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Cindy Kay Stewart is an award-winning author of Christian historical fiction books famously known for the 2023 novel Abounding Hope. She is a pianist and a retired high school teacher. Her stories are filled with hope and love and anchored in faith. Cindy’s manuscripts have won the First Impressions contest, the Touched by Love Award, and the Sandra Robbins Inspirational Writing Award.

Cindy is a “Bob Jones University graduate” where she earned her “Mrs.” degree, which she’s upheld for more than 40 years. She also holds a degree in elementary education and a master’s in secondary education from the University of Nebraska. Though Cindy’s passion for writing Christian books started when she was in college, it wasn’t until her daughter was married, she had time to pursue her dream. Cindy’s books always point people to Jesus Christ, and that’s evident in her book Abounding Hope.
This story is about the remarkable bravery of Irena. She takes on the unforgiving journey of leading several children to safety. Throughout the narrative, we journey with Irena, witnessing her attempts to find a secure haven. Along the way, Irena and the children face numerous challenges and obstacles, testing their resolve and courage.

Abounding Hope is not just about their physical journey; it also delves deeply into the theme of faith. Irena’s story highlights the importance of trusting in God, especially during times of adversity. It’s a narrative that reinforces the belief in faith, showing us that even in the most difficult circumstances, anything is possible. Irena’s unwavering trust in God serves as a beacon of hope and strength, both for her and the children she is determined to protect. This serves as a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit and the resilience that comes from faith.

As Poland faced the threat of defeat in late August 1939, with the world on the edge of war, an American teacher, Irena Simmons, found herself in a complex spot. The Nazis are closing in on Poland, but Irena, steadfast in her commitment, refuses to leave. She has devoted her life to her church and school and is currently protecting a group of young German boys she had saved the previous year.

Amidst this tense backdrop, Irena is unexpectedly visited by Jonathan, a former classmate. He urges her to leave Lvov with him before the war breaks out. However, Irena is resolute. She is determined not to let anything, including Jonathan’s insistence, disrupt her mission of safeguarding the children and continuing her work. Irena’s story is one of unwavering dedication and bravery in the face of escalating danger. Her refusal to abandon her post in the looming shadow of war underscores her extraordinary commitment to her duty and the children under her care.

Jonathan Huntwell, an American shipping tycoon, harbors a long-held affection for Irena. When his old classmates choose him to go to Poland to bring Irena to safety, he anticipates a straightforward mission. However, upon meeting her again, Jonathan finds himself wrestling with unexpected emotions. Though committed to helping a friend in need, Jonathan realizes that his feelings for Irena go beyond mere obligation. He sees her as more than just a friend he needs to protect. Despite this, he faces a dilemma. Jonathan knows he must conceal his true feelings to avoid risking their friendship. His journey becomes not just a physical rescue mission but also an emotional journey as he balances his sense of duty with the growing affection he has for Irena.

In the midst of all the chaos, Irena finds a shocking revelation. The Gestapo agent she once outmaneuvered in Germany has tracked her down to Poland. His target is the young children under her care. The situation intensifies when the Germans invade Poland. Jonathan, who could have been her aid, is in Denmark on business, too far to offer immediate help. As danger looms, Irena is compelled to confront the threat and find a way to safeguard the children she cherishes. Her determination and resourcefulness become her strongest allies.
Cindy Kay Stewart’s debut novel title, Abounding Hope, is a central theme resonating throughout the story. Inspired by true events from this historical period, the book portrays the profound reliance on hope and prayer during times of extreme adversity. This theme of unwavering hope is especially touching for lovers of Christian fiction. The characters find solace and guidance in scripture verses, which help steer them on their treacherous path to safety. The novel tells a tale of not only physical survival but also a spiritual journey, emphasizing the power of faith in overcoming seemingly toughest challenges.

Abounding Hope beautifully intertwines a growing love story within its intense narrative. Irena and Jonathan gradually discover their deep feelings for each other, adding a sweet romance to the tale. But their journey is not just about love; it’s filled with action and tension. They face direct attacks from the enemy and have a tough time escaping the Nazis. The novel doesn’t shy away from depicting the harsh realities of war, adding a gritty authenticity to the story.

Cindy Kay Stewart has crafted characters that are both likable and also easy to connect with. This complexity in characters adds depth to the narrative. With its compelling mix of romance, action, and historical detail, Abounding Hope appeals particularly to fans of Christian Historical Romance. Its rich storyline and well-crafted characters make it a memorable read.

The character’s journey is not just for their survival but also for the safety of innocent children in their care. Throughout, their faith is constantly challenged, yet it remains unshaken. This aspect of enduring faith amidst chaos was both uplifting and inspiring. The story may not delve into graphic details of their struggles, but this doesn’t diminish how powerful it is to the core. A distinctive feature of the narrative is the inclusion of the children’s perspectives, offering a unique and important view of their experiences and emotions.
The character’s voices add depth to the story, providing a fresh angle on the harrowing events they face. It’s this combination of steadfast faith, the resilience of the characters, and the innocent yet insightful viewpoints of the children that make Abounding Hope a compelling and heart-touching read.

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