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Publication Order of Clay Edison Books

By: Jesse Kellerman, Jonathan Kellerman
Crime Scene (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Measure of Darkness (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Half Moon Bay (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burning (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Coast (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jonathan Kellerman is an American author of fiction. Born in 1949 in New York City, Kellerman grew up in Los Angles. He is known for his Alex Delaware series, which started off with the release of the novel When the Bough Breaks.

Kellerman has written the Jacob Lev series in collaboration with Jesse Kellerman, his son. He is also the author of the Petra Connor and Clay Edison series. He has also written several standalone novels, starting with 1988’s The Butcher’s Theater.

Jonathan worked his way through his education at UCLA by being a columnist, cartoonist for editorials, editor, and a freelance musician. He won an award for fiction writing when he received the Samuel Goldwyn Writing award as a senior at age 22. Just like his character Alex Delaware, this author also received his Ph.D. in the field of psychology at the age of 24 while also specializing in children’s treatment.

He has also completed internships in pediatric and clinical psychology while working at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, he also is a post-doctoral HEW Fellow in CHLA’s Psychology and Human Development. The hospital asked him in 1975 if he would help conduct research that looked into the psychological effect of being in isolation via plastic bubble units and how it affected kids that were sick with cancer.

That venture was really successful and in the end would lead to a 1977 creation of the Psychosocial Program the Division of Oncology. That was the first overall and comprehensive approach in the world to how the emotional aspects of having cancer in children affected their health. Jonathan was approached to be the founding director and published a lot in the behavioral medicine area.

Decades later, this program still exists and continues to keep breaking new ground. That is also in part to being under the guidance of one of Jonathan Kellerman’s (former) students. His first book was not in fiction but was nonfiction– a medical text. It came out in 1980 and was titled Psychological Aspects of Childhood Cancer. Then one year later a book came out for parents that was titled Helping the Fearful Child.

Jonathan’s first novel was titled When the Bough Breaks. It came out in 1985. When it was published, it came out to a lot of critical and commercial praise as well as success. It quickly became a best-selling novel on the New York Times. It would end up being produced for television as a movie. It also received Anthony Boucher Awards and Edgar Allen Poe awards for the best first novel.

Ever since his initial success, this author has been able to produce one or more crime novels that become bestsellers every year. He has also written and illustrated children’s books– two for children and one on children in a more serious format (childhood violence, the book came out in 1999). He is no longer an active psychotherapist and is a professor that teaches at the Southern California Keck School of Medicine in the area of pediatrics and psychology.

He is married to Faye Kellerman. She also happens to be a novelist and a bestselling one at that! They have four children together.

Jonathan Kellerman is the creator and writer of the fictional Clay Edison series. The series kicked off with the release of Crime Scene. Clay Edison is the main character in this series and is an investigator that must get of the bottom of cases and figure out whether a body is dead due to natural causes or something a little bit more sinister.

Crime Scene is the first novel in the Clay Edison series by Jonathan Kellerman. Clay Edison makes his debut in this novel and he has a job that is a little more demanding than that of the rest of the country’s. He looks at dead bodies for a living and gets to figure out whether they died just because it was their time or because someone murdered them.

In Clay’s line of work, he sees a lot of corpses. But his job is not to figure out who did it or why they did it. Normally, his job is to just look at the body and figure out what’s going on. But when a case that appears simple ends up being slightly more than meets the eye at first, now Clay is faced with something a little bit more than he is used to.

It’s up to him to use his training and his eye to figure out what’s going on. When a man lies dead at the bottom of his stairs, it appears at first that the reclusive and eccentric man fell. He is now cold and dead in his own home, and while the scene looks pretty obvious at first, maybe not all is as it appears.

The professor of psychology appears to have died from a lifetime of drinking paired with a bad heart. However, his daughter is saying that her father has been murdered. She pleads with Clay to examine his life and find out more. A history of violence and scandal as well as an experiment gone wrong that ended in a death– Rennert appears to have been a broken man.

Clay then finds out that a colleague of his died in a way that was nearly similar. That’s when Clay really starts to question everything. Including what’s in the official record. His relationship has become even closer with Tatiana along the way, and it seems that the closer that they get the more motivated he is to catch the killer.

Clay is about to wander down a path that takes him to some pretty dark places. He is the one that figures out what happened to the dead. But what will be his end and his part of the story? You’re going to have to read Crime Scene by Jonathan Kellerman to find out!

A Measure of Darkness is the second novel in Jonathan Kellerman’s Clay Edison series. He has had a busy year working as Coroner for Alameda county. Now Edison has solved a crime that is hundreds of years old, redeeming an innocent man in the process and getting himself a suspension.

His personal life is picking up too; his girlfriend and he are getting serious and his brother’s out of prison recently. When the call comes in for the bodies, no one knows how many there were in the West Oakland argument. Clay knows he’s in for a long night– but when an extra victim joins the rest who is strangled and not shot, it’s about to get even longer.

Can Clay figure out who this Jane Doe is and who killed her? Pick up this book by Kellerman to find out!

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