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Publication Order of Victor Legris Mystery Books

Murder on the Eiffel Tower (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pere-Lachaise Mystery / The Disappearance at Pere-Lachaise (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Montmartre Investigation (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Marais Assassin / The Assassin in the Marais (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Predator of Batignolles / In the Shadows of Paris (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Strangled In Paris (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Claude Izner is the pen name of a published author. The pseudonym is used by two sisters. One is Liliane Korb and the other is Laurence Lefevre. The two worked as booksellers in Paris, located on the banks of the Seine. Liliane Korb was born in 1940, and Laurence was born in 1951.

The two are the combined authors of the Victor Legris series. The character of Legris makes a living as a book seller that happens to operate in the city of Paris in the nineteenth century. He also moonlights part time working as a detective on the amateur level.

The Legris series did quite well at the time and the series quickly became so popular that it was an official best seller in France. The books are available for readers around the world and are released in the United Kingdom under Gallic Books. The first book came out in 2003.

Claude Izner is the pen name for the two authors that write the Victor Legris mystery thriller series of fictional novels. The series is the combined brain child of the two sisters known as Laurence and Liliane. The first book to come out in this series was a best seller. A sequel would soon come out and in total there are seven novels in this fictional series.

Murder on the Eiffel Tower is the first novel in Claude Izner’s Victor Legris series. If you are looking for a fun mystery novel that is set as a historical mystery genre story with an intriguing plot, then check out this awesome book for yourself!

The year is 1889, and the setting is Europe. For the proud people of the country of France, the Eiffel Tower is not an established tourist draw but a brand new installation. It is the first time that this iconic landmark has come into being, and the yearly Universal Exposition is to be its unveiling glory.

Sure enough, the 1889 Exposition is the perfect place to debut this physical work of art. Symbolic and beautiful, the entire world gets to be treated to its vertical glory. However, tragedy strikes unexpectedly one day when the second floor is the host to a woman’s sudden death. She collapses and passes away, and at first, it seems like it was something like a bee sting.

People die every year from allergies and it is totally possible that the sting of an innocent bee could have taken this woman off of the mortal coil. But in this case, is that truly the reason why this poor woman passed away? What else could have possibly been in play here?

That is precisely the question that main character Victor Legris is asking himself. This young man is working as a book seller and he is doing his best to try and discover what really went down that day. This native of Paris is determined that he will get to the bottom of why this lady died. If that means confirming that she was stung by a bee or that it could have been a stroke or even murder, that’s what it means!

As a seller of stories, Victor is more than familiar with murder mysteries and how to figure a case out. Plus, he is interested in crime and detective work and so his hobby of working as an amateur detective is something that he is going to have to integrate and channel into bringing this death and the possible individual that caused it to justice.

The exciting introduction of a fascinating detective character in Legris and the first in the series, this is a novel that keeps the thrills coming. Available to readers in English and other languages, pick up a copy of this adventure and see what this detective is able to do with this award winning debut and mystery story!

The Pere-Lachaise Mystery is the sequel to the debut novel in the Victor Legris series by author Claude Izner. This is another fantastic installment of a mystery series that was a best seller in its time and continues to generate interest to this day!

Readers get to have another adventure with Victor Legris, a bookseller and detective. The setting is the city of Paris once more in France in the year 1890. Denise works as a lady’s maid. But she fears that things have gone very badly when she finds out that her mistress is gone. Odette de Valois has simply vanished into thin air.

Naturally Denise is very worried. She may be the maid, but serving staff are an extension of the home and the people that they serve and she has a very good life with Miss Valois. It seems that life will quickly be in jeopardy if her employer does not come home.

She was last seen at the Pere-Lachaise cemetery, visiting the grave of her dearly departed husband. Denise is in the metropolis on her own and she is thinking of who she could go to. The only person that she knows of that would be able to help her find Odette would be Victor Legris.

Victor is the former lover of Denise’s employer, and so the lady’s maid hurries to him straight away. It is the only thing that she knows to do. Scared and desperate to find anyone that could help her rectify this situation and track down Miss Valois, she rushes to Victor’s book shop.

She quickly arrives and it is then that an astonished Victor hears her out on what has happened. Frightened and anxious to have her mistress return, Denise fills Legris in on the story and asks for his help.

Victor agrees to offer his services and take on this case. He thinks that after all of this, there should be an explanation for why this woman went missing. Having a personal and emotional stake in this as well, this detective starts to investigate this case in earnest.

He quickly starts to discover that this mystery may have something full of sinister energy behind it. Can Legris solve another mystery and save a woman’s life? Pick up this thrilling book to find out!

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