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Publication Order of Cleopatra Fox Books

Murder at the Mayfair Hotel (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Piccadilly Playhouse (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Drawing Room (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Dressmaker's Salon (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Debutante Ball (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Crown and Anchor (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Polo Club (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Dinner Party (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

C.J. Archer is a best-selling Australian author.

The author has had a love for books and history for as long as she can recall. Now in her life, she feels fortunate she has been able to find a way to put the two together. She spent much of her early childhood growing up in the beautiful setting of the outback in Queensland, Australia. Today she is married and resides in Melbourne in the suburbs with her husband as well as their two children and Coco, their black and white cat.

Readers can find out more about C.J. as well as subscribe to her newsletter by going to her home site to find out when a new book from the author is released and get access to exclusive content. The site also contains more information about all of her books, buy merchandise, and reach out to the author.

She has sold over three million of her books to date and counting. The USA Today best-selling writer is known for writing historical fantasy novels as well as historical mysteries. These include the Glass and Steele series, the Cleopatra Fox mystery series, the Freak House books, and the Ministry of Curiosities.

C.J. Archer is the creator and the author of the Cleopatra Fox series of fictional novels. The series first got started with the publication of the debut novel in the series, Murder at the Mayfair Hotel. It was followed in 2021 with the release of the second novel, Murder at the Piccadilly Playhouse. The third novel in the series is titled Murder in the Drawing Room. The fourth novel is titled Murder at the Dressmaker’s Salon. The fifth novel is titled Murder at the Debutante Ball. The sixth novel is titled Murder at the Crown and Anchor.

Murder at the Mayfair Hotel is the first book in the Cleopatra Fox series by C.J. Archer. If you have been searching for something interesting and new to read or are a fan of mysteries, check out this puzzling story from the USA best-selling author and see what you think!

The Mayfair Hotel was famous for being in demand. The hotel was once the most fashionable place you could stay in London. Until the day that murder decided that it was time to check in. Then, of course, guests started to have their doubts about making reservations lest they end up the same way.

It is 1899, and December. Main character Cleopatra Fox has endured the death of her grandmother recently, whom she loved very much. Cleopatra wants to put loneliness and hardship behind her, so she makes the choice to move into the luxury hotel that is owned by her uncle. She’s estranged from her uncle but moves in regardless.

However, she is not ready for what happens next. A guest is poisoned, and it sends her life and the hotel and staff into pure chaos immediately. Cleo catches on quickly and realizes that she can’t trust anyone. Not even Scotland Yard. She knows for a fact that she does not trust the assistant manager of the hotel, whom everyone seems to find charming.

The New Year’s Eve ball is coming up, and the hotel’s reputation is just barely intact. Cleo decides that she’s going to help put things right and so makes a vow to track down the killer before the New Year’s Eve ball arrives. She also wants to find them before they ruin the hotel for good. However, finding and catching a killer ends up proving to be complicated, just as complicated as working her way around the hierarchy of the hotel or her family’s peculiarities.

Will Cleo be able to track down the murderer and bring them to justice before the arrival of the new century? Or will a killer end up getting away with their crimes and sinking the reputation of the hotel forever? Read this story to find out!

Murder at the Piccadilly Playhouse is the second book in the Cleopatra Fox series by C.J. Archer. If you liked the first book in the series, be sure to check out the sequel and see what happens next with everyone’s favorite amateur detective!

Cleo is back for yet another woman. This time it’s one of the top leading actresses in London. She was a woman that other women admired and that men desired. Women wanted to be her, and men wanted to be with her. But it turns out that even stars have private lives and secrets to protect. When past secrets and jealousy take center stage, it ends poorly for the successful thespian.

Now it’s up to Cleo and her pals to try and solve who exactly killed one of the top actresses in the city. The mistress of a hotel guest is discovered dead in the Piccadilly Playhouse’s stalls, and at first, it is deemed to be a simple case of suicide. But Lord Rumford knew his lover and cared about her. He is convinced that when it comes to her death, his lover did not take her own life. Now he wants the truth to be found out.

Lord Rumford has a lot to lose if the news of his lover gets out, but he also wants to find the truth. It may be against his better judgement, but he decides to hire Cleopatra Fox to deal with the case and catch the killer. Cleo is newly starting her private detecting career and if she wants to be able to make a living from the job, she is going to have to solve the case. She’ll get the satisfaction of catching a killer and also have another victory to pin up and make her a more desirable sleuth for hire.

She finds out once she tackles the case that the truth is deep down, buried under years’ worth of secrets that powerful people would like to stay that way. Cleo draws upon help from her Mayfair Hotel friends as she attempts to get to the bottom of this case. Will she be able to find a murderer before the Playhouse’s curtain closes? Read this mystery to find out!

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