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Claire Vale is a bestselling young adult fiction novelist who is best known for “The Offered” series of novels.

She published “Broken Lies” her debut novel in 2015 and has been writing ever since. She now has more than ten works of fiction to her name with more in the pipeline.

Vale has come to be known for penning character-driven fantasy and dystopian stories reimagining the world we live in. Her stories also include twisted predicaments, bitter rivals, and romance.
She currently makes her home in a very small town a few miles from London where she pens her blockbuster works.

When she is not heart and head deep in the complex lives of her characters, she can be found living in the real world.

Vale usually provides updates to her fans and readers through her newsletter.

“Tither” is a work set in “The Tithe,” where love is paid with sacrifice, and life is bought with death. In Ironcross, only two things are certain, the Tithe and the beasts outside the wall.

On her eighteenth birthday, Senna Rhys needs to go through a rite of passage known as the “Tithe,’ which usually claims ten souls. The first people to go through “the Tithe” are usually the unpaired, who secure the survival of the Iron Cross community.
It is all about sacrificing a few for the sake of the many but as expected, this is not something that builds a healthy town morale. For years, Senna has avoided thinking about the initiation but it is now upon her and there is no way of escaping it.
On the other hand, is a gorgeous boy named Gabriel with very deep blue eyes who has been the keeper of her heart and her best friend for years. Then there is the self-assured and arrogant Kane who is also darkly gorgeous.
He has an irritating habit of catching her when she falls and wants everything except for her heart.

Then there is the wall named the “IronCross,’ which keeps the monsters out, the fear that keeps all of them inside, and the Alders who rule with ruthless clarity.
Above everything are the pairings, the sacrifice, and the pact that binds them together known as the Tither.

Claire Vale’s novel “Silk” is set within the walls of “IronCross,” where the Tithed are loved, honored, and revered.

According to the Alders, they are going to live forever but beyond the walls, they are imprisoned and hunted down whenever they are found.

They are like silkworms and their blood is like silk to the monsters hunting them, even as they are crushed underneath their imperil boot and trapped in their gilded cage. Easily replaceable, they live one day at a time, knowing it may just be their last.
Senna who is one of the Tithes lost everything and her heart is stitched together with callouses and scars.

But she is not so sure that will be enough to get through what comes next. Moreover, she cannot help but ask herself if she would be happy just surviving. She is focused and level-headed but sometimes lets the boys distract her.
As for Kane, he is a charming and arrogant man who seems very protective and possessive of her, but it is not possible to determine if he truly likes her or not.

Overall, it is an interesting post-apocalyptic adventure and romance set in a dystopian and very dark world. The action is in a very new setting and the storyline is much more intricate and elaborate with some great twists and turns.

“Rust” by Claire Vale is the final work of “The Offered” series of novels that continues to follow the life and times of Senna.

At the start of the story, Senna is an angry woman who has declared that she will burn their world to the ground since they took too much from her. They had stolen her will to live and broke her but she had survived.
She is now determined to put together the pieces they took and will not be content with just surviving or finding love. Inside her is a growing darkness that compels her to seek revenge.

It makes for an intense tension-filled novel written at a great pace and the interplay between Gabe, Kane, and Senna will keep you guessing right until the end making for a cracking story.

All in all, it focuses on the challenges that Senna and her friends have to take on but there is also an undercurrent of a chaotic world which makes it all the more surreal.

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