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Publication Order of Just Add Magic Books

Just Add Magic (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Potion Problems (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Lost in Europe Books

Lost in London (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost in Ireland (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost in Rome (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost in Paris (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost in Hollywood (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Lucky Me (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sydney Mackenzie Knocks 'Em Dead (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saltwater Secrets (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl Who Ruined Christmas (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Takeoffs and Landings (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Big Heart-Shaped Fail (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cindy Callaghan
Cindy Callaghan is an award-winning American young adult fiction author. She grew up in Oakland and Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Callaghan holds an MA and MBA and has been in the business field for more than twenty years.

The author is best known for her notable work, Just Add Magic, adapted into an amazon television series and distributed via Nickelodeon. Her hobbies include going to the movies, reading, hanging out with girlfriends, and spending time with her three children, husband, and rescued pets.
Callaghan lives in Wilmington, and when time allows, she escapes to her PA mountain retreat.
Just Add Magic
Just Add Magic is a delightful debut novel by Cindy Callaghan.
Kelly Quinn is a 12-year old girl aspiring to become a chef in the future, and together with her two friends, Hannah and Darbie create a cooking club after coming across an old magic recipe book when cleaning her parent’s attic.

They can’t wait to get in the kitchen and start experimenting some of the intriguing recipes they see in the book. The girls decide to try some of the fantastic and magical food recipes in the book. As she reads through the recipes, she realizes that some of the ingredients are strange.
Kelly decides to visit the store to buy the ingredients, and as she leaves, the seller warns her to beware of the laws of return. She doesn’t pay much attention to the warning at first.

Soon mysterious things start happening, and Kelly’s brother stops talking after eating the Keep them Quiet Cobbler while Hexberry Tart causes pain to Charlotte, Kelly’s enemy. Is it her fault that her brother stopped talking? Did she cause her old neighbor to fall ill? Did she hex her enemy?
Are the results just a mere coincidence, or are the recipes really magical? Either way, the magic is ruining her life and that of the others. At some point, Kelly is forced to help the enemy who’s in so much pain, and her friends become angry at her.
Is there anything she can do to reverse the spell she cast when cooking? The story flows very well and holds my attention to the last page. This is an excellent novel about friendships, mistakes, and karma, and I liked the magical elements in it.

Kelly’s pesky brother, some bits of charlotte, and the friendship between the three girls is amazing. The lead characters are young, amazing and their conversations are interesting to follow. The plot twists and the storyline are mysterious to make the reader more curious.

For lovers of fantasy and friendship, this is your kind of book. The author shows a lot of details and imagination throughout the book. I was fascinated by how Callaghan describes the three girls as if she had met them and known them her entire life.
Lost in London
Lost in London is the story of Jordan Jacoby, an ordinary twelve-year-old girl. She wants some excitement in her life, and nothing means excitement like going on a trip to London. Jordan has always been dreaming of going to London for a long time, and thanks to an exchange program, her dreams have come true.
When she gets an opportunity to study in London for a week, she knows that this is her only chance of doing something extraordinary. She is more than excited to leave her small town and travel to explore the world.

Soon she is out with Caroline, her hostess’s daughter, who unfortunately does not have much interest in spending time with an American girl. However, Jordan is still enjoying the city despite the cold welcome, and Caroline’s friends are friendlier than Caroline.
What happens is nothing Jordan was prepared for, but after all, she is on an adventure, and she finds one that is more than she asked for. A single decision leaves Caroline and Jordan trapped inside the world’s biggest department store. Even though they have complete access to the best designer and fancy shoes and makeup, that is one of the wrong places to be stuck.

Jordan is a likable and interesting character, and she wants to be friends with everyone while living life to the fullest in London. Seeing how she grows into a confident young lady made me enjoy the book even more.

She is not a stagnant character as she grows, just like her adventures. Life will not always be fun, and the best decisions will not always be made, but you’ve to deal with it. Caroline is a fantastic character, and just when I thought she was a mean character, I found out that was not the case. She is just a typical teen forced to hang out with someone while all she wants is to do other things in her mind.

Most of us can relate as we are either teenagers or have been through the stage. The characters brought fun to the story; for instance, Caroline’s friends easily accept Jordan and make her part of them. What more can a girl want from friends?

I liked how Jordan and her friends travel around London unsupervised by adults. It is nice to see teen earning their independence and extending their boundaries. It is a very entertaining and a fast- read book with many laugh-out-loud moments to keep you engaged to the end.
Jordan is not literally lost; she is just lost in thought after making an agreement with her parents to not spend on less important things like makeup. The parents wanted her to see more of the sights and do less shopping. Instead, she sneaks around stores where together with her friends gets locked in a department store.

The author provides detailed information on the places Jordan was visiting to give the reader more insight into the story setting. You can see how the girls bonded and helped one another see new things every day. Lost in London is absolutely amazing, and the actions will keep you hooked to the last page.

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