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Publication Order of Hopalong Cassidy Books

Bar-20 (1906)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Orphan (1908)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hopalong Cassidy (1910)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bar-20 Days / Hopalong Cassidy's Private War (1911)Description / Buy at Amazon
Buck Peters, Ranchman (1912)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Coming of Cassidy (1913)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Man from Bar 20 (1918)Description / Buy at Amazon
Johnny Nelson (1920)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bar-20 Three / Hopalong Cassidy Sees Red (1921)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tex (1922)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bring Me His Ears (1922)Description / Buy at Amazon
H. C. Returns (1923)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Buttes (1923)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rustler's Valley (1924)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cottonwood Gulch (1925)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hopalong Cassidy's Saddle Mate (1926)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bar-20 Rides Again (1926)Description / Buy at Amazon
Corson of the J.C. (1928)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mesquite Jenkins (1928)Description / Buy at Amazon
Me An' Shorty (1929)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deputy Sheriff (1930)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hopalong Cassidy and the Eagles Brood (1931)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mesquite Jenkins, Tumbleweed (1932)Description / Buy at Amazon
Round-Up (1933)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trail Dust (1934)Description / Buy at Amazon
On The Trail Of The Tumbling T (1935)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hopalong Cassidy Takes Cards (1937)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hopalong Cassidy Serves a Writ (1941)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories(1921)Description / Buy at Amazon

Clarence Mulford was popularly known as the creator of the Hopalong Cassidy book series and several other fiction and non-fiction novels. Mulford was born in the year 1883 in Streator, Illinois. While residing in Freiburg, Maine Clarence Mulford created the popular Hopalong Cassidy book series and numerous other short stories that would later on be adapted to television, feature film and comic books. However, despite the fact that the Hopalong Cassidy was adapted into feature films and radio series, many of these adaptations deviated significantly from the original narratives, specifically when it came to the character traits. While a majority of Cassidy’s novel depicted Hopalong Cassidy and the Bar-20 Ranch, Clarence Mulford wrote several other novels that were based on Westerners such as Jonny Nelson. Mulford also wrote several non-fiction books mostly about motoring, outdoor and American West.

Clarence passed in 1956.

Apart from penning down one of the most popular Western book series, Mulford was also able to create an authentic and entirely different world that was exclusively filled with characters that were specifically drawn from Mulford’s extensive library research. Mulford’s biographer, Francis Nevins, characterized author Clarence Mulford’s writing style as rooted in the Victorian Convention. Francis Nevins also points out the fact that Clarence Mulford originated the Western series, which features continuous characters that are quite different from the characters that were later on created by other Western authors. Clarence Mulford passed away due to surgical complications in Portland, Maine. Before Clarence Mulford passed away, he set the money that had been generated from book sales for charity.

Clarence Mulford Best Books
Bar 20
Bar 20 is the first installment in the Hopalong Cassidy book series. Author Mulford has a true gift for creating a classic western tale and in the process giving the readers a cast of wonderful characters. In Bar 20, Clarence Mulford does not disappoint at all. Bar 20 is a real shoot em up book, which is filled with several them versus us situations. Instead of being a continuous novel, Bar 20 is more of a collection of short narratives, which have been compiled into one book. Bar 20 is filled with lots of hilarious situations and dialogues, which will keep the readers fully entertained. All the characters that author, Clarence Mulford has created are not only fascinating but also larger than life. In Bar 20, author Clarence Mulford introduces the readers to Cassidy, the protagonist. Cassidy could fire six rounds in less than three seconds, a feat that no one else in the Wild West could achieve. However, according to Cassidy, three seconds was extremely slow. Thus, he was always more than eager to fire more rounds in less than three seconds.

Despite the fact that no one in the Texas could be able to beat Cassidy, Cassidy’s fame did not last for long. One day, Cassidy met his biggest rival, Slim Travenes, who served as the head of Sandy Creek Vigilante. Slim Travenes was extremely fast such that no one would dare go against him. If you are looking for a traditional Texas tale, then you should definitely read Bar 20.

Hopalong Cassidy
Hopalong Cassidy is the third installment in the Hopalong Cassidy book series. In Hopalong Cassidy, Jim Meeker has traveled all the way from Montana to Texas, with the aim of running a cattle ranch. Upon arrival, Jim Meeker comes to the shocking discovery that Hopalong’s Bar 20 had been shut down. Thus, when three extremely mean cattle rustlers decided to start a cattle war in Texas, Hopalong was pulled to the center of the conflict, as the powder was primed and revolver guns were cocked. In the end, it was foe against foe and friend against friend, guns against blazing guns and brother against brother. With that said, Hopalong Cassidy is a dated work in a period when the rampant use of racial slurs and jargons, was the norm.

Contextualized for its period, Hopalong Cassidy has been filled with a vivid painting of what life may have been in the western world and many fascinating characters. Hopalong Cassidy has all the things that readers may want from a highly entertaining western novel such as mayhem, violence, half-broken horses and heroes who treat women the way they should be treated.

The Coming of Cassidy
The Coming of Cassidy is the 6th installment in the Hopalong Cassidy book series. In this installment author, Clarence E. Mulford introduces the readers to Buck Peters, who places everything that he owns in the hands of Bar 20. Bucks Peters believed that he could make, a go for it. Furthermore, he also fell in love with the gang of buffalo hunters. However, as Bucks eventually comes to realize is that both his life and cattle were on the line. With that said, the Coming of Cassidy is an extremely rip-snorting and hilarious Western adventure, which is light on romance and heavy on adventure. The Coming of Cassidy can be used as a social study as well because it is filled with scorning realism. The book has been set in a period when the Irish were a discriminated and scorned race. It is extremely interesting to see how the main characters reacted to the discrimination.

Instead of constantly complaining about how they should be treated, the main characters man up and in turn earn their respect from the people around them. The protagonists did not require the involvement of the government as well as the discrimination laws to ensure a smooth life. As it is the case with a majority of the books that were set during this time period, The Coming of Cassidy has been filled with stereotypes and references, which will undeniably be somewhat offensive to some readers. Nonetheless, the book The Coming of Cassidy is true to the period that it was set. Despite the fact that the dialogue was extremely ungrammatical, it was still the general style of the Victorian era. All the characters in the Coming of Cassidy were quite realistic and were not developed into some sort of super heroes.

With that said, despite the fact that the Coming of Cassidy was broken up into various short stories, it is still a great book. The Coming of Cassidy is highly recommended to lovers of the old Western mysteries.

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