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Claire Adam is a published author of fiction.

Claire was born in Trinidad, where she grew up as a child. She currently resides in London, England.

Claire Adam studied Physics while attending Brown University. She later went to the University of London at Goldsmiths and studied creative writing, getting her MA in the field when she graduated.

Claire Adam first entered into the world of literature in 2019. This is when her first full length fictional novel was released for the first time. This debut novel has earned her tons of acclaim and praise for a story that is set in a place that she knows well, Trinidad. If you are looking for a story that is a little more deep than the rest and has the ability to deeply affect you, check out this awesome novel from author Claire Adam for yourself!

Golden Child is the debut novel from author Claire Adam. This is a story that takes place in Trinidad and focuses on the lives of different members of a certain family there as they go through life and navigate their choices and difficult circumstances together that mostly revolve around love, loyalty, survival, scarcity, and more.

This debut novel starts out in the rural area of Trinidad. This is where a brick house sits. It is humble and sits quietly on its own on stilts, the entirety of the house surrounded by natural bush. The family in this home is much like the home in that they don’t have much but they are there and just trying to survive.

The family are trying to just make it through the day and generate a quality of life for them. Pursuing a decent life is tough to do but they are determined to try and do what they can to survive. The father is named Clyde and he provides for the family even though it is difficult. He works in the southern Trinidad area and is employed at their petroleum plant working shifts that are not only long but exhaust him to the core.

While Clyde is going off to work his wife takes over the duties of the home, Joy looks after the household chores, the cooking and the cleaning, as well as their family. This consists of the two of them and their 13 year old sons. The sons also wake up every morning really early so that they can travel to Port of Spain, the capital, so that they can go to school.

The sons may be twins, but they are not all that much alike. Paul is the one that always has been viewed as somewhat eccentric. At the same time, Peter is seen as being a genius and his brilliance has convinced his parents that he is going to be destined for great things in his life.

But things take a turn for the worse when one afternoon one of the twins does not return home. The family instantly takes notice and they know that Paul did make a decision to go for a walk in the bush, which is not always the safest thing to do but has happened before.

Paul has now gone out for a walk and his father is worried that he has not returned. It seems fairly understandable that this would be happening to Clyde, as the child has caused him a lot of trouble already, in his opinion. Clyde has to choose between either waiting for him to come back or go out looking for him.

The twin is still missing and his father chooses to go out and try to track down his son before something bad happens. The situation forces him as well to contemplate the personality of his child and their relationship together. Clyde is the first to admit that he has not always had the best understanding of who his child is as a person or what motivated him to do what he does.

Sure, Paul has caused him to go through a lot of trouble, but he is also Clyde’s son. His father has no idea whether the twin decided to go out on his own and just got lost or is really in trouble. Maybe something happened where he was attacked by someone with a grudge or fell into a ditch.

What starts out as a simple search over the hours ends up turning into a search that is lasting days. Clyde keeps trying but there is no sign of what has happened to the son. The family has been able to make ends meet for so long, and now they are facing down a potential tragedy together and the loss of one of their own.

Clyde is desperate to find his son and have the chance to get a better understanding of his son. But it is starting to look like he might never get the opportunity to do that again. The more that this father looks, the more that he hopes he will find his son before it is too late. But as the days go by, Clyde is forced to accept the fact that he might not end up finding him in the condition that he hopes for.

Slowly, Clyde starts to realize what the fate of his son must have been. As he slowly moves towards that understanding, his entire world starts to fall apart. In the end ,this father is faced with a difficult decision that hopefully no parent ever has to make.

Full of drama, struggle, tragedy, humanity, and unsettling things mixed with beauty, this is truly a full buffet of intense emotions from this author. The Trinidadian landscape is known for being gorgeous, and this story is just as beautiful and secretive as its lush landscape is in person.

A story that is disturbing but realistic, this is a human story that focuses on themes we can all relate to. From trying to survive to betrayal, love, aspiration and more, check out Golden Child for yourself and read to the very last page in order to find out what happens in the end to the members of this Trinidadian family.

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    I like to read books in order, from the first to the last. That’s why I need a list of all your books.
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    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Hi Donna – Claire has only written the one book which is listed above.


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