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Claire Saffitz is an American author of Cookbooks. She’s also a video host and a freelance recipe developer. She previously worked as a senior food editor at Bon Appetit magazine, where she served in the test kitchen for about five years.

The author has also hosted Gourmet Makes show on the Bon Appetit YouTube channel, where she creatively used her pastry knowledge in reverse engineering most foods and candies.

Claire spent her childhood in St. Louis, Missouri but now lives in New York City. She is a Harvard University graduate. She had also studied pastry and French cuisine at Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi in France in 2012. She’s also a graduate of McGill University with a master’s degree in History in the Early Modern Era.
The author’s debut book, Dessert Person, was published by Clarkson Potter, and it’s rated as one of the best cookbooks. The book is a celebration of all things baking and pastry. She describes her cookbook as an attitude and a book about appreciating cooking and eating as important sources of pleasure.
The cookbook empowers those hesitant home bakers to approach their baking skills with more confidence, greater joy since anyone can be a desert person, even those who think they’re not.

Dessert Person
For desserts, home cooks should focus on what matters: fun and flavor, and that’s what the Dessert Person by Claire Saffitz’s is all about.
Saffitz said that she started baking when she graduated from college and began to feel the pressure of adulthood looming over her. Her boss at Epicurious challenged Saffitz to not just rely on “recipes handed down by previous generations” but develop a new level of creativity in the kitchen. Dessert Person is meant to push bakers out of their comfort zone and try something new without getting too complicated or relying too much on ingredients they don’t have access to.

With this goal in mind, Claire included recipes such as baked Alaska cake – even though it’s difficult to make at home – so can learn how to successfully temper chocolate and properly brown butter, techniques that can be applied in many other ways.

Claire Saffitz’s debut book is a hybrid of her mind, spirit, and humor
Dessert Person is about taking pleasure in baking; the process should be fun and creative. Claire also encouraged readers to shop at local shops with an eye for ingredients.

Saffitz breaks down desserts into categories such as cake, pies, and cookies and provides tips on upgrading classics.
Additionally, the book is divided into different parts that make reading easier and simplify cooking.

There’s a section that provides different techniques for baking and a list of tools needed to bake. Saffitz said she borrowed heavily from Dorie Greenspan’s pastry terms so everything is explained in a way that everyone can understand, even if the reader has never baked before.
Another section talks about the baking basics, also termed as the building blocks to all desserts. The recipes are meant to be simple yet delicious. Some recipes include brown butter cake with caramel frosting, blackberry-lime tart, and an Oreo cake.

These recipes also apply many different techniques without being too complicated because it’s important not to get intimidated by recipes.
There’s a section that discusses sauces and toppings, all of which enhance all desserts with a drizzle. Claire talks of a simple technique such as infusing milk for flavored milks to bump up desserts’ flavor. This section includes recipes for extra chocolate ganache, spiked whipped cream, meringue buttercreams, custards, and more.

Out of the many publicshed dessert-focused books, Dessert Person should be the number one priority for anyone who loves good food.
As stated above, the book is divided into different chapters of single-layer cakes, loaf cakes, bars, cookies, tarts, and pies. It also includes fancy breakfasts, desserts, savory baking, the foundation of recipes for pastry cream, crumbles, and sweet yeast dough.
The author also gives gem pints of encouragement to the aspiring bakes and experienced bakers who feel like they’ve given up in life. She encourages everyone that it’s okay to be unsuccessful in baking- a common reason why most people give up baking.
But none of us are born bakers. However, with time and practice, you’ll definitely become a successful baker.

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