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Publication Order of Club Destiny Books

Club Destiny Series is written by New York Times and USA bestselling author Nicole Edwards and she presented her professional writing career in July 2012. Club destiny series have already been showcased in USA Today’s Happy Ever After section and also in Indie Reader’s best-seller list. She has cast her way as a possible independent author.

About the Series Club Destiny

Luke McCoy bought the failing nightclub and re-named it Club Destiny since the original name seemed similar to an adult dating website over a cool and trendy nightclub. And in just a few years, Luke and his silent partner, his twin sibling Logan established a modern, flourishing down-town nightclub which rocks the doors off each night of the week. Nevertheless, Club Destiny isn’t all of that it looks. To find out a very reliable nightclub that is available to the public, there’s also a bigger secret concealed behind the closed doors. Club Destiny is a entrance for a very unique swinger’s club. The membership list is lengthy, whether or not the annual fee is much more than some cars, but simply because we are able to afford it, doesn’t invariably mean we’ll get it.

Book #1 Conviction

Samantha Kielty only believed she knew who she was and what she is made of. Until she was presented a position that could take her from her little office in San Antonio, Texas to that particular of her company’s bigger, more trendy head office in Dallas, Texas, Sam hadn’t noticed anything. Her new boss wasn’t only extremely sexy, he seemed to be about to demonstrate to her things she had only read in magazines.

Logan McCoy’s life was constant going until he set his views on his new Vice President, Project Operations. The lady tends to make his blood boil and makes him need things he hadn’t recognized he was in seeking for. Logan only hopes that Samantha is able to handle his prominent, controlling ways particularly in bed, or in the shower area.

When Logan and Sam meet up, sparks fly and they reveal each other’s biggest and deepest dark desires. He will drive Sam past her erotic boundaries, and she brings out his really need to own her in every way. However, can easily they find love within the inferno that burns up between them is the rest of the story.

Book # 2 Temptation

Sierra Sellers never had a problem looking for a date, but when her mother’s meddling means lead to her becoming setup with the extremely sexy Luke McCoy, who owns Club Destiny, Sierra understands she can’t battle temptation. When he reveals her deepest dark dreams, she discovers herself ready she does not want to get away from.

Luke McCoy has run fast and tough from the devils that chase him. The hot, brutal need that forced him over and above the boundaries he hadn’t recognized he’d built ended in a two month reheat from the world he’d designed for himself. A world concreted in lust and unacceptable fantasies. Then when his twin brother Logan introduces him to Sierra, Luke discovers him against another enticement that he can’t withstand.

Cole Ackerley in no way backs down from the challenge, but which was prior to he had been introduced intimately to Luke McCoy. Toss in the black haired vixen with all the shining blue eyes, and Cole confirms himself engulfed in the ménage very hot enough to compete with the sun. When his emotions for both of them spark, Cole discovers the true concept of self restraint.

The deeply, soul sizzling hunger that ignites involving the three of them becomes a fire-storm of sensuous moments and lust that only burns up brighter and sexier with every experience. However when Luke is constantly on the push them, can Cole and Sierra discover a way showing him there are no limitations with regards to love is the gist of the story.

Book # 2.5 Addicted

Samantha even now strongly recalls those nights way too long ago when Logan introduced her to the joyfulness of a ménage. Since Logan’s brother has up and fallen in love, Sam delights whether she’ll ever get the opportunity to do all of it once again.

Logan is aware his wife fantasizes about an additional threesome and he wishes to provide her everything she would like. Because his twin brother Luke is not an integral part of their relationship, Logan has to look for the man who is able to complete Sam’s every wish. He has found him and today he can only expect the fires that spark between them don’t burn up down the house.

Logan aspires to fulfill Samantha in each and every way he can. This time around he’s seeking to Club Destiny to assist fulfill those wishes. The sole thing left is to nourish their addiction for one another.

Book # 3 Seduction

Ashleigh Thomas may have made the most significant blunder of her life. Uprooting everyday living as she understood it, shifting back to Dallas to be nearer to her family, she finds herself much nearer to the one man who she had by no means gotten to say no to. Trying to hide the truth that she moonlights as an erotic romance author, she swiftly finds herself in his arms and his bed, expecting he’ll satisfy some of the deep, dark desires she has usually discussed, but never encountered for herself.

Alex McDermott has invested better part of ten years attempting to persuade him to step away from the attractive Ashleigh, however, if she moves back, he learns that he’s no more prepared to resist the mind-boggling desire she instills in him. But he’s got a top secret too, one that may indeed push Ashleigh away from his life forever, one thing he’s not ready to let happen.

It doesn’t take very long for the heat in between them to spark into a wild fire of lust, but could they stop camouflaging from one another and even more importantly stop holding back is the rest of the story.

Club Destiny, formerly referred to as Destined Hearts just before its purchase in 2007. Luke and Logan McCoy, is an exclusive Dallas nightclub that has been a sensational thanks simply to a series of events in recent times.

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