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About Claire Heywood

Claire Heywood is a talented British author known for her work in fantasy and historical genres. With a robust background as a scholar of the ancient world, she brings a unique depth and authenticity to her stories. Her extensive knowledge of ancient history provides a strong foundation for the captivating worlds she creates. Readers can expect detailed and immersive settings that are both educational and entertaining.

One of Claire’s many strengths as a writer is her ability to craft well-developed characters. She has a particular talent for creating protagonists that resonate with readers, making them relatable and memorable. Her characters are often complex and multifaceted, reflecting the real human experiences of the times she writes about. This skill ensures that her stories are not just about events but also about people who lived through them.

Her gift for creating compelling narratives is evident in every book she writes. Her engaging storylines are rich with intrigue and adventure, capturing the imagination of her audience from start to finish. Whether it’s a fantastical tale or a historical narrative, her storytelling keeps readers hooked. Claire Heywood’s unique ability to blend historical accuracy with engrossing plots makes her work a delight to read for lovers of both fantasy and history.

She also has a remarkable talent for making her work resonate with a worldwide audience. Her deep understanding of the ancient world allows her to weave universal themes and timeless human experiences into her stories. This makes her books appeal to readers from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. By focusing on the commonalities of human nature, she ensures her narratives are both accessible and engaging to all.

Claire stays true to her roots as a scholar of the ancient world while crafting her stories. She meticulously researches historical details, ensuring her settings and events are accurate. This dedication to authenticity adds a layer of richness to her narratives, making them educational as well as enjoyable. Her passion for history shines through in her writing, offering readers a genuine glimpse into the past.

Moreover, Claire’s ability to create strong, relatable characters plays a significant role in her international appeal. By giving her protagonists depth and relatability, she helps readers connect with them on a personal level. Her characters’ struggles, triumphs, and growth resonate globally, as they embody emotions and experiences that are universally understood. Claire Heywood’s unique blend of historical expertise and engaging storytelling makes her a favorite among readers around the world.

Looking to the future, Claire Heywood shows no signs of slowing down. Her passion for storytelling and history promises many more engaging and enriching books to come. Fans can look forward to new adventures and meticulously crafted worlds that are sure to captivate and inspire. Claire continues to dedicate herself to her craft, ensuring her upcoming works will be just as compelling and beloved as her current ones.

Early and Personal Life

Claire Heywood, a distinguished British fantasy and history author, hails from Coventry and currently resides in Bristol, UK. Growing up, she developed a keen interest in reading and writing, finding joy in exploring different worlds and characters through books. Her passion for storytelling blossomed early and provided a solid foundation for her future as an author.

Her academic journey has been equally impressive. Claire earned a 1st Class BA in Classical Civilisation, along with an MA with Distinction in Ancient Visual and Material Culture gained at the University of Warwick. Along with her degrees, she received two academic prizes that recognize her dedication and excellence in the field. These academic achievements have greatly enriched her writing, enabling her to incorporate a high level of historical accuracy and detail into her work.

Claire’s inspiration comes from her love of Greek mythology, her deep knowledge of ancient cultures, and her fascination with the forgotten voices of women. This unique combination allows her to craft stories that are both enlightening and engaging. As she continues to grow as an author, Claire remains committed to bringing these often-overlooked narratives to life, ensuring that her readers are always captivated and informed.

Writing Career

Claire Heywood launched her writing career with her debut novel, ‘Daughters of Sparta,’ published in 2021. This retelling of the Trojan War from the perspective of Helen of Troy and her sister Klytemnestra was met with acclaim, becoming a USA national bestseller. Her fresh take on a classic story highlighted her ability to bring new voices to ancient tales.

Following the success of her first book, Claire released her second novel, ‘The Shadow of Perseus,’ in 2023. This work reimagines the legend of Perseus through the eyes of his mother Danae, Medusa, along with his wife Andromeda. As she continues to write, her gift for presenting history through compelling narratives keeps readers eagerly anticipating her next work.

Daughters of Sparta

‘Daughters of Sparta,’ a Greek historical retelling by Claire Heywood, was published on June 22, 2021. The book was released by Dutton, showcasing Heywood’s talent for bringing ancient stories to life. This novel marked the beginning of her successful career as an author.

Helen and Klytemnestra, princesses of Sparta, have lived lives of luxury and beauty. However, their high status comes with a price, as they are married off to foreign kings, Agamemnon and Menelaos, chosen by their father. As queens, they are expected to bear heirs and be meek, but their husbands’ neglect and cruelty push them to challenge societal constraints.

‘Daughters of Sparta’ reimagines the Siege of Troy from their perspectives, highlighting their long-ignored voices.

The Shadow of Perseus

‘The Shadow of Perseus,’ a Greek historical fantasy by Claire Heywood, was published on February 21, 2023. This novel was released by Dutton, continuing Heywood’s exploration of ancient myths. It reaffirms her talent for bringing fresh perspectives to historical narratives.

Banished due to a prophecy, Danae finds herself alone in a remote village, struggling to forge a new life for herself and her son, Perseus. Medusa, part of a reclusive group of women called the Gorgons, encounters the injured young Perseus in the forest. Andromeda’s life changes irrevocably when Perseus interferes as her tribe faces a devastating sandstorm.

As Perseus pursues his destiny, his journey casts a shadow over the lives of all three women, who must reclaim their voices to seek a better future.

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