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Silver Phoenix (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fury of the Phoenix (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Diverse Energies(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Because You Love to Hate Me(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Thousand Beginnings and Endings(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Writing in Color(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cindy Pon is an American author of Taiwanese Descent. She is best known for writing young adult fantasy novels set in Ancient China and focusing on the adventures of strong heroines.

The author has been commended for her beautiful writing style and fresh take on the Young Adult fantasy genre.


Cindy Pon comes from Taipei, Taiwan. That is where she was born. However, she spent her childhood in the United States, a result of the family’s decision to move to California in 1980.

Cindy has been writing for as long as she can remember. Even before she had mastered the English Language, Cindy was experimenting with poetry.

She attended the University of California at San Diego where she got her bachelor’s degree, eventually earning a Master’s from New York University. Even though she is best known for her literary efforts, Cindy Pon also has a passion for Chinese Brush painting.

Cindy thinks it would be more accurate to call her a storyteller rather than an author. That is what she does with Chinese Brush painting. The craft allows her to tell stories, though she has since mastered the art of achieving similar results with her writing.

Cindy has a husband and children.

+Literary Career

Cindy Pon always had a passion for writing. She started with poetry as a pre-teen and then moved on to short stories. Like most authors, it took Cindy a little longer than she expected to secure a career in publishing.

As a young lady, life kept steering her away from her passion for writing. At first, she was too busy studying. And once she graduated, dating and marriage came into the picture, and that was before grad school.

It was all a bit of a jumbled mess, but Cindy eventually found her way back to her passion. The opportunity to write arose when the author had her children. She had to stay at home full time to care them and that gave her the time to dip her toes back into writing.

The author had begun to nurture an interest in Chinese culture at the time, so when she decided to try writing a fantasy novel, it made all the sense in the world to experiment with Chinese history.

It took Cindy Pon a while to get that first novel together. The author would like to think that she’s a pretty organized individual. But that organization has never translated into her writing.

Cindy is a pantser. Rather than planning for and outlining all her chapters out beforehand, she likes to make things up as she goes and that made for a messy manuscript at the start.

At first, all Cindy had were a series of disjointed scenes in her head. She had done the research. She knew just enough Chinese history to get the creative juices going. But connecting the dots and producing a cohesive story presented a challenge.

The author’s breakthrough came when she realized that she did not have to stay completely true to the historical details. Sure, she had to represent Chinese culture as authentically as possible. But she was also writing a fantasy novel and that gave her some leeway to change things.

Coming to this realization allowed Cindy to proceed at a much faster rate, and it wasn’t long before the manuscript came together. Cindy knows that writing isn’t easy and she isn’t too harsh when encouraging aspiring authors.

Like most professionals, Cindy always tells enthusiastic young writers that if they want to succeed in publishing, they just have to find the willpower to sit down and write. But when Cindy followed her own advice at the start of her writing career, she was surprised by how difficult it was to not only start writing but to keep writing.

The author remembers getting the first forty pages written. And rather than feeling proud and exhilarated, she was actually assaulted by a sensation of terror because she realized she had up to three hundred pages left that needed writing.

The task seemed too difficult to accomplish. Cindy is a celebrated author now because she persisted. She still prefers writing the beginning and the end of her novels to working on the dreaded middle sections.

But she can confirm to aspiring writers that perseverance always pays off. Cindy Pon isn’t afraid to admit that she gave up a few times. But she always got back on the horse and kept trying until her first manuscript was finished.

Of course, it soon dawned on her that writing was just the beginning of her nightmare. With her manuscript completed, she started shopping it out to agents and publishers and elicited the sorts of rejections that not only broke her heart but destroyed her confidence in her writing abilities.

She could hardly believe it when she received positive feedback from an agent. She hasn’t forgotten just how ecstatic she felt in that moment.

Cindy has admitted that her decision to produce Asian-oriented fiction hurt her. She knew that the publishing landscape wouldn’t so easily open its arms to her, not when she was straying so far out of the box of what was expected in fantasy.

But she knew what she wanted to write. She knew were her literary passions lay and she kept pursuing her dreams until a publisher answered her call.

+Silver Phoenix

Ai Ling should have been happy. After all, no one wanted her. She wouldn’t have to become a subservient bride to some stranger. Sure the dishonor brought upon her family stung, but Ai couldn’t hide the fact that being unbetrothed brought her joy.

That joy is short-lived. A terrifying force is pursuing her. Facing stakes larger than she could have possibly dreamed of, Ai Ling must undertake a journey to the Palace of Fragrant Dreams to find her father.

She will need every skill and modicum of intelligence she has, not to mention her new power if she is to survive.

+Fury of the Phoenix

Ai Ling is preparing to embark on a new and terrifying voyage. Haunted by mysterious visions and memories, Ai Ling sets out to find and fight with Chen Yong, certain that he will need her by his side, what with his vulnerability to corruption from the underworld.

As the pair sets off on their voyage, they encounter the threat of a powerful sorcerer that Ai Ling defeated but who threatens to reach out from Hell to consume them.

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