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The Pelindaba Conspiracy (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hunter of Gunmen (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Merchant of Death (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Absence of the Normal (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Publication Order of Seawolf Books

Seawolf Mask of Command (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seawolf End Game (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cliff Happy was an author of fiction.

He was born in 1963 in Edmonton, Canada. When he was fresh out of high school, he decided to join up with the Marine Corps. He served as part of the infantry for over two decades. He would end up traveling the world and also spent some time working for a security team working against terrorists.

Cliff received a master’s degree in political science and history. He worked teaching high school for students that are academically gifted in the subjects of science, math, and technology. When he was alive, he lived in Arkansas with his family. He leaves behind his wife and their three children.

Cliff Happy is the creator and the author of the Seawolf series. This series of fiction kicked off for the first time officially with the release of the debut novel in 2013. Mask of Command was followed by the sequel, End Game. The series deals with political intrigue and moves being made on the world’s chess stage.

Mask of Command is the debut novel in the Seawolf series. If you love spy or thriller novels such as that of the James Bond series, then you may be interested in this fictional story from a writer who definitely writes about what he knows.

When it comes to the power game, all countries vie for their share of a piece of the pie. No one is willing to give an inch when it comes to giving up virtually everything. Russia in particular in this story has its eye on getting its high powered status back. The country has slipped a bit, but like the girl who was once the most popular girl in high school, they’re determined to get to where they once were and don the crown once again.

Could you really blame them? Once you’ve been at the top, you don’t want to be anywhere near the middle or the bottom. So the country enters into a scheme with two other countries. Russia has recruited North Korea as well as Iran and convinced them to come over to their side and help them manipulate the global oil reserves.

In the process, Russia would hope that their efforts would also be a bit of a blow to the west. In the process, they could control the oil and regain their control of the game. Along the way, they may just be bringing the world right up to very edge of annihilation via nuclear evaporation.

It’s a great plan, but even the best laid plans of mice and men can go astray sometimes. What Russia may not count on is someone getting between them and their goals. They never thought that a ship like the Seawolf and the captain and crew aboard it would pose such an obstacle.

The Captain of the ship is busy welcoming the latest member of the crew. That would be the new Lieutenant, a sharp young woman named Kristen Whitaker. She is truly a great addition to the group. Even though she only recently was studying at the naval academy and graduated, what she lacks in experience she makes up in intelligence.

Kristen is a super smart engineer. When she was at the academy, she was also a talented athlete. Now she is going to continue to be exceptional as the first ever American woman that would be serving on a submarine, this graduate has her work cut out for her in more ways than one.

Her status as a pioneer of gender employment at the moment means that she’s going to have to break in the role. Even though she may end up being key in a situation that pops up later, Kristen is first going to have to contend with prejudice from the crew and officers as well as being a woman that is going to have to break some new ground.

If anyone has what it takes to do it, it’s her. Time is starting to run a little more quickly, and Kristen and the submarine crew have no idea that they may get suddenly swept up in a play that is occurring on the world stage. She will end up having to choose whether she will accept the demons of her past or continue attempting to run from it.

Kristen is trying to get in line with a crew that has been trouble working together but they must face the truth as Russia and its allies make their moves. With the third world war about to break out, this sub has the unlikely task of saving the world.

It may not have been their original mission, but it’s their goal now. Can the Seawolf and her crew do what they have to in order to avert a disaster? You are going to have to pick up this exciting action and adventure debut story in the series in order to truly find out in this heart-pounding political thriller!

End Game is the intriguing sequel to the first book in the Seawolf series. When the reader last left the series, a new crew was taking stock of its sudden involvement in a larger than life political conspiracy in action.

Kristen is finding herself back with her old crew and continuing to serve her country. Last time, they were involved in a Russian plot to take over control of the oil, among other things. They all thought collectively that it was behind them now, but history does have a way of repeating itself.

The Russian government is back at it again. This time, they’ve carefully crafted a plan of attack that they believe will be successful. They want to run the oil supply and through that regain power. Once again, it’s up to this female engineer to try and professionally succeed. If she can, she just might save the world.

She has the past to contend with, but that’s nothing when it comes to an entire country going for broke. Now the sub’s crew must work together to come out on top. Can they do it? Read this book to find out!

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