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Claire M. Andrews is a bestselling author from Vermont best known for her debut novel “Daughter of Sparta.” She graduated with a social science degree with a focus on anthropology, archeology, and history from the University of Alaska Southeast in 2014.

She has always been driven by her affinity and fascination with Greek mythology and history and as such, sought to breathe new life to the often unappreciated and forgotten Greek myths.

Much to the chagrin of her archeology mentors and professors, she often focused on Greek archeology rather than on subjects or themes closer to home. Given how much she had been studying Greek works, she could provide historical and in depth accuracy to the retelling of Greek myths.

She looks at it from the perspective of a young woman in a society and time, where women are allowed very few liberties. She published “Daughter of Sparta” her debut novel, in 2021.

Andrews grew up in both Scotland and Alaska, which are two places that have significantly shaped her perspective of the world. While they could not be any more different, they have shaped her stories and writing style.

During her childhood, she used to love reading fantasy stories. Her parents often found her hiding under her bed just so that she would continue reading until the late hours. Many are the times when she would prop up a pillow and a doll on her bed so that her parents would think she was in the bed.

It was this love for reading that would eventually become a love for telling stories. She currently works at the Vermont Law School as a Program Coordinator. With a long history working as a professional in education, she has gained a variety of skills over the years.

After graduating from the University of Alaska southeast she has worked in many areas. Some of the areas she has worked in include event planning, grant coordination, archeological survey, creative writing and federal grants management.

Claire M. Andrews got the inspiration for her debut novel “Daughter of Sparta” from an amalgamation of all manner of things. She usually found herself frustrated with the many misogynist endings she found in Greek mythology. Women would often be cheated, disregarded and abandoned which is something she never liked.

She was frustrated with her favorite romantic relationships tropes on TV and wanted to read something different. Her love for adventure and stories and the many days she spent reading and wandering off to far off places meant she would become an author.

She vowed that she would make a hero of Daphne, one of the most neglected women she read in one of the best stories in Greek mythology. She had been forced to turn herself into a tree to escape from Apollo and Claire wanted to give her the space she needed to be a hero who deserved more.

Her road to0 publication was no different from others as it was winding and long. While she has become known for Daughter of Sparta, this was not her first rodeo. She had previously finished several manuscripts and queried agents but never got anyone to bite.

Like many authors Andrews got her fair share of rejections until she got her excellent agent and amazing publisher who published her work in 2021.

Claire M. Andrews’ novel “Daughter of Sparta” is the story of Daphne, a seventeen year old girl who spent much of her life sharpening her mind and body into that of a warrior. She hopes that by doing so she can finally get acceptance from the people of Sparta, who are known for being very discriminating.
But then she unexpectedly encounters Artemis who controls her brother’s fate. She has been working to upend the life she has worked laboriously to build.
Nine mysterious items had gone missing from Mount Olympus and Daphne will have to find them if the power of the gods is not to fade away. This would result in chaos in the natural world and she is certain to lose her brother.

Guided by Apollo who is the over confident and handsome twin to Artemis, Daphne goes on a journey that takes her from the riddle telling Sphinx of Thebes to the labyrinth of the Minotaur. She teams up with Hippolyta and Theseus of the Amazons and they pit themselves against the gods.

It is a brilliant reinterpretation of the myth of Apollo and Daphne that turns what had been a male dominated classic tale into a female led, heart pounding adventure.

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