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Publication Order of Clint Ryan Books

El Lazo (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Against the 7th Flag (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Bounty (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Benicia Belle (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow of the Grizzly (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Condor Canyon (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Clint Ryan” series that is written by L. J. Martin stars the character of the same name (whose full name is actually John Clinton Ryan), who’s nickname is El Lazo (which translates to The Lasso). It translates into The Lasso. Clint Ryan is a sailor and an adventurer who later becomes a vaquero (made up of some of the best horsemen there are in the world). The series is set in California and takes place between the 1840s and 1855. The fact that the novel is set in California is something different from most western novels.

“El Lazo” is the first novel in the “Clint Ryan” series by L. J. Martin that was released in 1991. Set in the 1840s, where Alta California is facing down a future that involves a revolution. Mexicans are trying very hard to keep a gracious life intact. Indians have sworn that they will defend their home and tribal heritage against all invaders. They both have to face off against America, who is trying to move east to the Pacific Ocean. To this land, comes John Clinton Ryan who is a seaman, adventurer, and is stranded and all by himself. His ship has wrecked and he is held responsible for it, even though he was not called to duty and was asleep. If he is going to survive in such a strange new land, he must adapt and learn the ways of vaqueros, who are a proud people. Not to mention some of the greatest horsemen the world has ever seen. Only then will he stand a chance against the cruel Mexican soldados and an American sea captain, who knows brutality well. He also wants to see Ryan hang.

Fans of the novel feel that they could not put the book down and that they wanted more and more after they were done reading the book. The parts where Martin talks about the historical elements involving California, before America came were very interesting to some. It has more action than is fathomable from a western novel. The novel even has some gray characters in the novel, meaning that there are some that have both good and bad aspects to them.

“Against the Seventh Flag” is the second novel in the “Clint Ryan” series by L. J. Martin that was released in 1991. John Clinton Ryan is caught up in a revolution, all because that one sea captain wants him for desertion of his post. He is wanted by both the governments on both sides, not to mention many different enemies that he has amassed in his time. He is a fine horse rider and knows all the ways of the seas. Only when the smoke settles will he know who is his friend and who is his enemy. Until then, he must simply focus on staying alive.

Fans of the novel feel that these are great characters, the writing is historically accurate. There was also some great action scenes too keep the energy up. The novel pulls you in and does not let you go for an instant. Some found that the novel was unputdownable and vivid. This is one series that fans of L. J. Martin’s work will continue to follow for installments to come.

“The Devil’s Bounty” is the third novel in the “Clint Ryan” series by L. J. Martin that was released in 1991. Clint strikes a bargain and is supposed to go into the dregs of San Francisco and Barbary Coast. It is here that Clint finds the baracoons and the flesh traders. He and a newly freedman are put together, he finds that he has a new friend here. The person is also repulsed that Chinese girls are being sold for deviant interests to be satisfied. Flashing blades and gunfire are the result.

Fans of the novel found that Martin writes great and vivid description that enhances the action scenes found in the novel. Good fighting evil is a strong part of this novel. Characters are well drawn and feel like real people. Not just cardboard caricatures. This is a great series to read, either for western novel fans or for those just looking for something good to read. For readers, this series provides them with nothing but great stories that they can read over the course of a single day, some just one sitting. Martin should be proud of himself for being able to write such amazing novels about the old west.

“The Benecia Belle” is the fourth novel in the “Clint Ryan” series by L. J. Martin that was released in 1992. California is now an American state in this novel. It is a young land that has a lot of potential. All kinds of men (these include con men, speculators, roughnecks, and fortune hunters) have come from all over the Earth to take some of the wealth for themselves. It is the most cutthroat on riverboats that ply the waters from the wide open interior to San Francisco. Money goes to progress and with money comes deceit, violence, and greed. Clint Ryan signs on as the master-at-arms for the Beneicia Belle, a ship, he finds that he may have just signed his very own death warrant. He is blackmailed by the owner of the ship, and is attracted to a woman as dangerous as the sea he left behind. Not to mention very beautiful. He sets off on a course of murder. He is framed for a crime that he did not commit. This is his last chance to get revenge, and justice; all before the hangman comes to collect.

Fans of the novel found that this novel is quite the page turner. It is full of great settings and well developed characters (who are colorful and interesting), with a fantastic story. Readers cannot put the book down, finding that all the other things that they need to get done do not, but this book does get read. Fans find themselves rooting for Ryan to get through his tough situations; as he always seems to be right in the middle of some kind of trouble. There is a great historical element to this novel too, which was nice. As was the ending to the novel.

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