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Publication Order of Clara Vine Books

Black Roses (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winter Garden / Woman in the Shadows (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A War of Flowers / The Scent of Secrets (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Faith and Beauty / The Pursuit of Pearls (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Solitaire (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born in Venezuela and raised in London, the British author Jane Thynne has been writing for a long time now, with her unique brand of historical fiction that’s firmly rooted in reality due to her attention to detail and accuracy, whilst she is also able to combine mystery and romance together in order to create a unique and engaging set of novels that keep her readers hooked on the edge-of-their-seats.

Known for her wit and humor as well, she has been able to inject a sense of warmth into her stories too, something which sets her characters up as easy to relate to as they resonate with the reader, coming to life off the page. Many of her leading protagonists have also gone on to become highly regarded, with many of her readers continually returning for more time-and-time again, setting up a strong sense of familiarity between them and the reader. A great example of this can be found in the Clara Vine series of novels, which have been running for quite some time now, as they tell the story of their leading protagonist and her various exploits throughout the years, as she fills her stories with suspense and intrigue all set to keep the reader guessing right until the very end.

Set within the world of the intelligence services, it manages to capture this shadowy world perfectly, as it also understands the codes and conventions of the spy novel, effectively turning them on their head. With it being a period based set of novels as well, it manages to draw out a sense of the atmosphere of the time too, creating an ambiance and tone that really manages to draw the reader into the world of Clara Vine.

Running for over five novels so far and counting, they tell the story of the British actress Clara Vine, who also happens to work undercover for the British intelligence services. Set in the period just prior to the Second World War taking place, it sees her, an Anglo-German woman, going behind enemy lines into Germany, specifically Berlin where the horrors of Hitler’s Nazi party are starting to take shape. Looking to gather intelligence for the British government, she manages to infiltrate the upper echelons of the Nazi party and, without being detected, helps in the forthcoming war effort, all the while desperately attempting to evade detection.

Black Roses

Originally published in 2013 through the Simon and Schuster Uk publishing division, this was first released on the 28th of March, setting up the first in the ongoing series of Clara Vine novels. Setting up the initial premise of the novels, it works at immediately conveying the series and what it’s about to the reader, before quickly settling down into the action itself. Understanding the world it’s set within very well, it works at building the suspense gradually over the course of the novels, drawing the reader and enveloping them with its rich narrative structure.

Falling into a well-worn genre of period based spy novels, this manages to effectively bypass all the cliches, as Thynne brings her own voice and unique perspective to the form. With a clear and descriptive style, she works at evoking the world that it’s set within, establishing an in-depth universe that is both rich and vibrant. The character of Clara Vine herself is also extremely well drawn, creating a strong and resourceful woman who leads the course of the narrative confidently for the duration of the series.

Heading to Berlin in Germany in 1933, this sees Hitler coming into power and the rise of the infamous Nazi party and the horrors they are set to bring about. Stepping into this is the attractive young actress Clara Vine who is set to work at the notorious Ufa studios in Berlin, as she is soon drawn into the social circles of Nazi wives and women, all married to rich and influential men in the party, such as Magda Goebbels and Emmy Sonnemann who was Goering’s girlfriend. Looking to set up the Reich Fashion Bureau, Hitler is hoping to instruct women what they should wear and how they should behave, and it is through this company that Clara meets Leo Quinn, a British spy, who sets about recruiting her. It is then that Magda Goebbels also decides to entrust Clara with a highly dangerous mission, as Clara finds herself caught up in something highly dangerous and threatening. Where do her loyalties lie? Can she keep her head above water and avoid detection? What will become of the black roses?

Woman in the Shadows

Initially published through Ballantine Books on the 6th of September, this was first brought out in 2014, as it was set to mark the second entry into the ongoing Clara Vine franchise. Now well into the action, it picks up immediately from where the last book left off, as it develops the character of Clara Vine, building upon her personality and story. Whilst it may be similar to the first title in many ways, it also manages to provide a number of twists and turns of its own, creating an effective departure from the first, taking its story forwards.

Following the adventures of the novel, Clara Vine is now deeply rooted as a spy within Berlin. Going deeper undercover, she heads to a Nazi Bride School, an establishment that teaches women how to be ‘proper wife’. Avoiding detection, she sets about uncovering this school for the wives of top ranking Nazi officials. Will she manage to keep herself undetected? Can she complete the assignment and help British intelligence? What will become of the woman in the shadows?

The Clara Vine Series

An exciting and enthralling series that immediately captures the readers imagination, arresting their attention, as it throws them into the murky world of pre-war Germany and Berlin. Truly capturing a sense of what it was like back then, Jane Thynne really has managed to create a highly evocative and engaging series with her Clara Vine franchise. With more room to continue expanding upon it, there’s a lot more stories to tell featuring this ever intrepid and resourceful spy, as the series will continue for some time to come.

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