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The Silent Daughter (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
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After She Left (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Claire Amarti is a mystery and suspense best known for her debut novel “The Silent Daughter” published in 2020. She is best known for writing stories about ordinary women who lead lives that are not so ordinary. She has said that she hopes her readers will recognize these women as the ones they love and know. By doing so, she believes the audience will come to fear for them, root for them, and find themselves holding their breaths when the story inevitably becomes hairy. When she is not writing her novels, she is often walking the streets of Brooklyn in New York dodging traffic and pigeons. While she is originally from Ireland, she has lived so long in New York that it feels like home now. For Claire, there is nothing better than feeling that one had made or found a new home. It is a combination of the comfort of having a place to come back to and excitement that a new place could come to mean so much. She also feels the same when she finds an author or series of books that she loves or gets into a rich vein for her writing. She hopes that her audience can also find a home in her novels in addition to beautiful adventures while still landing sound and safe when it is all done. She loves communicating with her reads and keeps in touch through social media and on her website.

She was inspired to write her novel from reading a lot of women’s and psychological suspense fiction filled with complex characters. She has always loved the works of the likes Catherine Ryan Hyde, Liane Moriarty, and Lisa Jewell. Ever since she was a child, she has been fascinated by boarding school narratives and later graduated to some gothic with characters like Jane Eyre. As such, she wanted to write something that combined what she loved. Her lead character in her debut novel “The Silent Daughter” is inspired by the life she lived as an only child. During her childhood, she craved having a sibling and as such could imagine how tough it would be for her lead protagonist to be an only child who suddenly has a sister come into her life only to be violently taken away a few years later.

Claire Amarti’s debut novel “The Silent Daughter” is a story set in a premier girl’s boarding school. The story follows the life and times of Sadie Kelly an alumnus of the school that is back in town after more than ten years of running away from a past she wished to forget. She is now teaching at Horton, which makes for a great suspense story given that boarding schools are a hotbed of secrets. Nothing much is different from the time she was a student at Horton. The privileged girls from wealthy families still look down on girls from poor backgrounds who have to rely on scholarships. Sadie was once upon a time a scholarship girl and know that it can be an emotionally draining experience to have the rich girls look down on you. As such, when one of the students disappears, there is chaos as situations and memories she thought were long forgotten resurface. When she had been a student at Horton, her best friend had been involved in a fatal vehicle accident. The story begins with Sadie and her best friend’s mother visiting the grave on the tenth centenary of her decease.

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