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Coco Ma is a popular Canadian writer, who likes to write fantasy, young adult, and fiction stories. She is particularly famous for writing the Shadow Frost novel series. In addition to being an author, Coco is also a wonderful pianist. When she wrote her debut novel, Shadow Frost, she was just 15 years old. This novel gained worldwide popularity and helped Coco get noticed by the prominent names of the writing world. The piano came into her like much before writing. Coco was only five and a half years old when she started taking piano lessons and playing it on stage. Since then, she has given performances on some of the greatest stages of the concert all over the world. Author Coco also graduated from the New York City-based The Julliard School with a pre-college diploma in music and piano performance.

As of now, Coco is pursuing her graduation from Yale University. She says that she has several hobbies that she likes to take up during her spare time. When Coco is not busy with her writing prospects or practicing piano, she likes to indulge in binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix. The cake is her most favorite dessert. She is often found eating a piece or two during her work and study indulgences. Coco is also a great social media buff and is often active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Some of the well-known concert halls that Coco has performed in include the Roy Thomson Hall, Zhuhai CPAA Grand Theater, Carnegie Hall, and the Koerner Hall. Coco has won grand prizes at the Canadian Music Competition of 2009 & 2012. She has also won awards at the Canadian Chopin Competition, Aarhus International Competition, Mozart International Competition, and a few others.

Besides giving performances with orchestras including the Salzburg Chamber Soloists and Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Coco has collaborated with some of the most famous musicians such as Lang Lang, Maestro Ludovic Morlot, Chilly Gonzales, Emanuel Ax, Maestro Long Yu, and Maestro Peter Oundjian. In 2013, she was selected to join the first camp of the International Music Foundation hosted by Lang Lang in Munich, Germany. After her ambassadorship, Coco was selected as one of the top thirty Young Classical Musicians by the Broadcast Corporation of Canada. Some of the major institutions of music attended by Coco include the Phil & Eli Taylor Performance Academy of the Royal Conservatory of Music and The Juilliard School.

Coco received training for ten years under the tutelage of James Anagnoson, Michael Berkovsky, and Arshalouise Nersessian. The other mentors of author Coco include internationally distinguished musicians such as Robert McDonald, Ilya Itin, Dang Thai Son, Jon Kimura Parker, etc. Author Coco says that she has always loved original fairy tales. Her love for such stories enabled her to develop an urge to write a story of her own. Her debut book was inspired by one particular story, while the sequel novel was inspired by a few of them. While creating the story and developing the plot, Coco tried to keep it subtle. As Coco is a teenager herself, she enjoyed creating teenage characters in her story. It was quite a satisfying experience for her. She had made up her mind well in advance that her first novel was going to be a YA story.

Coco has mentioned the main protagonist in the book as Asterin, who is depicted as an independent and headstrong female. Asterin is young and makes many mistakes. But, she is not afraid to face the consequences of her mistakes and take lessons from them. Coco claims that giving Asterin some room for making mistakes, developing personality, and growing up was a therapeutic experience for her. It helped her to shape herself into the person that is now. One interesting feature of Coco’s first story is that it is told in alternating points of view. Recently, she announced that she is going to develop Shadow Frost into a trilogy. After that, she is hoping to create a new series and even try her hand at writing stories in different genres. Coco is looking forward to turning her writing career into a grand success. She is planning to pursue it alongside her piano playing career. Coco’s advice to the aspiring writers is to work smart, not hard, and approach things in life with a positive attitude. She also tells them not to stop being ambitious ever.

The debut book of the Shadow Frost series written by author Coco Ma is entitled ‘Shadow Frost’. It was released by the Blackstone Publishing in 2019. The central character depicted in this novel is Asterin Faelenhart, who is described as the Princess of Axaria. Initially, it is mentioned that a form of darkness takes root in the Axaria kingdom. Some think that it is a monster, while others like to believe that it is a type of demon that has been summoned from the Immortal Realm’s deepest abysses. When the darkness begins to cause harm to the villagers of Axaria and destroy their homes, the royal court sends its royal guards’ soldiers to hunt down the demon.

The situation becomes tense when none of the soldiers return from the hunt. Asterin Faelenhart is the heir to Axaria’s throne. She comes to know that she might be holding the key to defeat the damage-causing demon that has been terrorizing the entire kingdom. Asterin vows to take every necessary step to make sure that the beast is defeated and killed. She takes the help of her special powers and the support of her close friends to set herself on the mission of killing the demon. Asterin’s close ones fear the demon might have an upper hand in the fight as Asterin’s powers have not fully developed. They wonder how she is going to succeed in the task that many well-trained soldiers have failed to complete.

As the hunt begins, Asterin and her friends unravel a plot for the assassination of the Princess instead. They realize that they have been walking on the path of lies all along and are now stuck in a dangerous web of conspiracy, betrayal, and deceit. And when all hopes of getting help get diminished, Asterin Faelenhart and her companions are forced to consider how much they are ready to sacrifice to safeguard the world they have known all their lives. To make the matters worse, they feel that the demon has learned about their plan to kill him and has now begun hunting them.

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