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Publication Order of Cliff Janeway Books

Booked to Die (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bookman's Wake (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bookman's Promise (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sign of the Book (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bookwoman's Last Fling (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Most of us are instantly intrigued by the eccentric stories of detectives and their secret missions filled with mystery and suspense. Cliff Janeway is a Denver homicide detective that likes to break rules to serve justice and is a lead character of detective novel series by John Dunning. He is an American writer born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York. His novels revolve around an ex-policeman, Cliff Janeway, adventures as he unravels the greatest mysteries and captures the most devious criminal minds. In one John Dunning early novels, Booked to Die, Cliff Janeway try to solve a murder of a local bookscout killed on his turf. He narrowed down suspect named Jackie Newton, who is popular for breaking laws and wanted to teach him a lifelong lesson. Soon Janeway followed his passion and opened a bookshop while gathering evidence against Newton. As soon as he reaches one clue another body turns up, and he had to take a fast-forward turn in his investigations along with vintage Chandlers and Twains, to put the person responsible behind bars. The charm and witness of Cliff Janeway has taken away the hearts of many readers.

John Dunning novels are well written and never fail to disengage a reader’s interest and attention. They allow the individual to feel the thrill and allure of a high-end investigation, which always come with a twist! There are many ways to enjoy a good book and the exciting detective mission of Cliff Janeway will allow you to do so. The books have continued to attract readers of various generations that enjoy mystery, adventure and thrilling stories. Anyone who is interested in thinking about unsolved mysteries and finding their answers is going to adore this series by John Dunning.

In the second novel, The Bookman’s Wake, John Dunning again takes Cliff Janeway chasing a theif who participated in the robbery of rare copt of Poe’s “The Raven”. The young criminal was Eleanor Rigdy stole a precious piece of paper and now the city wants it at all cost. Janeway is appointed to solve the mystery and great adventures await him ahead!

The third edition of the series, The Bookman’s Promise, introduced a wittier and incredibly intelligent side of Cliff Janeway. In this book his quest begins when an old lady proclaims her right to a vintage book of explorer Richard Francis Burton, which Janeway bought at an auction. She soon began to describe the lavish artifacts of her grandfather collection almost 80 years ago, which mysteriously disappeared when he died. The old woman begged Cliff Janeway to take this mission and find her the priceless collection of her grandfather. Put in an awkward position, Janeway agrees to the old lady’s requests even when finding century old artifacts is impossible. Janeway began his search by digging in the past of the old lady’s grandfather and found some unexpected facts. His search for the truth lead his to the Far East end of Baltimore and found more people interested in finding the dead man’s precious collection. He uses his intelligence and wit to extract information from the locals and meticulously researched details and finally he found what he was looking for; only with a twist!

There are two more novels where Cliff Janeway plays a highly competent detective in highly unsolvable cases. Time and again Janeway has been portrayed as ex-policemen who have his own ways of getting things done. He is short-tempered, charming, and witty and above all an excellent detective who can solve pretty much every case in this world. Whether he has to travel to faraway places or search his own home for truth, he will again and again redefine boundaries and break them open to catch the real criminal.

The fourth novel is a package of suspense and thrilling encounters of Cliff Janeway in his exciting new investigation. He is in love in this series with his lover Erin D’Angelo, whose ex-husband was murdered in cold blood. Cliff Janeway has no option but to find out what happened to his lover’s ex-husband, and he starts with Erin’s estranged friend as a suspect. He even suspected Erin for forging this story to help save her son. There are many unanswered questions around this mystery and it will test Cliff Janeway’s skills as a detective.

In John Dunning fifth novel, Cliff Janeway founds himself in a deep book mystery trouble. He is given the responsibility of distributing wealth among a dead woman’s daughters. This cannot be done unless the real values of the collectible books are measured, which mounts more pressure on Janeway. While studying the books, Janeway quickly finds out the unauthorized alterations done to only one book. The thief only altered one book and left others untouched, which made Janeway very confused, which he hated the most! This classic entry to the series of John Dunning books makes Cliff Janeway sharper than ever.

In all of these five novels, Cliff Janeway has prevailed as a true and competent detective in solving the greatest mysteries around him. He has always followed his instincts but fails to control his anger, which gets him in trouble more than a few times. He has always been depicted as a serious and strong man who is not afraid to break the rules and certainly not afraid to catch the most devious killers. He may have lost his badge in the start of his career, but has done many successful jobs since then which mark him as a great detective.

John Dunning is an incredible writer with a strong grasp on his narration skills. He knows when to intrigue a reader’s mind and when to drop the bomb of suspense. He never fails to keep a reader glued to his books, which makes him a great author with great awards. His character Cliff Janeway has earned him and his series tremendous popularity. The way he has evolved this singular character with new personality traits and harder missions in every book of his series is truly commendable. We hope that John Dunning and his most interesting character of Cliff Janeway prevails in every book and writing piece he writers in the future.

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