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Publication Order of City of London Books

City of London is a series of tightly written thrillers from J. Jackson Bentley. As the name suggests, the books take place in the city of London.

+The Story

J. Jackson Bentley has been praised by critics for producing taut, nail-biting fiction, and the City of London series has only cemented his reputation.

Readers are taken to London in ’48 Hours’, the first book in the City of London series. There they meet Josh Hammond, a seemingly ordinary man whose life takes a dangerous turn when he is threatened.

Josh’s story begins when someone sends him a message asking for a large sum of money. Josh has forty eight hours to deliver on the demand. If he fails to do so, he will be killed.

Josh is initially hesitant to take the threat seriously. He wants to believe that his friends are behind the prank. But then people begin to die and Josh is forced to take the threat seriously.

As dire as his circumstances appear, Josh cannot help but thank his lucky stars when the situation brings him into contact with Dee.

Dee and Josh meet when Josh takes the threat to his life to his friends and they recommend that he acquire the services of Vastrick.

Vastrick is a security Company and Dee works for them. Josh initially doubts Dee’s ability to keep him safe. But then he sees her in action and all his fears are allayed.

Dee and Josh are not necessarily the driving elements of the City of London series. Their story takes center stage in the first novel. They also return for the second book. But as the series progresses, the author expands his world to encompass new plots and concepts that have little to do with Josh and Dee.

However, Dee and Josh are never too far from the action. Dee stands out as quite the strong-willed and independent woman. She is designed to counter the common damsel-in-distress tropes that surround most female protagonists in thriller novels.

Josh, on the other hand, starts out a little unlikeable. Unlike the average male lead, Josh struggles with uncertainty. He also makes a lot of bad decisions that are congruent with his limited experience facing off against life-threatening obstacles.

Many fans of J. Jackson Bentley seem drawn to Josh primarily because he is so ordinary. Some audiences have complained that he seems to come to certain conclusions a little too quickly and without any solid clues to lead him.

However, for the most part, Josh is just as clueless as the average human man in his situation would be. It is even more refreshing for audiences to learn that Josh is so poor with women.

His relationship with Dee starts off rather poorly. Josh doesn’t know how to maneuver his interactions with her. He knows he is attracted to her but he doesn’t know how to broach the subject of a deeper relationship with his protector.

His confusion on the matter only serves to feed his jealousy whenever he sees her talking to other men. In contrast to Josh, Dee is always certain of herself and her actions. She acts as a foil for him, and the pair finds that their disparate strengths and weaknesses make them a good team.

The City of London novels are most prominently praised for their tight storytelling. Every chapter leaves readers wanting to know what happens next. And the author almost always delivers on the payoffs, or so J. Jackson Bentley’s fans say.
Critics of the London books believe that the first few installments in the series get a little outlandish and it isn’t until the third book that the author reigns in his imagination and begins to deliver more grounded stories.

Fans of Bentley will say that they love watching his characters revel in the outlandish nature of their situations.
+The author

J. Jackson Bentley is a British author that writes thrillers. A member of the International Thriller Writers, Bentley became a published author in 1994. He first wrote technical books before trying his hand at novels and gaining fame.

+48 Hours

Josh Hammond doesn’t have any enemies. Or at least, none of those enemies would go so far as to ask for two hundred fifty thousand pounds and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t pay.

Josh thought the threats were a simple joke. They came via text on his blackberry, giving him 48 hours to make the payment or die. And Josh would have gladly laughed them off if the people around him had not started to die.
Now Josh knows that his blackmailer is serious. And he must take steps to either raise the money or identify and stop his blackmailer before it’s too late.

The first book in the City of London series is a fast-paced read. It finds Josh Hammond struggling to raise two hundred fifty thousand pounds to pay off a blackmailer that has threatened to kill him in the next two days.

With his back against the wall, Josh finds solace in the arms of a bodyguard called Dee. Josh initially doubts the operative’s ability to keep him safe. However, she quickly puts him at ease. Though, Josh knows that his strong attraction to her will introduce more complications than he has time to deal with.


An African Stateswomen is preparing to give a speech. Within 72 hours, the words this woman will say shall shake the world but only if she gets the chance to make her speech.

A litany of African despots is determined to silence her before she gets the chance. They are joined in their quest by rogue security forces and an unstoppable Assassin.

Vastrick Security definitely has their work cut out for them, having undertaken the task of keeping this particular African Stateswomen safe. It will take every skill Dee has in her arsenal to get the job done.

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