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Writing for a few years now, the American author Cleo Scornavacca has been creating her unique blend of both eroticism and romance, with her growing backlog of novels. These have managed to gain a following, as she’s built a large collection of fans over the years, both nationally and internationally, as more and more readers discover what she has to offer. Creating long-running franchises, she has been able to craft herself a niche within the industry that is all her own, as she continues to attract attention with her literature, everyone eagerly awaiting her next exciting installment.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in America and living in New Jersey, Cleo Scornavacca considers herself a native of the area, having spent a large portion of her life there. Taking in inspiration from her surrounding environment, she has managed to create a living writing about subjects that, whilst somewhat enveloped in fantasy, still remain close to her at heart. With her themes and subject matter it is easy to see where she comes from in her honest portrayals of her characters and their respective narrative arcs.

Throughout her upbringing she always had a continual passion for reading and writing, a passion which all begun with the book Charlotte’s Web and carried on from there. Over the years she would make this her lifelong ambition, as she always hoped to write for a living and tell her stories to the world, taking inspiration from her many contemporaries. Focusing on the genre of romance, there are scores of writers that came before, many which she cites as having inspired her to take up a career in writing.

Previously she has worked within the luxury goods industry where she was employed as an Aesthetician and a make-up artist, both of which gave her creative insight for what was to follow. She was also a nutritionist before becoming a writer, another profession which allowed her to build upon her career as a writer, giving her the material and experience to create her novels. Working as she has in a variety of professions, she has managed to build upon her experience and craft characters and plots that are relatable to even greater degree.

At present she is married with children, a role she takes on alongside her busy writing schedule, juggling both positions side-by-side in her day-to-day roster. Living in her New Jersey home she continues to write whilst always looking for new inspiration for her next story, whatever that may happen to be. With more books set to be released in the near future, she has plenty more novels on the horizon, something that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Writing Career

Writing her first book, Miss Taken, in 2013, Cleo Scornavacca was fast on her way to becoming a highly regarded author of romantic literature. Setting up what was to be her long-running Miss Taken series, she has managed to so far accumulate two entries into the franchise, with many more set to be released in the near future. She has also contributed to anthologies such as ‘This Beautiful Escape’ along with a number of standalone titles that are also set to be released quite soon.

Gaining not only commercial success over her brief, but rapidly rising writing career, she has also managed to gain critical acclaim as well. Turning the heads of many others in the industry it looks like she’s now a fixture that’s here to stay for some time yet, as she further builds on her audience. This appears to be a trend that’s set to continue on into the foreseeable future with more and more books due to be released, thus cementing her legacy as a writer.

Miss Taken

First published on the 29th of September, 2013, this was to be the book that started the Miss Taken series, creating the overall style and tone of the franchise to follow. Establishing the principal characters, it sets up their respective narrative arcs, as it introduces the reader to who they are giving them an idea of what to expect from them. It also manages to convey an idiosyncratic ambiance that is specific to these novels, creating a style that is unlike any other in this particular genre.

Featuring the story of two identical sisters, Rain and Raven Medici, it tells of how Raven manages to secure a position at her father’s lawyer firm. Whilst Rain is a more subdued woman having grown up with a childhood illness, Raven is more outgoing having pursued a career in law and the legal profession. That’s when Dominick Kane mistakenly kidnaps Rain believing her to be her sister,in order to gain his perceived portion of his estranged father’s share of the law firm after he passes leaving nothing, after which they begin to fall for one another. Will he be able to seize his purported share of the business which Raven has worked hard for? Can Rain and Kane ever truly become an item after he has kidnapped her? What will become of Rain after she finds herself to be Miss Taken?


Originally published on the first of November in 2014, this was to follow on directly from the previous book, taking the story-lines and the arcs of the characters forwards. It also manages to build upon the tone and style of what came before, further establishing the world it’s set in, whilst creating a story that is all its own. The characters are also further established, with the back-story having already been provided, as it takes them further forwards, exploring who they are to an even greater degree than before.

With Dominick and Rain now attempting to put the kidnapping behind them and move on with their relationship, they find there are more obstacles than were initially expected. Both fighting for control in terms of who they are and what they want from each other, they begin to learn that thing might not be so easy as they’d hoped for. As they look to heal the past and mend what they feel to be broken, they hope to come to terms with what’s happened and create a new life for themselves. Will they ever manage to truly be happy? Can they ever get over the past? What will happen as they both come to terms with their identity?

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