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Publication Order of Janette Oke's Animal Friends Books

Spunky's Diary (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
New Kid in Town (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ducktails (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Impatient Turtle (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cote of Many Colors (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prairie Dog Town (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trouble in a Fur Coat (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Little Pig (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pordy's Prickly Problem (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spunky's First Christmas (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prodigal Cat (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spunky's Camping Adventure (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Maury Had a Little Lamb (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who's New at the Zoo? (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spunky's Circus Adventure (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon

One of the classic children stories series written by Janette OKe is the Spunky’s Diary. It is basically like a journal of a dog because most of the tale focuses on the viewpoint of the dog named Spunky.Spunky is a much loved pet by his family where he was born and brought up. Just like other dogs, he is snoopy, lively and playful. He is always being in trouble like running away from his parents. This does not prevent him from getting the affection that his household provides for him. They will always admire their dog no matter how foolish it behaves. Spunky is a dog but he is described just like a human being or a naughty child.

Spunky’s voyage begins right where he starts discovering thoughts and getting to know more about his surroundings. It is this curiosity that makes him forget that there are rules that one should follow while at home like avoiding to travel far from home without informing anyone. He also forgets that being too inquisitive can lead one into danger. He ignores all these principles by deciding to take a retreat on his own to go and explore the world that he had never seen before. He begins by hanging around the homestead and streets as usual and strolling through paths that seem fantastic to him. Meanwhile, his household is on their daily chores and they think he is still around.

In between the journey, Spunky realizes that he needs some food and rest. He therefore, makes up his mind to go back to his dwelling. He begins tracing the lanes way back to their home. Unfortunately, he recognizes that he is not able to locate his route back home. He keeps on wondering around the bushes and farmsteads but all in vain. He happens to fall tired and it is already late. It is at this point, that he is spotted by another household. They gladly let him in their home and offer to provide him a place of refuge. By the time his old family discovers that he is gone, it is too late as he is miles away from them. They commence on the quest for Spunky.

The new household goes ahead to approve Spunk as their pup as they learn that he has no place to call home. He experiences affection like never before. They coach him on how to do various activities like cleaning, helping and caring for the head of the family. The household constitutes of four siblings. Unluckily, one of the siblings passes away.Spunky’s diary goes ahead to reveal the misery of the puppy’s owners through the mourning of their child.

The Classic Children Stories have moral teachings for kids through one of their first series, the Spunky’s Diary. It is a great prompt for kids to always take care of their pets.Janette Oke also includes incidences that young adults should avoid like sneaking and escaping from home. It has images for demonstration which is well suited for kids. It is fascinating as you continue reading to know if the old family will ever locate their puppy before it is too late.

Another extra-ordinary sequence is The Impatient Turtle. The pages simply turn themselves. It is about a turtle that is naturally intolerant and is never contented with what he has. What makes him feel jealous is the fact that he is not like the youngsters whom he sees coming to the pond to play. The youngsters enjoy themselves with many activities like swimming, deep-diving, hopping, jogging and many more. The turtle however, cannot glide or run either. He wishes he could do all these but his shell prevents him from doing so. He intends to cast off his shell.

The tortoise does not accept his situation on how God created him. He feels like the other human beings and creatures are kind of mocking him when they play rough near him and yet he is so slow. His only work is to lie down and stare at them as they have fun. He tries to prove that wrong by making sure that every day he will have pleasure as much as possible just like his comrades without taking into account whether it will be secure for him or not. This leads him to falling dangerously and getting injured most of the time. One of the boys suggests that water to be sprinkled on the slope so as to make the sliding more fantastic. They enjoy themselves much more. As this continues for a while the turtle even gets more frustrated.

There is one thing that makes the turtle to change his perception. This happens when one day his shell participates in a great role to rescue his life. Turtle is walking in the woods with his pal when suddenly they are attacked by a strange animal. The beast tries all its best to munch the turtle but it is defeated. The turtle conceals itself in the shell until the beast gives up and goes away. He recalls the advice that he was given by his older turtles to always hide himself under his shell for they do not know what the other creatures were up to. The turtle is keenly watching the boys sliding up and down the mount.

He realizes that were it not for his shell which he dislikes, he could have vanished. His insight transforms drastically and he begins to value his shell knowing that it was kept there for a certain reason. He is also grateful for the comrades he has .They always stick closer to him especially when he is in low spirits.The good lessons derived from The Impatient Turtle are pleasant to both young and old adults. One of them is about satisfaction. We should all be content with what we have as it is enough. It is a clear note that not every one of us is perfect at all instances but each has a unique thing. This is well illustrated by the turtle that is not smart at sports but his shell is a precious gift that protects his life.

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