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The Good Girls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Claire Eliza Bartlett is a renowned American tour guide and writer of young adult, thriller, fantasy, LGBT, contemporary, and mystery stories. She has written several immensely popular standalone novels in her career, including The Good Girls, We Rule the Night, and The Winter Duke. Bartlett does the work of guiding tourists in Copenhagen, Denmark, though she hails from Colorado. She moved out of the United States when she was 18 years old and has never returned to her native country since then. Bartlett keeps on traveling and frequently visits countries like Wales, Denmark, and Switzerland. Her husband is a citizen of Denmark. This is the reason behind her current living situation. However, she manages to travel in small doses even today.

Author Bartlett likes to write fantasy the most. She also has interests in soft sci-fi. Her short stories are mostly adult, while her novels fall into the young adult genre. Bartlett has studied archaeology, creative writing, and history. She takes her inspiration from multiple historical events. Bartlett believes the more inspiring and unknown the events are, the better it is for her. She is represented at the Root Literary Agency by Kurestin Armada. To keep her fans posted about the latest developments in her life, career, and research work, Bartlett sends out a newsletter every month. It contains the novels she is working on and the ones that are about to be published in the coming months. Bartlett feels that the starting points of her books are more positive than what they end up to be. She always starts by picking a simple topic. But, as the research work begins and deepens, it tends to add more complexities in her stories. Author Bartlett is interested in knowing about every historical story available.

The authors who have inspired her and have influenced her work include Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, Guy Gavriel Kay, and Susanna Clark. Whenever Bartlett sits down to write something, she likes some music going on in the background. Her favorite playlist includes songs by Caro Emerald, Alice Francis, and the soundtrack of Agent Carter. The idea behind writing We Rule the Night as given by Bartlett is that she always wanted to come up with feminist stories. This interest grew stronger after she read the Night Witches. It was during her teens that Bartlett had understood that the worlds of men and women are completely different in terms of equality. So, her books are intended for her teenage self and all those girls who struggle with similar problems.

Bartlett developed an interest in traveling by being motivated by her parents, who used to travel extensively during the 70s. She was often mesmerized by the captivating adventures that they would describe to her after coming back from their trips. It was at the age of 18 that Bartlett undertook her first journey to a foreign country. Her travel plans received a great boost from the free education programs provided by countries like Finland and Germany. This made it easier for her to study and travel at the same time. Bartlett had understood very early that the easiest way to live in any country is to undertake a high study course in that country. Bartlett has huge respect for all the indie authors. She always had a leaning attitude towards traditional publishing and felt that self-publishing is owning & operating a micro-press of her own. It was in 2014 that author Bartlett began writing for the first time. She has not looked back since then and hopes to write a lot of exciting novels in the times to come.

An excellent book written by author Claire Eliza Bartlett is entitled ‘The Winter Duke’. It was released by the Little, Brown publication in March 2020. The primary character mentioned in this novel is Ekata. Bartlett has set the plot in a fictional city called Kylma Above. This book describes an enchanting story of intrigue in which the daughter of a duke is the lone survivor of a magical curse. Initially, it is depicted that Ekata fears that won’t be anything left to keep her with her the murderous members of her family in Kylma Above when her brother becomes the official heir. Her books, science experiments, family castle, and Kylma Below won’t be able to stop Ekata to take desperate measures. The Kylma Below is a captivating underwater kingdom where her family is provided with magic. Just when Ekata looks to run away, her 12 siblings and parents get trapped in a strange sleeping illness.

Subsequently, Ekata inherits the duke’s title to keep her family safe. By doing so, she becomes the warrior bride of her brother. Her decision attracts ever-encroaching challengers from within and outside the ministry. Ekata has never prepared herself for diplomacy, war, love, and the crown that she never imagined inheriting. But, she is well aware that she needs to seize the power of her family to keep Kylma Above safe and she must learn to wield and control the power to keep herself safe from its dangers. This novel is partly Anastasia and partly Sleeping Beauty. It is a thrilling political intrigue that depicts a spellbinding tale about deciding what is right in times of danger.

Another excellent novel of Bartlett’s writing career is known as ‘We Rule the Night’. It was also published by Little, Brown Books in 2019. This book features the lead characters in the roles of Linne and Revna. The story revolves around these two girls, who make use of forbidden magic to fight and fly for themselves and their country. Initially, Revna is introduced as a 17-year-old girl working in a factory as a laborer. She manufactures war machines for the North Union. When Revna is caught using magic illegally, she fears being labeled as a traitor and jailed. On the other hand, Linne went against the wishes of her father, a North Union general, and joined the army by posing as a boy. Both the girls are told that they will be reprieved from punishment if they agree to become a part of the special military flight unit and take up deadly, terrifying missions with the help of their magic. Usually, the girls don’t like to be around each other. But, if they wish to live and overcome the superior firepower of the enemy, then they will have to give up their differences and work as a team.

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