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Consumer Survival Kit (With: Mark Meltzer) (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Get Clark Smart (With: Mark Meltzer) (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clark's Big Book of Bargains (With: Mark Meltzer) (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clark Smart Parents, Clark Smart Kids (With: Mark Meltzer) (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clark Smart Real Estate (With: Mark Meltzer) (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clark Howard's Living Large in Lean Times (With: Mark Meltzer,Theo Thimou) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clark Howard's Living Large for the Long Haul (With: Mark Meltzer,Theo Thimou) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Clark Howard is a podcast host and consumer expert who is best known for the “Clark Howard Show.”

He was born in 1955 in Atlanta Georgia and went to Central Michigan University where he got his bachelor’s degree in urban government in 1976 and a master’s degree a year later.
Thereafter, he got into real estate, and in 1981 he launched a travel agency. This was a travel agency that would morph into a successful chain with multiple locations across Washington State.
By 1987, he was done with the business and he sold it for millions, and aged only 31, he was retired.

Following the sale of his business, Clark Howard moved to Florida where he lived for several years before going back to Georgia where he had grown up.

While moving between Florida and Georgia, someone from radio approached him and asked if he would be interested in a radio show providing travel advice.

He would soon become a guest speaker on Atlanta radio and by 1991, he was also working for WSB-TV as a TV reporter on consumer affairs.

Two years later, he got together volunteers and formed the Consumer Action Center in addition to a website they used to answer all manner of consumer questions.
Between 2012 and 2013, he cohosted Evening Express’s “HLN,” a daily lifestyle and news roundup that used to air several nights every week.

The format of most of his shows included Howard giving advice to callers and offering money-saving tips. His shows particularly “The Clark Howard Show” would become so popular that it was syndicated across several networks.
Clark continues to make guest appearances on several TV stations in Atlanta most of which broadcast across the United States. He has become known for his scam warnings and excellent advice on how to save money regardless of your situation.

Over the years, Clark Howard was involved in a range of civic programs in his community including “Career Action,” the “Big Buddy Program,” and the “Atlanta Volunteer Action.”

In 1996, he also worked with “Habitat for Humanity” and together, they built at least 75 low-cost houses in Washington. Nonetheless, Howard Clark is all about assisting consumers who desire financial freedom.
He provides advice so that people can feel confident and find answers to money problems they may be having.

In addition to his TV programs and civic action, Clark has also authored several books on money including the New York Times bestselling title “Living Large in Lean Times.”
Other avenues through which he provides his valuable money advice include his podcast, his website, and his radio show.

He currently makes his home in Atlanta and is a member of the “Georgia State Defense Forces,” which is a group that helps assist and prepare the military for emergencies.
He became a member following the September 2001 terrorist attacks and has been involved in several emergencies including the Hurricane Katrina evacuations in New Orleans.

“Living Large in Lean Times” is a work penned by the extraordinary penny pincher and media powerhouse Clark Howard.

As an entrepreneur who has achieved a lot of success, he is very knowledgeable about money, which has led to a very popular talk radio program, several bestselling novels, and a television show.
This work is Howard Clark’s ultimate guide to money saving that covers everything from electric bills to investing, mortgages to coupon websites, student loans to cell phones, and many other things.
It is a friendly and candid book written by a next-door neighbor offering advice manner. The author shares the manageable and small steps you can take to come up with a path toward wealth and independence.
The work comes with more than 250 tips to help with just about everything you would ever need regardless of what stage you are in life.

It is a great primer if you are just starting after graduating from college; and a refresher if you may have slackened on your money habits.

Howard is that person that will get you running in the right direction and on the right track, as he tackles all manner of financial situations you may be involved with so that you can make the right decisions.

“Living Large for the Long” Haul by Clark Howard is as American as it could get with its red blue and white cover notwithstanding. The novel comes with a strange of short stories of success by Americans, which many have shared with him.
The author thus uses such stories to empower others who may not believe that it is possible to achieve their monetary goals.

In a day and age when many Americans may be lost and frustrated given the beat-down economy, Clark shares several stories to inspire you to bounce back if you have been beaten down.

The stories he shares such as “Off the Grid” and “Steve the Solar Saver” are quick reminders of the importance of becoming proactive in saving, which can sometimes result in significant profits.
Other great reads include the likes of “Midlife Fire Turned into a Blessing” by Arthur Blank and “Around the World on a Dime.”

It is an easy-to-read money advice book as compared to many others found in the genre today.

I found it great for just about anything but it is exceptional if you are looking for pointers on retirement, housing, investing, or saving for your kid’s college education.

Clark Howard’s “Get Clark Smart” is a work in which the author advises people who have a challenge with finances on how to stay out of debt, get great deals, and create a financially sound future.

In this book, Clark provides his bread and butter advice on the best ways to save money on long-distance calling insurance and travel, prudently invest for investment, and how best to purchase homes and cars.
He even goes on to cover several things that you may not think about but have to such as identity theft, small claims court, and funerals.

Howard loves to provide advice for the little guy and you will like how he unmasks shady marketing scams, shark-like sales techniques, and how to find good deals as a savvy buyer.

What makes this very unique is that it is a comprehensive guide on just about anything. It also includes a guide on where to compare prices on the many bargains he lists out, in addition to one of the best consumer watchdog sites online today.

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