle Bob, and Ivy gets a message that her brother is missing from home. Can Ivy and her Uncle get the answers they are looking for before the ship reaches Hawaii?

It’s up to Ivy’s Uncle Bob Duda to investigate and find the culprits and how they are doing it without being noticed. Things get worse after Ivy finds her roommate, Harley Locklow, has been killed. She gets more anxious when called to perform as an aerialist, yet she’s a subject of some ‘accidents.’
Ivy has never been a friend of water bodies and gets terrified when she boards the ship.

Cindy Brown has blended laugh-out scenes about the acting life and intriguing mystery. Oliver Twisted is a fast-paced story that the reader will find hard to put down. Oliver twisted is a hilarious mystery story that keeps readers engaged. The story is set on a cruise ship which a series of jewel thefts has hit.

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