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Claire Kendal is a published author of fiction books.

She was born in the United States but moved to England where she was educated. For the entirety of being an adult, she has lived in England. She teaches in the subjects of creative writing and English literature. She resides with her family in the South West. Kendal is constantly working on her next piece of writing.

Her first book to come into print is titled The Book of You. It was published in 2014 and made the top ten best seller list on the Sunday Times. It was also a selected pick by Richard & Judy. The book sold well and was popular among readers, resulting in its translation into countless languages, topping a dozen.

The Book of You is the first novel to come out from author Claire Kendal. This psychological thriller will be so gripping that you won’t want to put it down at all once you’ve picked it up. Equal parts compelling and terrifying, this story is one that involves plenty of drama as well as themes of power and obsession. If you were a fan of thrillers such as Gone Girl, this is the perfect read for you.

In this book, readers get to meet the main character of Clarissa. She’s a normal young woman, but she has a problem that other women her age might not particularly have. She works with a colleague named Rafe and as more time passes she is started to get scared of him. It’s with good reason, because for whatever reason he might have, the guy just will not stay away from her.

Clarissa has tried to convince him to just leave her and do something else, but Rafe will not accept no when she tells him it. It’s a thing that she feels that she can’t change, and no matter where she goes, it seems that this man is constantly there. Clarissa is relieved when she finds out that she has been picked to do jury service.

She thinks that this is a great stroke of luck, because it seems that the courtroom will be the one safe place that she has. For once, she’s going to be in a location where Rafe just isn’t allowed in. This is a period of time that she can at least relax without having to consistently worry that Rafe is going to pop up somewhere with all of his menace.

Once she is serving her jury duty, however, Clarissa cannot help but notice similarities between the situation that she is in and the woman that has taken the witness stand. The worst part about this is that a story is unfolding about abuse and kidnap, and it’s starting to make Clarissa very worried because of how much she can relate.

Clarissa is the one that has to prove that Rafe is really the bad guy that she is experiencing because otherwise no one else will believe her. She slowly starts to unravel the story that Rafe has been a part of, all of its twisted nature out in full glory. But as she does, she starts to realize that Rafe probably has a plan for how he wants this all to end.

As she finds out that what Rafe wants is truly scarier than anything she could ever picture, she’s left wondering how she’s going to get out of this in one piece. But will she find out that Rafe is already two steps ahead of her? Is there any way to avoid the master plan he has envisioned for both of them? Find out by picking up this thriller for yourself and reading to the end!

The Second Sister is the second novel to come out from Claire Kendal and it is another sophisticated psychological thriller that will have readers on the edge of their seats. It’s a riveting story that will have you reading to the end to find out what happens in a suspenseful plot where the tension is so thick sometimes that you could cut it with a knife. This is the tale of an obsession of one woman trying to find out how her older sister disappeared and why, a journey that may end up putting her very life in danger.

Ella Brooke’s life changed ten years ago and doesn’t look like it is ever going to be the same again. It has been a decade since Miranda went missing. One instant everything was normal, and the next second her older sister had disappeared without any sort of hint as to where she’d gone. Ella misses her a lot, and with every year that goes by she cannot help but be reminded of Miranda.

She can’t look in the mirror without seeing the face of her sister. She’s resembled her sister more and more each year, since they have the same blue eyes and the identical shade of dark hair. Now that she has finally reached the age that her sister was when she vanished, she could pass as her double without any problem.

It’s been years but Ella has always refused to move on from her sister. She won’t let go and can feel her still, hearing what she sounds like still. She even talks to her, just like she never left. She keeps on going and looks out for Miranda’s son, now ten. She also helps others working as an expert in self defense.

One thing she thinks is true is that her sister must have been taken. Ella’s convinced Jason Thorne had a part to play in this. This serial killer is in a psych hospital, and the tabloids are saying that there’s been fresh links discovered between Jason and Miranda. Ella is about to go to Thorne to try and figure out what really happened. Law enforcement warns her against it and even her parents are not on board with the plan, but Ella needs to do it for the sake of her sister. Can she find out the truth? Read this book to find out!

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