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About Cleyvis Natera

A well-known author of literary fiction, Cleyvis Natera is an author with a lot to say, writing about a whole range of different topics. Typically focusing on her own experiences, she’s a gifted novelist, who has fast come a long way, with her work become hugely successful worldwide. Knowing her audience well at this point, her writing appeals to many, as she has become a household name and brand. Not only becoming a permanent fixture on bookshelves, she’s also been well reviewed by her peers and contemporaries alike.

Speaking from the heart, her writing is honest and true, really capturing a sense of authenticity that is quite unlike anything else. Pushing the boundaries with her fiction, she really sets herself apart, allowing her stories to essentially come alive on the page. Delivering her stories in a clear and confident style, she has a way with words that gives her writing a real sense of immediacy. Grounding her fiction in reality as well, she manages to provide a feeling of realism that truly immerses her readers.

Many have come to appreciate her for her honesty and sincerity, as her writing speaks to readers both far and wide. Publishing writing that is hugely accessible to readers regardless of their background, her work relates to a sense of universality. Giving her writing a greater sense of depth, she knows exactly how to handle each and every element at all times throughout. Every single detail is carefully considered, while also simultaneously making it feel effortless, with her prose that sweeps the reader up.

Another core feature of her writing is that of her characters, as they all feel wholly alive, with fully three-dimensional personalities. Coming alive off of the page in a sense, she creates people that feel fully fleshed out and rounded with a real sense of purpose. This approach to her characters has ensured her books are easy to relate to, resonating with readers from around the world. With so much more to come still, she isn’t stopping any time soon either, with lots more still on the horizon to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic for the first ten years of her life, Cleyvis Natera would grow up with a keen fascination for the written word. Developing her writing style over time, she would come to find her own voice, constantly honing and refining her style and tone. She would also draw much of her inspiration from the world around her, ultimately putting it all back into her work and writing.

At ten years of age she would arrive in New York City an immigrant, before making the United States her home. Over time this would also become an experience that would heavily influence much of her and her writing output and perspective. Finding her own unique approach to writing, she would proceed to continue developing her craft throughout much of her education.

Going on to attend Skidmore College, she would graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, followed by New York University, receiving a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction. She also works herself as a fiction fellow based in the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, while also receiving merit based scholarships. Living in Montclair, New Jersey, with her husband and their two young children, she continues to write to this present day.

Writing Career

Making a name for herself as a writer, Cleyvis Natera would start out getting her work published in various different outlets. Publishing work in outlets such as Time Magazine, she would write not only fiction, but essays as well, writing about a diverse range of themes and ideas. Other publications would include The Washington Post, Gagosian Quarterly, and the Kweli Journal just to name a few.

Through her scholarships, she has studied at the Juniper Summer Writing Institute, along with the VONA Voice Foundation. Teaching creative writing herself at the NYC, she’s someone who has a lot to say, providing a highly distinctive voice to her field. All of this would provide her with a strong basis to build her career as a writer from, allowing her to become the novelist she currently is today.

In 2022 she would go on to publish first novel, which was a stand-alone fictional book titled ‘Neruda on the Park.’ Winning awards for her work, she’s received multiple plaudits, including the New York Times Editor’s Choice in May 2022, along with acclaim from numerous other outlets. Maintaining her presence online and off, she continues to appeal to readers from all over the world, with more to follow still.

Neruda on the Park

First brought out through the Ballantine Books publishing label, this would come out back in 2022 on the 24th of May. Not part of any series, it would be an entirely stand-alone work of literary fiction, with it being the debut novel from Cleyvis Natera. A work of contemporary fiction, it’s set in the modern world, with elements of romance included in the story as well. Providing a clear insight, it takes a look at a Dominican community in New York City, and the effects of impending gentrification upon it.

Living in Nothar Park, the Guerroros have resided in the Dominican area of New York City for over twenty years now. Now it seems that a construction site has taken over the nearby block of tenements, as plans for gentrification are underway for the neighborhood. Looking to put a stop to this is Eusebia, while Luz, her daughter, is working as a professional lawyer, recently beginning to fall for the wealthy property developer overseeing the project. Dealing with the changes facing the community, mother and daughter must overcome their differences and find common ground amidst the upheaval.

Looking at themes of family, community, friendship, and ambition, this particular book manages to cover a lot of ground. With tensions rising, the book deals with these ideas with excellent precision, making the book all the more compelling throughout. It’s a powerful book that has a lot to offer the reader, making for an engaging and electrifying story on every single level.

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