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The “Cocky Cage Fighter” series is a set of romance novels by USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Lane Hart. Ever since she published her debut novel in 2014, she has become prolific and now has more than sixty novels across several series.
Lane makes her home in North Carolina, where she lives with DB West, her author husband, their two children, several rambunctious Pomeranians, and a few lazy cats.
Several of her works including “Wicked After Dark,” her romance anthology, and “Let Him Reign,” her single-standing novel, have been New York Times bestsellers. Many of her other novels have also been Amazon bestsellers.
Unlike many of her contemporaries, Lane Hart writes everything from novels with romantic weddings, MMA superstars, sweet millionaires, hot cops, and arrogant football players.

Before Lane Hart became a bestselling author, she earned her living working as a paralegal to a criminal law attorney, where she worked for more than ten years. She soon got tired of working for other people and went back to school where in 2012, she graduated with a Masters in Criminal Justice.
She then applied to several prestigious law schools and got admission letters. While she had got in, none of the schools provided a scholarship and she could not afford the high tuition fees. Given that she had a family, she opted out and postponed her dream until she got the money.
Little did she know that two years later in 2015, she would publish her debut and find a new career as a fiction author. She now thinks not going to law school was the best decision she ever made.

The “Cocky Cage Fighter” series of novels tell the stories of unbreakable bonds, love, heartbreak, and loss between men and women. The men are MMA champion fighters who are known for their viciousness in the cage while the women are quiet, introverted persons but they have been known to draw out their claws when needed.
The first novel of the series is about Malone, a tough champion who suddenly finds himself in trouble with the law. He then meets Page Davenport, a reluctant lawyer who does not work on his case but may just be what he needs to turn his life around.
The second novel of the series tells of Jude Malone, a champion MMA fighter who suddenly loses his mojo in the cage until he meets Sadie Briggs. She is a quiet introverted woman that was brought up in the MMA lifestyle and for the longest time had always had a crush on him.
The third novel of the series is the story of Linc, an MMA fighter who falls for a porn star. When the porn star is unable to perform for the man, her sister Clare steps in as he is paying a lot of money. But even though Linc realizes she is not Eve, there is something he finds very intriguing about her.

Lane Hart’s “Jax” is the debut novel of the “Cocky Cage Fighter” series of novels. The lead in the novel is Jackson Malone, a Middleweight World Champion in the MMA. At the opening of the novel, he has just signed the contract for the fight of his life.
He has made a name for himself as a vicious fighter but outside the cage, he is known as a playboy. But then he is accused and charged with rape and his worst nightmare of spending years in prison seems to be coming true.
On the other hand is Page Davenport, who is appointed by her father as the token female on the legal team to represent Jack the bad boy. While she had protested the assignment, her father will have none of it.
Jax the man they have to defend is a bad-tempered bad boy and is used to doing anything he wants. On her part, Page is a proper and prim woman that has always let her parents control her life until she rebelled and now wants to forge her own path.
Jax and Page being so different from each other, struggle to develop a working relationship. They often engage in dragged-out fights fighting for dominance.
But when they ultimately stop throwing punches at each other, they realize that maybe they are perfect for each other.

“Jude” the second novel of the “Cocky Cage Fighter” series of novels, is the story of Jude Malone, an MMA fighter who prefers a simple life of training, sleeping, and eating.
He has recently been experiencing a streak of losses but he knows he has not lost his mojo and believes he will bounce back. Out of the blue, his coach comes to him with an offer of a lifetime. But there is a string to the offer and if he takes it up that string might just change everything in his life.
On the other hand, is an introverted and quiet tomboy named Sadie Briggs. She had been brought up by her father who spent much of his life in the MMA training gyms where she would interact with dozens of aggressive and sweaty men.
Most of them consider her their little sister even though she is now a grown woman preparing to head off to college. But everything changes when Jude Malone, a man she had been obsessed with for the longest time, provides her the comfort she needs when she is dumped by her boyfriend a few days before prom.
Jude had never seen her as a woman and it feels like a sucker punch seeing her transformation for the first time. Overwhelming passion, jealousy, and lust are the perfect combination that will unleash the vicious alpha locked up in him.
But between a gorgeous girl and a world championship is one of the biggest hurdles he has to deal with – the truth.

“Linc” by Lane Hart is the third novel of the “Cocky Cage Fighter” series of novels. The lead is Linc, an MMA fighter who is obsessed with Eve Kelly, a popular pornstar. He believes that the obsession can only be cured by meeting her.
When he learns that she will be performing at some strip club he makes plans to attend so that he can meet her in person. But when she comes out on stage she seems fearful, like a person that had never done that kind of thing before.
Still, the side of her she sees on stage draws him in even more. He offers her a huge sum for a lap dance but when he asks her to start she asks him how to do it and he immediately knows it is her first time.
This turns him on even more and he knows that it is highly unlikely that his obsession will be ending any time soon. What he does not know is that Clare, the woman on his lap, is Eve Kelly’s sister.
Eve could not make the club appearance as she was passed out on drugs and Clare took her place as their family needed the money. But she likes Linc, the man that threw a huge sum of cash at her and asked for a lap dance.

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