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Book series include a collection of volumes of novels based on a specific historical perspective and genre. Although some series re themed separately from others, the titles and cover designs remain consistent throughout in order to allow them to fit the collection. The author of the series guides the direction of the novels in a manner that maintains a definitive frequency and flexibility to cover deep issues and interests in the genre. Romantic novels are particularly notorious and are well known as series favorites. Authors of series usually attempt to maintain consistency in the publications; therefore, the books in the series are close to one another in their years of publication. These elements not only guarantee consistency, but they also ensure a huge following for the author.

Deborah Cooke is known as an award-winning author responsible for a number of romantic novels. She has several aliases, Claire Cross and Claire Delacroix. Her main genres are historical romance novels, fantasy books with paranormal instances, contemporary romance novels, as well as urban fantasies. Despite having book series that follow a general story line, she has managed to keep the characters intriguing and interesting each time, a concept that keeps readers fascinated enough to read all her books. Deborah has a knack for combining historical elements in a contemporary way, which is perfect for modern readers interested in combining chorological and modern facets of literature. Claire cross comes up with plots containing engaging dialogue between the characters, who are unforgettable in a sense. Unlike her Dragon Fire series, she does not incorporate paranormal elements that she is known for. The female characters are powerful and strong, which helps female readers develop a sense of courage and independence. Although her storylines can be a bit predictable and linear, the stories in each installation of the series are captivating and well written. The level of mystery incorporated in each story drives the series and the comical elements allows readers to keep buying each new novel, making her a world class novelist. Claire Cross’s novels area sequence, which means that each title is related to the last one in a way. However, the sequence has novels with different titles and a freestanding plot. The titles can be read autonomously and out of progression regardless of sharing a timeline or theme. Typically, most of Claire Cross’s books are created for a diverse female audience; however, they are as appealing to male readers as they are to male audiences.

Cross’s first book in the series Third Time Lucky is about Philippa Coxwell, an ambitious young woman searching for love. She meets Nick Sullivan, and the two engage each other in an on/off relationship filled with mystery and adventure. After 15 years apart, the two characters reunite and grapple with the consequences of their mistakes hoping that their romance will prosper the third time round. Cross incorporated mystery from the beginning of the novel, and she managed to expose issues of the past that are fundamental to the development of the plot. The first installation in the series is enjoyable and interactive with a familiar plot in the field of romance novels. The characters have an intense emotions and personalities that make the book fascinating and relatable. The novel also introduces vital characters to the series that are all part of the Coxwell family.

Book 2 is Double Trouble is about two twin sisters, each trying to deal with the daily stresses of human existence. One sister has a family and seems to have it all, while the other works as a columnist and web developer. The family oriented sister walks out on her children and family, leaving her twin to put together the broken pieces of her life. The novel is faced paced and enchanting to include tales of romance and family. the book is written in the first person, which gives readers a more personal point of view compared to the first book in the series. The conflict between the two protagonists is interesting as the events allow the characters to transform and participate in romantic relationships. The writer uses a direct approach and delves immediately into the issues faced by family members as they try to repair their broken relationships.

Matt Coxwell comes to the realization that goals are essential in life. After abandoning his life goals for the better part of his life, he decides to fight for his dreams, whether or not his family will allow it. His wife Leslie also struggles to maintain her position at work, while taking care of her daughter. Things begin to unravel as they couple separates briefly as they try to figure out if their love is strong enough to withstand the tests of daily life. The book appeals to married audiences that are in a similar struggle in their relationship. The plot is thought provoking and fits the agenda of contemporary romance novels. Throughout the book, readers get the opportunity to witness the couple’s journey as they realize their dreams and aspirations together. In the process, they manage to build a stronger relationship than before, which will optimistically last a lifetime.

All or Nothing is a humorous and peculiar romance novel and is fourth in Claire Cross’s series. It includes the experiences of Jen, a young single female trying t find her perfect match. To satisfy her mother’s nagging nature, she decided to go on a fake date with Zach Coxwell, however, she ends up falling in love unexpectedly. Although Zach and Jen are an unlikely pair, the two manage to figure out a way to be together against all odds. The protagonists in the other novels in the series were charming; however, Zach’s character has always been sort of the bad boy. It is a nice change to see Zach take on a more positive role in this installation. As always, the plot is motivational, and is designed to affect the readers in a positive way. Although the plot in the fourth book is a bit predictable it is pleasurable nevertheless.

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