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CJ Daugherty was born in the month of October, in Dallas, Texas. She was a former crime reporter, a journalist and currently a full time novelist. She is also a lover of coffee, red wine and cats. She is best known for her work, The Night School, a series of four completed books. She has also written many travel books. CJ Daugherty started her writing career as a novelist, in 2010. The Night School is her first series, a young adult romantic thriller, and it has been translated into twenty two languages till date. It was published by a company called Little Brown, in 2012. The author’s hometown is situated in the south of England, from where she writes her best seller books. While working as a journalist, she wrote for papers like Dallas, Reuters, Time Out, and Morning News. CJ Daugherty is married to Jack Jewers, a filmmaker and has two children with him. She hates flying, night clubs, traffic jams and leaf blowers.

A British web television series called Night School, was launched on 2014, based on The Night School series by CJ Daugherty. It was the first web series based on a British young adult book. Though adapted from her books, the series portrays different stories of the characters.

The Night School series deals with issues of trust, lies, greed and forgiveness. Interesting as the stories, it was inspired by a picture of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, taken when they were young and members of the secret Bullingdon Club, at Oxford University. CJ Daugherty has already spun four books in this series, namely, Night School, Night School: Legacy, Night School: Fracture and Night School: Resistance. The backdrop of the story is set in the modern times of south England.

Allie Sheridan finds herself trapped in a world of malice, greed, lies and deceit. Her parents have sent her to Cimmeria Academy, a boarding school crammed with kids of ultra rich parents in south of England, as a punishment, to discipline her. The students there are teenagers who are born with golden spoons in their mouths. Their families own private jets so they have never sat in a commercial airliner in their entire lifetime. They bought their goods in London’s trendiest stores, eat out in the fanciest restaurants, and they grew up with nannies who spoke four languages. This sums up their power and influential status. Allie Sheridan soon finds out that she belongs to this bewitching world, which looks like heaven from afar, but is layered with malice, greed and deceit, and is terrifyingly endangered.

Cimmeria Academy is nothing like it seems to be. It was supposed to be an academy where no mobile phones were allowed, no nuisance was tolerated and its focus was entirely on studies. Allie was surprised for it turns out to be a sneaky and dangerous place. There are secret groups formed among the elite students, and they were involved in strange activities. Allie Sheridan is suddenly attacked violently one night, and this triggers a string of more brutal events to follow. She realizes that she isn’t who she thought she was. Always a firm believer of truth, she is jeopardized by this finding and thus begin her struggle to swim out alive from the dark secrets haunting her.

Allie Sheridan has come to Cimmeria hoping for a new start. Before she stepped into the academy, she has suffered two break ups, was arrested three times in different situations and has survived a total family breakdown. She has a brother who ran away from home. But coming here, Allie is far from being happy as she cannot cope with things that are happening around her. She can’t control her life any longer. The entire school community is under threat, everyone is lying and the secrets that she found about her family are ripping her apart. The only bright side of joining the boarding school is meeting the handsome, brooding loner, Carter West, but it was straining to pursue her romantic interests under such circumstances and she has to pay a price for it. She finds herself left with only one choice now- either to support her family with whom she has strong ties or to believe the dark secrets which her new friends whom she had just met, have laid bare before her. She was a teenager torn apart, trying to find her own voice and stand her grounds.

Allie is under constant surveillance of a spy in Cimmeria. She is suffering, confused and a total wreck. To top it alll, she lost her close friend. Everything is falling apart and her family is in the center of it all. Destructive Nathaneil, the master mind, only seems to have more of his game plans rolled up his sleeves. Allie Sheridan realizes she is not safe anywhere. She knows the only place she has little hope of surviving is this fancy school, so she is trapped there as long as she cannot save herself. No one can trust anyone and everyone is equally guilty for the disastrous occurrences. Anyone was caught and put to trail on suspicion. In the midst of all these confusions, there is a civil war going on, and Allie Sheridan’s influential family is deeply involved. Nathaneil is determined to trace her down and get her at any cost and Allie is willing to fight back tooth and nail, come whatever may.

The series is a thriller and catches the reader’s attention from the very beginning. It invades the realm of the unknown and uncertainty, and keeps the readers at the edge of their seats. CJ Daugherty knows how to captivate her audience with her enticing writing. She takes them for a ride into the dark and makes them fall in love with the mystery surrounding them, and thus they are always left intrigued to discover more. The series is unique and the plot stands out from the regular boarding school stories, in that it is a thriller and a mystery.

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