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This long running series is timeless and utterly out of this world. The military science fiction series completely engrosses the readers and takes on a journey to all the different worlds featured in the series. The books are based in a time where the Trofts a formerly docile civilization are making attempts towards take over earth. Earth in a desperate attempt to save themselves from being conquered by the Trofts like many others before them, take drastic measures to ensure their independence.

This series has made its mark in the science fiction arena. The long running series saw its debut in 1985, the series has since continued to intrigue its audiences and will probably continue to do so in years to come. The author Timothy Zahn has truly out done himself providing the readers with a captivating three part series. Although in 1992 they compiled the first two books and released them as Cobras Two, the series comprises of three trilogies which include the Cobra trilogy, Cobra War trilogy and the Cobra Rebellion trilogy. These books have provided readers with an in-depth look at the world starting from the 2400’s according the author’s point of view.

Being a military sci-fi series the books provide readers with gripping action packed interplanetary plots focused on the cobras; bionic soldiers. The cobras are an elite group of bionic soldiers that have been enhance to provide a strategic line of defense from the Trofts. They were made to be the perfect soldier equipped with unbreakable bones, built-in weapons and near perfect senses in addition to combat reflexes. Their weaponry is located in different areas of the body and controlled by a Nano computer at the side of their heads.

The main advantage and strategy of the cobras lays in their ability to pose as any other human under basic scrutiny. In this the government decided to take an unexpected line of defense by protecting earth from the ground. This gave them the advantage of using their guerrilla line of defense; the cobras, rather fighting in space which is more of advantageous to the Trofts.


The first book aptly named Cobra as it’s the birth of the entire series narrates story and struggles of the first generation of cobra soldiers. The book takes us through the decision of pursuing this course of action and details involved the creation of the cobra soldiers. We also get an in-depth look at the training of the soldier go through in the quest to be the perfect soldiers. The readers get a picture of the plight of the cobras from going through the war to the struggles they face when trying to settle back into their normal lives which is depicted through the story of Jonny Moreau. The separation between the cobras and humans becomes more apparent as they face discrimination. The human leader as a way of getting rid of them sends them to a far off solar planet to fend for themselves.

Jonny Moreau

Jonny is a true patriot and joined the army to make a difference. He proudly defends the human race in the Troft war. He also aids Adirondack in their multiple resistance movements against the occupation of the Trofts. This goes to show his self-less and brave nature. He is also family oriented as he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps who had fought in the previous war. The cybernetics that enable the cobras to be the perfect soldiers were permanent, this made him and other like him outcasts after the war. The discrimination he received left leading a bitter existence but the cybernetics proved to be dangerous and fatal when he accidentally kills two people during an impending car crash as his combat skills automatically kicked in. His actions and those of other like him change the fate of the Cobras.

Cobra strike

Peace was finally achieved the cobras living in their worlds, humans on theirs and the Trofts docile once again after the war. All of them, thinking the worst is behind them are abruptly faced with a dangerous situation none of them saw coming. Similar interests bring them all together as a new threat presents itself for both the humans and Trofts. The Trofts end up making the cobras an offer that is too good the resist. This leaves the cobras to do the Troft’s bidding as they travel to Quasama to quail the troublesome and hostile civilization on the planet. The discovery they make on the planet is astonishing and the Cobras are unable to defeat the native civilization and are forced to flee the planet. They find a solution to this problem in their home planet and accomplish their mission through this. This time a second generation cobra takes us through the motions of this part of the story. Jonny Moreau’s son Justin finds out that being a cobra takes much more than he imagined.

Justin Moreau

Justin grew up in a peaceful and nondiscrimination world. He also grow up listening to stories about the Troft war in all its exciting details. Justin has aspirations of grander when he joined the army to become a cobra. This shows he is a little self-serving and simply wanted to be a part of the family legacy. He however learns a hard lesson on this during his time on Quasama and is forced to rethink his motives.


The books revolve around the multiple generations of the Moreaus, who take use through the challenges and battles they face during the specific time period. The books revolve around the mercenary or solder aspect of the cobras, the struggles and how they cope. They also give us the political aspect as Jonny Moreau goes on to enter the political arena after serving in the Troft war. The readers get the best of both worlds as members of his family embark on each the two path and we get an in-depth look at both worlds. The action packed nature of the books is incredibly gripping but its affectionate nature brings it a conventional levels pulling on the readers heart strings.

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