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Claire Morgan is a newbie in detective career yet diligent and focused to delivering her best service to the society. She is a simple lady and not a fan of makeups or trending women fashions. A pair of jeans and a T shirt are her favorite clothes. She is a strong female character who is faced with daily challenges in her career. She previously lived in Los Angeles where she encountered a number of challenges in her life. Perhaps these challenges are the ones responsible for her unhappy mood at times. After she relocates to lake of the Ozarks, she has to serve the society as a homicide detective. Several serial killings occur in lake of the Ozarks and everyone is looking up to her to tackle such issues. This character has a positive influence to the entire community of women since she does not let her troubled past interfere with her career. In fact, she works quite hard and successfully uncovers some mysteries which nobody could expect a lady to tackle. However, she faces many risks in her career as she tries to come up with the hidden facts behind serial killings. The environment in which she works is not as pleasing as one would expect a lady to work in a conducive environment. In some sections, she works under harsh weather conditions making her investigations grow more difficult. She is exposed to cold and falling snow in book two of the series but she still uncovers what was behind the cruel killing of Professor Simon. Therefore, she is a tough lady, self driven in her career. Her tragic past as in the series make her a real woman who is smart in her work but she is emotional. Claire Morgan just like other women expresses traits of a friend and a lover aside her career. When she meets with Doctor Nicholas Black, she becomes a close comrade to him. She even spends most of her time on his bed or just giving him a great company. What is quite amazing about this character is that she undergoes very disturbing serial killings and yet comes out more strong and she is able to handle the situations. Nicholas Black who is also a psychiatrist realizes that Claire has a very disturbing past and thus he has to help her solve various mysteries she encounters.

Being a detective, she has to investigate peoples minds and at times she faces difficult conditions. For instance, one of the most prolific clients of Doctor Nicholas Black is found dead taped on a chair and submerged in the lake. She finds it difficult to question this psychiatrist who later turns to be her best ally. Most readers of the series always have a feeling that Claire Morgan and Nicholas Black should marry. In book two, a wave of fear stirred many as another character, Joe MacKay is introduced to the life of Claire. The two at first seem to fall for each other and marry but it does not occur so. In Los Angeles, Claire mostly never dealt with such cases as in Missouri in the Lake of Ozarks. She has to fight for the rights of many even the most looked down upon in the society. Morgan Claire is an American lady who like any other cop undergoes injuries at times in her career. In book five she even suffers a coma and an amnesia failing to even remember her lover Nicholas Black. She works in Camdem County Sheriff’s department where most of the cases in Missouri resorts are filed. Although Claire at times has a sense of humor, she does not have several friends outside law enforcement since her main focus is enforcing the law like any other cop. Her tactics to solve her cases might as well be driven from the cases as solved bravely in Bruce Willis movies of which she is a fanatic of. She eats frequently at McDonalds and shops at Walmarts.

Claire faces cruel death scenes but she still has to be strong. In Bad Bones, a man’s corpse is found buried in snow with nearly all bones broken and crushed at Missouri State Park which gives her a bad feeling. The series circulates around this detective solving mysteries surrounding her career. In Devil Dead, Claire risks her life as she ventures in a world where few come out alive. She gets involved in a search for an abducted girl and clues lead her to New Orleans on a blood stained altar in Paris. This makes her such a daring and a committed investigator. Claire’s career becomes even more difficult when her husband to be Doctor Nicholas is held captive by an enemy. At first, she thought that he was dead after the plane he was in exploded. This comes as one of the greatest challenge to encounter in her career in Gone Black book.

In the first book, Head to Head, this character has to cover a serial killing in a resort owned by Nicholas Black. Her first main suspect is the owner of this resort yet she finds it hard to question him since she feels a sort of warm attraction towards him. She finds herself befriending this Doctor who turns to be of great help in her career being a psychiatrist and yet she was facing facing psychological challenges from her previous life encounters in L.A. He was the one to help her solve such problems, little did she know that one day he would be her lover. This rural town seems to have more complicated career situations compared to her previous town.

In Dark Places which was the second book in the series, Claire Morgan heals injuries from the her previous work and she is yet faced by a more complicated case. Being a winter and Ozark being icy, handling a case becomes very difficult from the unfavorable environment to do an investigation in. Professor Simon Classon is found suspended on a tree bleeding from the head and yet poisoned so as to face a slow death while gazing his own place of work, the campus. She man-oeuvres her way to come up with the truth but as she nears a conclusion, she faces deadly threats.
There is a possibility of a movie on Running Scared novel as a negotiation was made with Hallmark Entertainment for adaptation of the novel.
Morgan Claire is not only developed as a heroine character but also she is a role model to most women being tough and managing to handle challenging occurrences in the society yet maintaining her woman nature.

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