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About Claire Kohda

A British writer, Claire Kohda is an author who has come a long way fast with her compelling and inventive brand of literary fiction. Instantly engaging the audience with her words, she knows and understands the art form, creating something unique to her in the process. Taking it forwards, she has her voice and style, really allowing it to come alive on the page for her ever-increasing audience. She also says what she wants to say with her work, writing confidently and highly articulately for her readers.

Combining horror elements with in-depth character studies, she has established something quite different in her stories. This approach to writing has gained her lots of recognition, allowing her to become hugely influential and a household name for many. Achieving a high level of success, she’s become massively popular, completely reinventing the format and genre in the process. Setting herself apart from various other writers in her field, she really inhabits a distinct literary space all of her own.

Understanding her use of character, too, she creates in-depth portraits that really draw the reader in, keeping them invested in the story. Looking at the internal processes of people going through changes, she has an interesting perspective on popular genres and tropes. Letting her work speak for itself, she definitely knows and understands what’s needed from her when it comes to writing. Reaching the core of the matter as well, she really brings out the humanity of her characters, giving them an even greater level of depth.

It’s a testament to her skills as a writer that Kohda has created something so individual and entirely unique all to her. Giving her material a real sense of weight, she makes sure her readers can easily relate to her writing, leaving a strong impression on them in the process. Whether this is through her previous pen-name of Claire Kohda Hazelton or her usual one, she continually takes her work in new and interesting directions. With much more expected to follow, she has a lot more planned for the future, as she isn’t stopping any time soon.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in the United Kingdom, Claire Kohda always had a creative streak, expressing herself in a number of different ways. A professional violinist, she would play with several different well-established artists, from Jessie Wara and The London Contemporary Orchestra to Pete Tong. She would also play on various film soundtracks too, allowing her to really make a name for herself as a highly gifted artist. Reaching a wide audience, she became hugely influential in her own right, as she would also become a widely-regarded writer and novelist.

Drawing inspiration from her surrounding environment, she would put much of it back into her work, giving it a real sense of vitality. Refining and honing her craft extensively, she managed to find her own space as a writer in the intervening years to follow. Writing for several different publications, she would build a brand for herself, as she would become a recognized name by many. She is still writing and working to this day, as she has plenty more stories to tell as her writing career continues to grow.

Writing Career

Starting as a writer for The Times Literary Supplement and The Guardian, Claire Kohda would write for many different publications. Making a name for herself, she would write book reviews, establish a brand, and reach a mass audience worldwide. Managing this would also give her an insight into writing for herself and her own fiction, creating immersive and engaging stories. A specialty of hers would be focusing on books from and about East Asia, and she would also write under the name of Claire Kohda Hazelton.

The first book that she would write was titled ‘Woman, Eating,’ which came out in 2022, and it would be a stand-alone title. Marking her big debut into the literary world of fiction, it would be a primarily character-driven novel set within the horror genre. Looking primarily at the motivations of her central protagonist, it would be well received by critics and the general public alike. Maintaining a profile, she has much more to follow, as she’s a writer with plenty more to say and offer readers worldwide.

Woman, Eating

Initially released through the ‘Harpervia’ publishing imprint, this would be the first debut novel to come from Claire Kohda. It wouldn’t become a part of any series in particular, with it being entirely self-contained, with a straightforward horror narrative. Published on the 12th of April in 2022, it would be lauded by numerous critics and fellow authors as an exciting debut title.

Wanting to try all the different foods, Lydia finds that her hunger can only be quenched by blood, as she’s living away from her vampire mother in London for the first time. Squatting secretly in an artist’s studio space, she teaches herself art while binging ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ dealing with eternal youth and immortality. Dealing with her loneliness, she must cope with her many internal conflicts, as well as her own relationship with food and humans. Will she find her place within the world, can she face the task before her, and what becomes of her as a woman, eating?

This book covers a whole range of contemporary issues, from race to belonging in the modern world. It really manages to speak to the reader in a way few other books do, especially other vampire novels, with it really opening up the genre. There’s so much running just under the surface, as it’s a highly engaging and effective story about an individual finding their place in life.

With a strong central protagonist, it really makes full use of its interesting premise as well, creating an engaging character. The world they inhabit is also well established, really bringing the art scene to life, playing it against the vampire story. Making for a promising debut, this really works, showcasing fully what Claire Kohda has to offer as an author and writer.

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