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Clyde Phillips is a popular American author known for writing the bestselling mystery thrillers, the Jane Candiotti series. Even as he writes the crime thriller series, he is best known as a film and TV producer, where he has been show runner for several blockbuster movies and TV series. Some of his most successful productions include Showtime’s acclaimed “Nurse Jackie”, and “Dexter”, one of the network’s most popular and successful series, that won an Emmy nomination. As executive producer he has worked on shows such as NBC’s “Suddenly Susan”, “Shout About Movies”, Fox’s “Parker Lewis Can’ Lose”, and “Get Real”. As for his published novels, he published the first of the Jane Candiotti series of novels in 1998 with the publication of the highly popular “Fall From Grace”. Clyde was born in Boston and went on to attain his graduate degree from the UCLA. He lives in Martha’s Vineyard, Connecticut with his wife Jane and their daughter. They also have a house in California given most of Phillips work in film and production is in the state.

Clyde Phillips got his start writing for TV in the mid-80s when he was wrote an episode of the “Trapper John, M.D.” series. He would soon pen the script for “Midas Valley” the made for TV movie before producing several made for TV movies the most prominent of which were “If Things Were Different”, “The Darker Side of Terror”, and Bud and Lou”. His writing career was firmly entrenched when in 1990 he created and wrote the script for “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” that went on to achieve massive success. The series, which ran between 1990 and 1993 over 73 episodes, made Phillips’s name as one of the most promising writers and producers in Hollywood. He was to receive even greater success with “Suddenly Susan” a sitcom starring Brooke Shields that would be nominate for the Golden Globes. His most notable role would come in 2006, when he landed the role of executive producer and writer of “Dexter”, ShowTime’s hit thriller series. The story of a serial killer that lived a double life of a blood spatter specialist for the Miami PD during the day and a serial killer by night, is his most critically acclaimed and commercial success to date. The series would earn an Emmy Award nomination in two successive years, in 2008 and 2009.

Phillips would write the first of the Detective Jane Candiotti series when he took a hiatus from writing in 1997. With his wife expecting their first child, he left the high-octane world of Hollywood and wrote “Fall From Grace” in six months. He had always had a burning to write a novel, but had never had the time to do it. “Suddenly Susan” had been one of his most energy sapping experiences, and hence the chance to get away from it all seemed like a good idea after years writing and producing. Now in his 40s, he finally had time to write fiction, while also spending more time with his daughter Claire and his wife Jane Lancellotti, who is also an author.

The Jane Candiotti series of novels are gripping police procedurals with a lot suspense and twist of plots. The lead character in the series is Jane Candiotti, a homicide inspector working with the San Francisco homicide division. Candiotti is a veteran police officer in her late thirties who has always found it easy to compartmentalize her professional and personal life. But in recent times, it is becoming even harder to do so given the stresses of getting to 40 while still single. Getting married seems to make her personal side of things better, but the professional only ever seems to get worse. She always finds herself entangled in tangled webs of deception, murder, and violence, that often threaten not only her job, but also her life. But Jane has never been one to run away from a challenge. She has an uncanny ability to connect the dots and uncover the truth in the most complex of cases, which makes it possible to sidestep almost all the minefields in her path.

“Fall From Grace”, the first novel in the series opens to a murder from a chance encounter on the BART in San Francisco. David Perry a 39-year-old lawyer tells Barton Hubble a low life mechanic, of his depression from the end of his marriage to Jenna Maxwell Perry, a Pacific Heights heiress. Hubble takes pity on Perry and vows to make him a wealthy man, even if he has to kill the heiress before the divorce is finalized. Perry rejects Hubble’s favors and as expected, Barton is not pleased and is now stalking him and Lilly, his teenage daughter. Jane Candiotti is assigned the case that ha David Perry as the main suspect. With her own relationship on the rocks, Candiotti is soon entangled in a new relationship with Perry. The relationship makes it almost impossible for her to investigate the Jenna Maxwell murder, and puts her life in danger. Phillips makes maximum use of regional landmarks and settings with the most prominent one San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The novel ends in a Hitchcokian double suspense that builds up through the tense action sequence in the chapters.

“Blindsided” is the effervescent sequel to the first novel in the Jane Candiotti series of novels by Clyde Phillips. Kenny Marks and Jane Candiotti are two San Francisco cops who are on the trail of a serial killer that has been targeting cops. The villain is Jacques Carpenter a former convict who had spent 15 years in prison after wrongful conviction, following police competence and injustice. Now that he is out, all he wants is cruel and bloody revenge against the police. Skip Lacey a former police officer that had recently become a junkie is the first victim of Jacques. He gets his face smashed in with a jagged rock and his eyes gouged out with a sharpened spoon that the killer had kept as a souvenir from his convict days. Meanwhile Jane and Kenny move in together after putting it off for ages. The novel is a frenzied piece of action that is refreshingly uncomplicated and linear. It is a great follow through to an explosive first novel that shows Phillips assured, relentless, and tough storytelling carries through from TV and film to his fiction.

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