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Publication Order of Sunny & Shadow Mystery Books

Claire Donally is one of the best authors who has done excellent work by writing various novels. She began her writing career in 2012 and up to date she has published different books. She is the author of the Sunny and Shadow Mystery series. The series has a total of only two books hence you can always enjoy reading the novels just in couple of hours. The books that were published in 2012 and 2013 are entitled “The Big Kitty” and “Cap Nap” respectively. The mystery books are very enjoyable and the best books that will definitely make your day fantastic. Don’t miss out reading these quality books that will really impress you.

Besides the Sunny and Shadow Mystery, she has also written other smart books. Claire Donally has written a total of four different books of which two of them are the books making up the Sunny and Shadow Mystery. The other two books are known as the “Last Licks” and “Hiss and Tell” which were published in 2014 and 2015 respectively. All her books have got very positive reviews from the readers because of their interesting mystery stories that you will definitely love reading. These are the best mystery books that you will always read and read all days longs. Get them online today online or to the nearest local libraries and you will really enjoy the reading.

The Big Kitty

This is the genesis book that was written by Claire Donally. The book was published in 2012 and got very positive reviews from the reader. It was titled “The Big Kitty” which is the first book of the series “Sunny & Shadow Mystery”. This book is about Sunny Coolidge who left New York City where she did a newspaper job in order to return home to Maine. This go back was inspired by her father’s illness in order to take care good care of him. However, when she went back home she realized that life in Kittery Harbor was boring as there was not much to do. Therefore once the elderly cat lady, Ada Spruance requested for assistance to look for her supposedly winning ticket, Sunny agreed to give a helping hand. She took with her a straying tomcat known as Shadow to Ada’s later to find Ada dead at bottom of the stairs. So here they started wondering what could have happened. With Sunny bearing in mind that Ada’s ticket was missing, she started connecting the two incidences. Ada’s death may not have been an accident but it may have something to do with the lottery ticket which had gone missing. It later turns out that the lost lottery ticket was worth six million dollars. This definitely is a large amount of money that can cost someone’s life.

The town constable of Kittery Harbor was Will Price. Will Price started becoming suspicious and he suspected the worst in Ada’s case. Being a reporter in New York City in a newspaper company, Sunny Coolidge instincts pushed her to investigate without the help of anyone else. She trusted herself and therefore needed to this on her own. Sunny was not the only one with detective abilities as Shadow also had them. They both tried to reason out on their own the mystery behind the lost ticket. However as they try to shed some light, they would rather be careful as they may be part of the mystery too.

The book is available online hence you can always enjoy reading this smart book. It is also available in the local libraries hence you can always find your copy. Go online for the full story in the book and you will definitely love it. This is one of the best work that has been done by Claire Donally.

Cat Nap

This is the second book of the series that was written by Claire Donally. This book was published in 2013 and has drawn a very positive review from the readers. The book’s main character is known as Sunny Coolidge. Sunny and Shadow who is her feline companion are suspecting a trouble even though they are not certain that Kittery Harbor, Maine may be the source of all the criminal activities. At the same time when Sunny gets some trouble because of the financial dispute between Martin Rigsdale and her ex-spouse Jane who are her vets rival is also the same time that her friend Shadow is surviving with a sore paw. Shadow is facing very hard time because besides managing the paw, he is also disturbed by the irritating puppy that are not liking his turf. It is also very disquieting because as Sunny agrees to provide some aid to Jane so that they can comfort Martin of the about his ways of the moneygrubbing. At this particular moment is when Sunny finds herself in another crime scene. This is because Martin is assassinated during this particular moment. The situation becomes even tougher on the side of Jane because just before she can find a way to comfort her ex-spouse it is unfortunately that Martin is murdered.

In the investigation of finding the murderer of Martin, Jane is the lead suspect even though Martin had a lot of enemies because of his catting around besides the greedy ways. The big question that now remains unanswered is whether it was one of cheated creditors or is his disdained lover. It is at this time that now both Shadow and Sunny to work again so that they can find the one who assassinated Martin. This will enable them to clear Jane’s name from the suspending investigation and will also enable them be very safe as they too can be murdered any single time.

The book is very interesting and you will actually love reading it. All you need is just to either go online and get your copy or visit the nearest library for a copy of Claire Donally’s book that are the ultimate mystery books for great reading. By reading these books, you will be able to follow the full story in the series and even other books written by Claire. You will also be among the first to know once any of her books have been released.

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  1. Sydney: 3 years ago

    I loved these books. Will she be writing any more.

  2. Jelsemium: 5 years ago

    There are five books in the Sunny and Shadow series. The other three are: Last Licks, Hiss and Tell, and Catch as Cat Can.


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